Recipe: Bak Kut Teh Pork Ribs Tea

It is a long 10 days break for me. On such much needed breaks, I take time to cook and bake quite a bit. It is Bak Kut Teh or pork ribs soup for dinner today as per Daddy and the hubster's request. Something simple and doesn't require much prep work. Of course it is a lot more cheaper too cooking for 6 at home than eating out. The total cost here is approximately RM30.

Bak Kut Teh herbs can be purchased easily at any grocers or Chinese medical shops. There are a few variants to choose from. Some are more herbal while others are peppery. I prefer to go to my neighbourhood's friendly Chinese medical shop to have the aunty pack according to my preference and cooking portions.

Here are the herbs that were packed for me. These are some of the basic ones though some have a lot more variants. It is just a matter of preference and needs as well.
From top left:
Yok Chok - Salomon's Seal
CHuan Xiong - Lovage roots
Black dates
Dong Guai - Angelica Sinensis
Lok Sok Tei - Rehmannia
Kei Chi - Goji berries

Today since I was cooking for 6 persons, the portions are as follows. If you purchase the ready packed ones, all you need to do is to cook according to the instructions.
• Bak kut teh herbs
• 1.5 litres of water
• 1kg pork ribs
• 3 cloves of garlic unpeeled
• 18 Chinese mushrooms (3 per person)
• Salt 

• Wash and soak mushrooms in water. Remove the stem.
• Rub pork ribs with salt. Blanch with hot water to remove the excess salt and fat.
• Place herbs (except goji berry), mushroom, garlic  and ribs into pot of boiling water.
• Slow boil for approximately 2 hours. 
• Add goji berries half hour before serving.
• Serve with rice.

I would normally garnish with some coriander but since mum is not a fan of coriander, I omitted them totally. Bak Kut Teh is served with rice, some stir fried vegetable and birds eye chili (cili padi) with thick soy sauce.
You can also opt for chicken if you prefer chicken over pork though many will swear that nothing works better than pork. Other condiments that you may add include tofu and vegetables but I opted to keep it plain.

Have fun trying cooking Bak Kut Teh. It is a really simple and hearty one pot meal. THANX for reading! Do also stalk the following channels for more updates and to show some love too: