60km LSD

Yesterday's LSD (long slow distance) was 60km. Many messaged to ask what was the 60km all about and how I went about doing it etc. Here's a recap.

The training was meant to begin to 6pm. It however was a long winded rain that stopped at almost 8am as predicted by AccuWeather. So we started the run 2 whole hours later after a very good teh halia (ginger milk tea) and rawa tosei (made with rice flour, spices and carrots) with some other running buddies.

The route or distance is not casted in stone. I will always remember that piece of advise from Sifu Terence. While the game plan is to hit 60km, if the weather does not permit, then we abort. If we are too exhausted, then we can take a break and opt for an easier route. With that, the game plan was to complete it in a loop of 10km. A little allergy also happened along the way so the route changed a little for me to have access to water to wash off the allergen. Lunch break and having eaten a tad too much, we ended up changing our route a little so that we could still move although at a slower pace instead of sitting still or running uncomfortably. Lunch break was also an opportunity for me to charge my Fitbit Surge for 10 minutes while we were eating.
10km: Petronas - Loop of Death - LHDN - Loop of Death - Petronas - up and down the road where Bulldog and The Banana Leaf - Petronas gives a 10km.
Loop of Death starting as ending at Petronas is 2.3km.
I have no idea why people named the loop behind Petronas as Loop of Death because that is one of my favourite stretches to run with many cats and folks walking their dogs.
Lunch route was Petronas  - Loop of Death - Selangor Mansion and we crossed the traffic lights at the Hockey Stadium. 
It was one pastry and one coffee for each of us but for strange reasons, it was more filling than usual. So instead of running back to Petronas after lunch, we decided to walk up Double Hill and visit Elvin Avenue (my pal Ana and I named this for one of our best friends) and returned to Petronas via the Loop of Death for a 9.27km. After 3km of walk, I felt lighter and ready to run easy.
Route: Petronas - Loop of Death - Bukit Tunku - Ana Avenue - Evelyn's Avenue - Langgak Tunku - Padang Merbuk - Lake Gardens for 12.33km
The day ends for Sifu Terence and Lee Shing who have completed 36.7km. I carry on with my game plan of accomplishing at least 50km since I started out 2 hours later than planned. As the skies were turning cloudy, I also needed a route that I could seek shelter easily in case it rained. I also wanted the remaining 10km  (for the target of 60km) to be generally flat,  so I made my way to Lake Gardens. By now the skies were cloudy but the sun also came out to play. This was by far the sunniest for the day and while the body and limbs were nicely covered up, the sun was now in my face! So I compensated by speeding up to avoid staying too long in the sun, running as much as I could in the shaded stretches, speeding up to 7 minutes pace especially when it was flat.
The stretch of Ana Avenue and Evelyn Avenue was approximately 1.3km with it being 800m uphill but it was a shaded area. So I took this opportunity to hydrate and nibble on 2 salted dates and 1 cereal bar that I brought along for my fuel. And once I was done with my refuel, I ran till the end of Langgak Tunku before walking up the slope.

Once I had almost 50km in my pockets, I completed the remaining 10km plus by walking around the Lake Gardens (2.3km each loop around the lake) and visited the surrounding areas of Bird Park and Butterfly Farm. The walk around the lake was cooling and much needed. I slowed down too by playing Candy Crush a little and catching up on Instagram. Very stoked that many have sent me positive vibes to keep me going. THANX folks! 

Once I have pretty much recovered my momentum and chilled enough, I ran until I completed the 10km in 1 hour 35 minutes. I also reckon by now the sweet dates were working its magic because I felt quite good to continue but the husbter has arrived to pick me up for dinner.

Post run, it was the usual stretching immediately after the 60km and once again before I went to bed. I hydrated with lots of water and 1 young coconut before dinner. A simple dinner of soup, rice, black beans, some fish and I was off to bed in my compression pants. I also had an ice bath for 10 minutes. Voila, this morning, the legs still felt they belonged to me.
Fresh coconut water to rehydrate and also to replenish the electrolytes lost during the run. I also had a packet of chocolate milk before this for protein.

Would I be doing another 60km soon? Yes this will be quite the regular order leading up to Craze Ultra on 3rd September in Singapore. These long runs and high weekly mileage planned are to get the legs and body ready for the 100 miles and more so in learning how to move when fatigued. If Dory goes "just keep swimming", I go "Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running". It is better to be slow than not moving at all!
Long Slow Distance
60km in the pockets. This set of gear will be the chosen set for Craze Ultra:
• Ultra Boost ST (stability model is recommended for flat foot folks like me. This pair has taken me through 967km and will be retired from long runs soon). I will be continuing with the same model (a new pair of course) for the coming Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon and Craze Ultra.
• Long Climachill shirt to shield me from the sun.
• I am not fussy with my shorts and caps so closer to race date, I will just pick one that I feel like wearing based on colours that I fancy then but they must have reflective markings as a security feature when running in the dark or low light.

While the weather was generally kind, the remaining 20km was too sunny for my personal liking. To keep cool, I resorted to wetting my cap every half hour with water. This has been one of my fave tried and tested methods to stay cool - proven efficient when the weather hit 38°C during the 3 days KL Maran Walk.

Total fuel for the day was 1 cup of Milo with 2 tablespoon of oats, 3 soft boiled eggs, 1 teh halia, 1 rawa tosei (while waiting for the rain to stop), 3 dates with sprinkling of salt, 1/2 glass of Piccolo latte, 1 almond croissant, 1 cereal bar, 500 ml of 100 plus. No specific preps pre run except that I eat one banana each day and 3 days of rice for lunch with proteins from tofu, tempeh and eggs. I also ensured that I slept well the night before. 

And this concludes my post LSD report of 60km and total elevation gain 763m in 10 hours 35 minutes. !
Loads of sweat crystals despite the relatively cool Sunday.

THANX for reading. Do also head over to the following channels to socialise!