Shell V Power Racing Euro 4M

Just how does Shell VPower fuel unlock performance? It’s a burning question in most motorist’s minds. Shell Malaysia, as we know, has Shell V-Power 97 and Shell V-Power Racing, with the latter introduced in 2006.

Both are available in most major Shell stations. Some of you may have tried it and weren’t sure if the difference is worth paying for. For regular every day cars, I may have to agree that one’s driving habits plays a huge part in whether the difference is worthwhile or not. 

We drive a convertible Spyder. Every petrolhead knows that car modification upgrades play a significant role in the gains of their beloved rides. Whether its force induction or ride handling, we search for that little added ounce of joy whenever we can.

Using the right fuel isn’t any less insignificant if petrolheads were to regularly drive spiritedly or occasionally take our rides to the track. Heat is a major factor for all car enthusiasts. 

So yes, I am married to an egomaniacal chap when it comes to car mods, and is highly concerned about what he ‘feeds’ his ride, far more concerned than what he feeds his wife!

Our ride has a high-compression engine, which has a compression ratio of 11.5:1. It’s recommended that such engines get a necessitating "premium" fuel to extract the most of its performance. Every car enthusiast who truly loves their rides knows there is no shortcut on this. 

So come weekends, the Spyder comes out to play. Our fuel choice would be Shell V-Power Racing. While it is definitely costlier than Shell V-Power 97, this fuel option makes a difference to our weekend escapade drives. 

Some might ask "Isn't regular Shell V-Power 97 good enough?" If you are stuck driving in heavy traffic, perhaps not. But our beloved ride isn’t just for commuting in traffic daily. So, armed with a full tank of Shell V-Power Racing for the weekend, we zipped around with no certain direction, but just an idea of driving further to explore Malaysia.

Here's what we both have to say:
Hubster Koolspyda @ Driver: 
As a petrolhead, I have seen engine rebuilds. The most damage we see on engines are the carbon deposits on the engine pistons and around the engine valves. This is where the damage is caused, when one uses the wrong fuel, on top of irregular maintenance. Shell V-Power Racing has a unique double action formulation using powerful cleaning technology that helps remove deposits, unlocking the true potential of one’s engine to deliver more power and acceleration.

Shell V-Power Racing features Friction Modification Technology, which is used in Shell V-Power race fuel by Ferrari Formula 1 cars. It is designed to reduce friction by introducing a surface coating component to protect critical engine parts. Most road users may not realize this, but it significantly helps improve the reliability for your engine. I have seen the teardown of engines and understand the crucial protection that is required, apart from regularly changing the engine oil. 

Engine knocks are detrimental to the lifespan of the car engine. While a fuel with an enhanced octane does benefit the engine, it will also help the car deliver maximum performance with every drive.

Wifey Missyblurkit @ happy passenger: No engine knocking! Definitely more “vroom vroom” in pick-ups, enabling you to hit the desired top speed faster.

The husbter's comment is longer... but he is the one driving around every time. Don't just take our word for it, however. The next time you refuel, check out Shell V-Power Racing. We recommend that you use up as much as you can of your current fuel, before refueling a full tank with Shell V-Power Racing. You will definitely feel the difference (but not if you are stuck in a traffic jamlah!)

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