Mooncakes by Mandarin Oriental

chocolate mooncakes
Mooncake time! It is definitely the time of the year again for delightful nibbles of mooncakes and lanterns to celebrate mid autumn festival. Mandarin Oriental celebrates the season with classic baked favourites, snowskin and chocolates ones.

Each mooncake is made by hand. A delicate handicraft that is pretty and equally delicious to be eaten. The mooncakes are all pork free and will be on sale until 15 September 2016.
baked and gold coated mooncakes
Classic all time favourites return with last year's very popular limited edition gold coated lotus paste with single yolk mooncake RM58 per piece. 
Mini snow skin flavours (6 pieces per box):
Pandan and cheese RM20 per piece
Durian paste RM22 per piece
Custard and oats RM20 per piece
While the top selling one has always been durian, my favourite of these 3 minis would be custard and oats rather than durian. 
All time favourites of baked mooncakes including white lotus paste RM30 per piece, lotus paste with single egg yolk RM32 per piece, pandan with single egg yolk RM32 per piece, red bean with lotus paste RM30 per piece, creamy milk tea paste RM30 per piece and diced chicken ham with mixed nuts RM33.
Pandan with single egg yolk RM32 each is my all time favourite for the sweet baked ones. Less sweet compared to lotus and I personally like the delicate pandan scent.
savoury mooncakes
Diced chicken ham with mixed nuts RM33 is definitely my favourite of all because it is savoury and has a nice balance of nuts and seeds. 
Medium mooncakes are also available in 6 pieces in a box:
Low sugar white lotus paste RM22 each
Dragon fruit lotus paste RM22 each
Durian with melon seed RM22 each
chocolate mooncakes
If you love chocolate, then these medium chocolate mooncakes are perfect. The husbter is already planning to stock up on the fruity dark chocolate with orange for our tea time nibbles beyond the mooncake season!
chocolate mooncakes
Pecan with macadamia white chocolate RM33 each
chocolate mooncakes
Raspberry ganache with lime crunch RM33 each
chocolate mooncakes
Fruity dark chocolate with orange RM33 each

Mooncakes are sold in a box of four and six, these delicate handcrafted delicacies are encased in a distinctive two tier reed and black giftbox with intricate motifs. Early bird purchases are entitled to 15% discount until 5th August 2016. Delivery services are also available within Kuala Lumpur. For more information:
Lai Po Heen
Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
50088 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2179 8885

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