AXN Amazing Race Asia: Season 5 Audition

It all started with a friend tagging me for the recent audition of AXN Amazing Race Asia: Season 5. Sounded fun but I needed a partner for this very popular adventure reality series. While the hubster would make a darn good partner, it will be difficult for us to dump our work and furkids at the same time for a prolonged period. Was thinking of who could drive legally (I never ever had a driving license), someone sporting and someone I could talk to for hours. And the most perfect pal I could think of was Keat - codename Kid or Crazy.
Keat is one of my running buddies. Someone that I picked up from the road side on one of our Saturday morning run. I say "picked up" because he was literally running with us but not quite knowing my pals or myself. He follows us for 8km and only chated at our water break telling us that his sister sometimes runs with us and recommended that he joined us since he likes running too.

This is one crazy guy who ran his first ultra trail marathon without ever running a half marathon or full marathon on the road or trail. And his craziness goes up to the level of walking up to me and 3 other girls (our second meeting) in an empty car park telling us "I am steaming hot!" Now that sounds darn wrong and thankfully by then I knew he was a friend's brother and is married with a wife and child. If he was a total stranger, we would have screamed our lungs out "Pervert" and bashed him up - 4 girls versus 1 boy sounds pretty safe to stay back to bash someone up instead of running away. Reality, he was steaming hot after a hot run up the hills. Drenched and radiating steam...but that's no way to talk to girls!

Fast forward, Keat is pretty much a regular face during my weekend run. This guy is funny. Sometimes like a kid, sometimes like a sane adult and sometimes the strict Metafit instructor. We have loads to chat and so why not get him to be a partner for the audition? Things he won't do or eat, I will happily do so ---> he doesn't eat starch so you can imagine what joy he is missing out from breads, rice and pasta....oooo more for me! Except if at all there would be snakes, I think we will both have to fight it out who gets to deal with it because we are both absolutely petrified of snakes.

We pop by to Sunway Pyramid for the audition. There was quite a bit of people there before us so we hung on and waited. Roped in fellow running buddies Sheron and Fareh to join us for the audition since they were there for a movie.

The wait wasn't long but it was one of those Sundays that I was extra hungry after my Sunday training. Sheron bought us some sesame peanut balls and soy milk. Yummy in my tummy. Brilliant thing to eat except it was number 62 to 66 in just a few minutes (less than 10 minutes)! One of the crew walked up to us when we were halfway eating. do we audition with sesame and peanut paste stuck our teeth, gums and tongue. 
Sesame peanut balls, butterflies and soy bean are such yummy combination. But my friend Keat says it is not healthy. Very reluctantly he ate one sesame peanut ball and had to run at night because of it! He is such a fitness freak!

Everything happened too sudden. Hahaha...I froze. Keat kinda froze too. We didn't know what we wanted to say anymore. Blergh... we were offered a chance to record a second round but Keat and I were both not keen. So out we went, took our pictures and we headed home for our respective weekend with our family.
At the back of our heads, we knew we both wanted to give it a try again but would love to be more prepared without food in our mouth. Thankfully the online submission of audition recordings is still going on. So we will resubmit once we record after our Saturday training. Wish us good luck!

And if you have watched AXN Amazing Race and want to have a try at it, why not give it a try? Grab a buddy and record your audition video. Your video should be 3 minutes or less. Applications for The Amazing Race Asia closes on Sunday, 12 June 2016 . Submit your audition videos at Whether one wins or not is immaterial - though the prize money of USD100,000 (more than RM 400,000) in cash is pretty amazing! To qualify, each team of 2 participants must be:
1. Living and/or working in Asia
2. Required to be over 21 years of age
3. Must speak English
4. Possess both a valid passport and an international driving licence

Plus I reckon that this is one life changing travelling adventure. BTW, check out crazy Keat as well to know more about him. Chat him up if you want to know more about fitness workouts!

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