Flavours of Szechuan @ Lai Po Heen

I love spicy food. Szechuan food is somewhere on top of the list because of its flavours and sometimes numbing action of the peppers. The current Flavours of Szechuan @ Lai Po Heen in Mandarin Oriental KL that runs till 31st July 2016 is highly recommended if you are looking for pork free options. The are 12 dishes on the menu priced from RM32 onwards per dish that includes poultry, seafood and red meats. A nice balance with different dishes bearing different levels of spiciness to cater to different levels of tolerance. Remember, one man's meat is another man's poison!

These days with my increase in running mileage, Szechuan dishes are just perfect for me to indulge in my rice cravings. So go ahead and indulge in a bowl or more or the fluffy fragrant rice with the Szechuan dishes.
A very addictive appetizer of cuttlefish while waiting for our dinner companions who were
stylishly late. Glad this did a good job as a tummy filler!
Now let the feast begin.
Chilled marinated cucumber with vinegar RM32
Simple and refreshing, a good start for those who prefer milder flavours to start their Szechuan meal.
Spicy poached chicken RM98
A cold dish of poached chicken topped with spicy chili sauce.
Wok-fried diced chicken with chilli and pepper RM68
A dry dish bursting with flavours of chili and onions. Watch what you pop into your mouth because it might just be a piece of dried chili stuck to the chicken dice.
Chongqing style spicy chicken RM68
A claypot to keep the dish warm and to add to the spicy numbing action of the chili and spices. Traditionally this was cooked with spring water and to replicate this, Chef Ricky used reversed osmosis water.
Braised Australian short ribs with fragrant Szechuan pepper RM168
Short ribs are braised till tender with beancurd skin and loads of dried chili. Some Chinese radish were added into the dish to give it a balance of sweetness and also to lower the heatiness of the overall dish.
Spicy poached sliced beef served in claypot RM168
The hubster loves this dish of tender beef slices. Not too spicy and not too dry and perfect with a bowl of piping rice. 
Fried Hokkaido scallops with sweet and spicy sauce RM198
This is one of my top 3 fave dishes from the menu. Mildly spicy and lovely crunch from the beans, carrots and mushrooms. The scallops were cooked just nice and remained tender or bouncy.
Traditional "Szechuan Ma Po Tofu" RM78
My 2nd fave dish would be this simple and humble tofu dish with spiced bean paste. 
Wok-fried prawns with sweet sauce and mixed fruits RM138
Sweet spicy prawns that tasted more sweet than spicy. Lovely and refreshing too with a generous accompaniment of fresh sweet fruits and crunch cucumber.
Fried prawns with spicy sauce RM138
Deliciously fried prawns evenly coated with a dry spiced sauce.  A little similar to the wok-fried diced chicken above but less spicy in general because of the fresh sweetness from the prawns.
 Barbecue mutton skewer with chili and cumin powder RM168
A popular favourite with most of the diners that night. Well marinated, grilled just right and bursting in flavours. 
Steamed pancakes that my dining companion K said looks like mini roti canai. I must admit they do look like it indeed!
One can opt to eat the skewers on its own or have it with the steamed mini pancakes. Add on some lettuce, onion and chili with some lime yogurt sauce for an explosion of flavours and textures. This was the husbter's obvious favourite!
Poached slice fish in preserved vegetable soup RM158
My fave of all the dishes for the night because it was a fish dish and of course it was the spiciest of the lot. A very appetizing soup with preserved vegetables with loads of chili and pepper though Chef Ricky did mention that he has toned down the intensity to suit our local palates. It is still good enough and I could not resist having the soup with my bowl of rice and continued sipping the soup from time to time. It was just bursting with flavours of the peppers rather than pure numbing. It you love the flavours of Szechuan, then this is a must have!

Coming up next would be mooncakes at Lai Po Heen. The Szechuan meal was memorable and good that I felt it deserved a post of its own!
Lai Po Heen
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