Cholesterol Management and Prevention with Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats

I am one of those who don’t believe in skipping meals. Meals are fuel for the body. No matter how busy, I will still make time to eat or drink something. A new addition to my larder the last few weeks is Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats.

Conveniently packed in sachets of 42g. Each sachet is a delicious mix of milk and oats that is quite filling. All I need to do is to add the contents of each sachet into a cup of hot water for a hearty milk with creamy oats. As expected, each cup comes in handy in between meals. Rather comforting when the office is a tad cold on some days. It is also a good convenient quickie meal before I dash out for my post work run.

What surprised me was that Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats turns out to be a good post run refuel mini meal. I use the word mini as I am often famished after my training and hate the idea of being hungry before my food is ready. Whether I am running with my hydration vest or bely, it fits easily into them. 
Packed it into my hydration vest when I ran 25km for my LSD.
Thus far, I have had no issues with getting a cup of hot water from kopitiams. A lovely filler 
before my lam mee arrived.

And in a recent run somewhere at a tea plantation in Banting, I was surprised that Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats did “dissolve” pretty well even in room temperature water. All I need to do was to shake it vigorously for about a minute in my water bottle. Then I allowed the mixture to sit a few minutes while I did some post run stretches. Voila, after my stretches I had a lovely milk and oats ready to drink. The oats needed a few more chews but it was a good meal after a run before we made our way out to town to grab a meal. It definitely came in handy even without hot water (I was hoping that the organisers would be serving hot the tarik and I could ‘borrow’ some hot water from them).
Post run refuel!
Shook a sachet of Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats in my water bottle.
Post shaking and some minutes of stretching, I have a refuel meal of
Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats.

For all the benefits of a yummy meal in a sachet, the best part of it is that each sachet also helps in cholesterol management. Acticol® from Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk blocks the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Beta-glucan from the added oats in Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats work to bind cholesterol that is then disposed off from out body through waste. 

Grab your pack of Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk With Oats for an easy and delicious way to lower your LDL cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats is priced at RM 19.98 (10 sachets x 42g in one pouch) and is available at AEON, AEON Big, Giant, Tesco, Econsave and MYDIN outlets.

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