Torii TTDI

Enter through the solid cast iron doors of Torii in TTDI for a gastronomic adventure of its own. While some might argue what is so adventurous with yakitori... well, there's more than just yakitori there. Grab a beer or even whiskey and have fun with the menu. Grab a few friends along so that you can explore more of the menu. Enjoy the view of your food being prepared - something I find therapeutic as well.

I personally like Torii in TTDI because the moment I arrive, it is a lovely green park in front of it. With some greenery and little away from the busy traffic in TTDI. We kick off with a Kirin Ichiban watching traffic pass by across the road, park and some trees to shield us from the noise. Watch the sky turn dark. Absolutely chillax before we begin the fun indoors.
Kirin Ichiban time
Chefs at work

The menu is extensive. Something for sharing...something one alone...something hot...something cold...something sweet. 
Broiled Lobster Chowder and Crab Croutons RM18.90
Slurp in silence. So good, I will not and cannot share this with anyone. 
Bonded Unagi and Foie Gras RM29.90
Grilled eel, omelette and foie gras. You can imagine the flavours and smoothness in every bite.
Avocado De La Mer RM25.90
Not the prettiest but don't let the looks of this dish mislead you. Crusty top with a delightful creamy mix of avocado and seafood beneath. 
Oyster Carpaccio 3 pcs RM37.90
Delightful juicy and fat oysters with yuzu ponzu and tabasco sauce. Extras for me because the hubster gave me his because I am such an "oyster monster".
Wings RM8.90
Delightfully simple with sea salt and a perfect company with Kirin Ichiban.
Sirloin RM15.90
Simple sea salt with black pepper. Done medium well. Rich and juicy. Heck who stole one skewer before I could even take a picture?
*hubster smiling across the table...OK you are forgiven for giving me your share of the
 Oyster Carpaccio earlier*
Rock Lobster RM11.90
Lobsters on skewers are perfect. No issue with the shells or with table manners! 
Love the sweet, savoury and spicy flavours in every bite with the scallion, chili sauce and of course chunky lobster  meat!
Foie Gras and Beef Gyoza RM24.90
Not your usual gyoza. A touch of luxury with foie gras with ponzu and herbs.
Sweet potatoes RM5.90
Humble but darn nutritious sweet potatoes with sea salt and butter. 
Mentaiko Pasta RM21.90
Pasta with fish roe, seaweed and herbs.
Autumn Risotto RM27.90
Do not come between Evelyn and a good risotto like this. This is a delightful al dente risotto with freshly shaven cheese, runny yolk and asparagus. 
Torii Fried Rice RM25.90
A good generous serving of piping hot fried rice with foie gras, herbs and garlic chips. A popular favourite with my dining companions.  The husbter requested that on our next visit, he does not want to share this delightful dish with anyone! 
Single scoop ice cream  RM12.90
How would ice cream and a meal with Kirin Ichiban go? Delightfully well! We had whiskey-n-raisin, white chocolate lavender and dark chocolate sorbet. Eat them quick because they melt pretty fast!

 Grab a few friends like this cute couple along and I assure you a darn good time as well! 

Torii TTDI
18, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur,
T:+603 7733 9309

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