Random Dumpling

#RandomLove #RandomKindness. These were the 2 thoughts that came to mind this morning when I was given a dumpling by a 'stranger'. 

I was having my vegan brekkie at the temple canteen this morning when one of the aunties asked me if I have eaten any dumplings yet. I replied no. Then she handed me a piping hot dumpling that she bought from the temple and insisted that I accept it. I offered to pay her back but she declined.  Her reply was that I was a joy to watch when I ate at the temple!

While I recognised her since I ate there pretty frequently and she often remarked that I chose back the same dishes,  I didn't know I was being watched or for that matter was a joy to watch when I ate. Thank you Aunty for this very yummy Nyonya vegan bachang. Thank you for putting a smile to my face with your random act!

Happy Dumpling Day everyone! Enjoy your bachang but do not over indulge!

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