DC Comics Super Heroes Café @ Pavilion KL

DC Comics Super Heroes Café
DC Comics Cafe opened in Pavilion KL. A pretty extensive and colourful menu in terms of food and the design of the physical menu itself. Service was pretty prompt and food was another pleasant surprise. Love how the plating was playful and most importantly tasty!

The cafe shares the same entrance as the boutique itself. While the service is prompt, you will still have time to walk and look around the store itself like I did. The store and restaurant has many photo worthy spots including superheroes and the live size bat mobile. And if you prefer to just sit at your table, then you can check out some of the comics that maybe lying around for diners to read.
Reading is a good habit even if its reading comics...
or even reading menus!
Refreshing cold and colourful drinks that look like they just jumped out of the TV! The names are also catchy including As peachy as supergirl or Alfred made this lemon tea. From left to right:
Night Wing's Elixir RM18 - blue curacao soda
Lois' Crush RM15 - strawberry mojito
Aqua Cool Pearls RM9.90 - iced yuzu lemon tea
vegan salad
Wonder Woman Power Greens RM18
Garden salads topped with cherry tomatoes, apples, mango, watermelon and apples. Served with Thousand Island sauce on the side as per my request.
smoked duck salad
Penguin's Attack Pack RM29
Warm smoked duck in a bed of salad with refreshing oranges, walnuts and raspberry dressing.
From The Seas of Krypton
Seafood chowder served in a charcoal black bread bowl. A meal of its own for small eaters with a rich creamy chowder and a generous serving of seafood. And worth mentioning, the squid is
not chewy!
squid ink pasta marinara
Superman Black Suit Marinara RM38
A popular crowd favourite. While the pasta was not as al dente as I personally prefer, the flavours made up for it. A generous serving of garlic, scallops, prawn, squid and mussels in a tomato base with squid ink pasta. Crunchy and addictive cheesy herbed Superman biscuit on the top.
squid ink aglio olio pasta
Black is the Knight RM33
Squid ink spaghetti aglio olio style with a generous serving of baby scallops. Amazing flavours of onion, garlic, chili, parsley and basil. Definitely my favourite and yes,
I have returned for this twice to carbo load for my weekend long runs.
Beef burger
Dynamic Duo Pounded Patty RM38
Housemade Australian beef patty served with grilled pineapple, spicy beef ragout and BBQ sauce with black charcoal burger buns. Served with a yummy side of freshly fried fries and salad.
beef lasagna served with salad and mushroom soup
The Batpod Lasagna Beef RM29
Also available in chicken at RM26 - kudos for catering for chicken fans too! Served with a side salad and delcious creamy mushroom soup. Don't you love the cute cup for the soup! I am hoping that DC Comics will sell these cutleries soon.
deep fried chicken chop
Gotham's Famous Strip RM26
Deep fried and lightly battered chicken chop served mashed potatoes, brown sauce, coleslaw, salad and a cup of mushroom soup.  A popular favourite with kids and men!
crepe with vanilla ice cream
Daily Planet Rush RM18
Freshly made crepe filled with vanilla ice cream served with a generous drizzle of chocolate and raspberry sauce. The side of fruits of mango, kiwifruit and strawberry provides a lovely touch of freshness to this sweet dessert.
caramel latte
Caramel Diana RM16.90
Caramel latte served with a butter cookie on the side. Simple and much needed caffeine fix too after a food coma course above!
peanut butter smoothie
Bane's Crushed Nuts RM25
My all time favourite drink at DC Comics Cafe is now even better with a change in the peanut butter. Richer and more satisfying. The next time, I will like to return and have this with the pancakes of waffles for tea!

Simple and familiar food but packed with loads of fun and good taste. This is more than a cafe for DC Comics fan. This is for everyone, both old and young, boys and girls, men and women.

DC Comics Super Heroes Café
Lot 5.11 Level 5,
Pavilion KL
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang

Do visit DC Comics Cafe and let me know what's your favourite dish or drink! THANX for reading! Do also stalk the following channels for more updates and to show some love too: