3 Days Detox with LifeJuice Co

I decided on a 3 days detox with LifeJuice in the month of May. A delicious one that worked pretty well for me and certainly did nothing to ruin my 3 days except for missing out on a few slices of yummy birthday cakes.

Some asked me why did I want to detox especially when I had a bout of "detox" with my food poisoning, diet via viral fever and after my 24 hours endurance run. Well, I honestly felt that the body was weak but not in terms of food or nutrition deficiency. Something was building up and it would have been toxins. So I decided on a 3 days detox over the weekend.
One day's worth of yummy juices and a salad. I had the same for 3 days.
Starter cleanse @ RM75:
Nutty Professor
Sun Kissed
Kiss From A Rose
Salad In A Bottle
6 juices a day with 1 salad as I was still training but on a much lighter note. I was feeling pretty good all 3 days. Here's a short diary of what happened:
• Friday:
Still my usual clean eats but I had dinner before 8pm. Went to bed early but it didn't make much difference because I still jumped out of bed after 4 hours of sleep but the idea was to "simplify" my usual pace of life.
• Saturday:
Started the morning with my usual cup of warm water and lemon. Then drank a Salad in a Bottle by LifeJuice before heading out for my training. While some would prefer something richer like Nutty Professor for  pre workout, I reserved that for my post workout refuel. Took a 6km brisk walk with my running buddies and refuelled with Nutty Professor - protein rich almonds, cashew, hazelnut, medjool dates, raw cacao and soy milk. I felt fine for the day, alternating between juices and water. Lunch was Thai Salad - green mango, Thai basil, chicken breast, french bean, coriander, peanuts, kyuri, red coral leaves and Thai chili vinaigrette. Being the first day of detox, I proceeded with the Electric Run in the evening and again brisk walked 6.5km. I opted for a Kiss From A Rose with almonds, rose petals, medjool dates, beetroot and Himalayan salt for a fuller "meal" before the event. Ended the day with Sun Kissed - ginger, pineapple, orange, grape fruit and apple. 
Nutty Professor with almonds, cashew, hazelnut, medjool dates, raw cacao and soy milk. While my running buddies had a picnic going on, I refuelled with Nutty Professor. Ended up sharing some with Lyana and Keat who absolutely loved it too!
Kiss From A Rose with almonds, rose petals, medjool dates, beetroot and Himalayan salt
before Electric Run

• Sunday:
Day 2 of detox. I slept in and proceeded with my usual warm water and lemon ritual followed by stretches. Kicked start the first meal with Green-tox. A tad green looking and refreshing with kale, spinach, broccoli, lime, pineapple and agave nectar to go with LifeJuice's Vietnamese Salad RM22. The original salad comes with sesame salmon but I requested for a vegan version with red cabbage, coral leaves, soo hoon, black fungus, spring onion, mango salsa and a very appetizing sesame ginger vinaigrette. Over the day, I had the remaining juices with lots of water in between.  Even made it to a BBQ dinner with my friends but I packed some cucumber, celery sticks and Nutty Professor for my own dinner. Life was brilliant, I didn't miss out from my usual weekend get togethers!
Vietnamese Salad RM22 - red cabbage, coral leaves, soo hoon, black fungus, spring onion, mango salsa and sesame ginger vinaigrette
The Vietnamese salad looked so good that I just had to replate the salad to make it into 
a pretty garden.
• Monday:
Day 3 and it was a workday. I started the day with a cup of water and lemon followed by a short yoga session by the pool. I loved how the body responded by perspiring quite a bit from the 20 minutes workout. Refuelled with Kiss From A Rose. Packed the remaining 5 juices and a salad to work in a cooler bag. Now it gets a tad technical at work because I didn't want to include coffee or for that matter any caffeine in my diet. Resorted to some comforting goodness of caffeine free peppermint tea to compliment my juices and water for the day. Lunch was a LifeJuice salad aptly named Rainbow RM15. A hearty meal of chickpeas, carrot, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes, butterhead lettuce, quinoa, corn, kyuri, pumpkin seed with Italian vinaigrette. As I intended to resume my usual Tuesday menu of a 16km run, I added some sesame seed into my salad for extra protein and calories. 
Off to work with my cooler bag filled with 5 juices and a salad!
 Rainbow with chickpeas, carrot, red capsicum, cherry tomatoes, butterhead lettuce, quinoa, corn, kyuri, pumpkin seed and Italian vinagrette to go with Green-tox. There is no hard and fast rule as to which juice to have first. One can follow LifeJuice's recommended sequence or go by feel as I did.

3 days passed and I felt fine. I took advantage of the 3 days to stay home to rest as much as possible. The body did not feel faint. Neither did I get any major hunger pangs that water and a juice wouldn't solve. On Tuesday morning, my 16km felt like any other 16km run. Notably, I felt lighter and the scale said that I weighed about 700g lighter.

Would I like to do this again? The answer is YES! I will like to do another few sessions of a similar 3 days detox before I move on to a slightly more intense detox with a lower calorie count which would mean there will not be protein based ingredients in the juices.

If you like to give your body a breather and detox, consider LifeJuice's 3 detox options. You may opt for any of the 3 options though I suggest you start light and opt for a 2 days session over the weekend. Do also plan your weekend to ensure that you do not have anything hectic of strenuous lined up. Factor in more rest, sleep or even a lymphatic massage for the body to discharge the waste and toxins better.
3 options of detox. Begin with Starter Cleanse. Then move on to a more intense juice detox once you are comfortable.

Starter Cleanse is priced at RM75 for 6 bottles of juices. 4 light juices and 2 more with nuts that helps to counter hunger pangs for beginners. Remember to consume water or caffeine free teas like peppermint or chamomile to help hydrate and counter the natural sugars of the juices. Opt for delivery if you want to just stay home instead of battling with traffic. 
Kiss from a rose
Nutty professor
Salad in a bottle
Sun kissed

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Here's a good read on some basics of detox It is just a guide. Speak to them if you need more information. Those with medical conditions should always consult your doctor as to whether you can go through a juice detox or otherwise. Remember...detox is not an alternative to medication!

Hop over to the Bangsar outlet for some yummy salads and sandwiches too. You can always grab a takeaway that keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days like I did if you like something to eat as well during your detox days.
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