Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant @ Bangsar 香港热锅

I am a soupy kind of person. So anything that has soup pretty much works for me including hot pots and steamboat. Dinner and catch up with friends over steaming hot pot with a hearty soup, fresh ingredients is absolutely perfect especially on rainy days! And that was my first experience at Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant 香港热锅 in Bangsar with the hubster and some pals.

What sets Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant apart from many other hot pot restaurant is as per what the name suggest. Hong Kong style and with quite a bit of ingredients imported from Hong Kong. Don't be surprised that many of the diners are also Hongkongers seeking a familiar and authentic experience.

Diners have an option of 6 types of soups base. We wanted the best of something hearty and something spicy that will set the tongue on fire. So its a Mix Soup Base RM30 for us. On one side we had the Sakura Pork Bone Soup and the other was Szechuan Spicy.  Both were good on its own but just watch your cutleries so that you don't contaminate the clearer broth with spice from the next pot!
Tickle and flame my palates please!

Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant has approximately 60 items to choose from the menu. That's quite a bit to choose from so its best that you go with a bigger group of pals so that you can try more! Pork lovers will delight in the many pork options including Berkshire Premium Pork Slices RM28, Sakura Premium Pork Shoulder RM16 and even innards like Sakura Pig Kidney RM14,  Sakura Pig Liver RM14 and Sakura Pig Brain RM12. Beef lovers can opt for Premium US Marbled Beef Slices with prices starting from RM58.
What is hot pot without seafood? A personal favourite was the huge Japanese Half Shell Scallops RM30, Fresh Tiger Prawns RM30, Fresh Sliced Grouper RM30  and Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin RM16.

Diners must also check out the delightful handmade meatballs and dumplings. Nothing but the old fashion way of making them with hand using only fresh ingredients. And because I love beancurds and vegetables, I was pretty stoked to see that there was ample vegetables on the menu and particularly attracted to the Imported Hong Kong Bean Roll RM25.

Too much text above... let the pictures say their piece. 
Slow cooked Sakura Pork Bone Soup bursting with rich satisfying goodness even before we put in any ingredients. Of course it became even better when we ended our meal so much so that we all slurped up all the clear soup with our finale noodles.
6 types of condiments to go with your hot pot. My obvious favourite was this homemade chili!
Our platter of delightful ingredients! Such vibrant and fresh colours! RM68 per pax which is a good idea if you can't decide what to order!
Huge Japanese half shell scallops. I was busy chatting away and thankfully the hubster kept a keen eye on the pots to ensure that the seafood wasn't overcooked. It would have been such a waste especially when ingredients are SO FRESH!
Homemade balls and dumplings! Nothing of the usual commercialised ones - yay!
I really love these imported Hong Kong beancurd roll. Must order a full portion on our next visit!
Sakura pig kidney
Sakura pig liver
I am not a fan of innards but I could see how my dining companion thoroughly enjoyed the innards and ate them half cooked.
Sakura pork that the hubster was really quick to dig in and happily ate my share while I feasted on the seafood and vegies. Good barter trade!
Awesome marbling on the beef. Just a quick dip into the hot pot and nothing longer!
Delightful hot pot goodness. Perfect meal between friends. See the awesome redness of the Szechuan broth? Not for the faint hearted! MSG free broth meant that we could drink both soups to our heart delights though the spicy Szechuan was probably less than the Sakura Pork Bone Soup.
Steaming hot action.
When the action gets too fiery, grab some herbal tea made from watercress and red dates
 to ease the palates. 
Homemade Herbal Tea RM18
Some creamy dessert to calm our palates and also provide a sweet end to our dinner. Comfessions...I forgot the name but do show them this pic or ask from the friendly folks at 
Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant.

Do not let the prices frighten you because the prices mentioned for the items are for Full / Large portion. You can always opt for half portion! This has been one of the best hot pot meals ever...and I know a return is round the corner especially with the current rainy evenings!

Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant 香港热锅 is a partner with Offpeak. With up to 20% discount, remember to make your reservations at Offpeak before heading in. You can do so on the web or download their handy app!

Hong Kong Hot Pot 香港热锅
Lot 9 and 10, Level 2,
Telawi Square,
Jalan Telawi 3, 
Bangsar Baru, 
Kuala Lumpur.
T: +603 2280 0242

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