Mid Autumn @ Chynna

Mid Autumn celebration with the family is often over a yummy sit down dinner followed by a dessert of mooncakes, tea and walking around with our lanterns (playing with fire candles too). Had one round of this fun recently but in the company of some of my fave blogger pals in town at Chynna, Hilton Kuala Lumpur. A colourful feast from the start to end!

I always love the special welcome tea at Chynna complete with a tea master to demonstrate the Chinese art of tea including tea pouring. I am kicking myself really hard because I lost all pics from the dinner thanx to another HDD malfunction! Thankfully the hubster is into documenting his food as well, so we at least have some pics from that yummy night!
No pic of the tea but here's some of the ingredients that goes into the delicious chrysanthemum tea. 
Mixed Cameron salad in chef special coconut dressing
The hubster calls this a paleo "nasi lemak salad". Every bite is akin to eating nasi lemak minus the rice thanx to Chef's clever play of chili, coconut cream, egg and ikan bilis to go with the fresh crisp green, clam and edible flowers. 
Double boiled fish maw soup with bean curd skin
A tad plain looking but looks are deceiving. This is a flavourful and pepper rich fish bone broth slow cooked until it is naturally creamy. Served with quality fish maw (not your regular supermarket ones) with beancurd and beancurd skin. Added crunch of chicken skin (none for me of course).
 Steamed Tiger grouper fish in Chef special green sauce
I am a big fan of steamed fish. When served a whole fish, fresh and steamed right in a delish appetizing ginger spring onion sauce, no doubt that a bowl of white rice is in order. And yes, the fish head complete with eyes and lips will be devoured by me! Thankfully I was dining with a bunch of friends who did not fancy the head or did not want to fight with me over the head. It was lip smacking good that I was just taking my time to not waste any bit of the firm sweet flesh.
A closer look. Delicious to the very last bite. 
Tossed fragrant rice with Kani stick, assorted fruits, flying fish roe and mixed flavours seaweed.
You don't need to be a rice lover to fall in love with this dish. A brilliant culinary toss of flavours, colours and textures. I love how Chef included fruits like apples, honeydew and strawberries with a toss of sesame seed for an added touch of fibre and vitamins!
Chilled aloe vera and lemongrass jelly topped with lemon sorbet
Dessert and palate cleanser. The lemon sorbet was a tad too sour for me but it certainly went well with the rest of the diners.
gold dusted mooncakes
Imperial by Chynna RM32 each
Gold dusted Snow Skin Lotus Paste with gourmet Valrhona chocolate and figs
Exquisite and tasty. A modern touch of chocolate and crunchy fig bits to complete the sweet and smooth lotus paste.  
Heavenly Gold RM52 each
Snow skin with pure premium Musang King Durian. My obvious favourite! Each mooncake is carefully crafted and filled with 90g of pure Musang King durian flesh. Best eaten cold. And if you intend to keep stocks of them like I did, all you need to do is to freeze them. When you want to eat them, remove from the freezer. Let it thaw for 10 minutes before cutting it and serve it 
10 minutes later.
Musang King mooncake
Pure musang king flesh goes into the filling. Pure Musang King flesh not mixed with anything else.
Another closer view. Stop! You can't sniff it through the computer screen Silly! Head on over to Hilton Kuala Lumpur to buy them! 

Hilton Kuala Lumpur will be selling mooncakes until 18th September 2016. All classic baked mooncakes are certified halal. Check out the very trendy mooncake tiffin inspired hand made boxes. Each tiffin fits 4 mooncakes and are available in blue and red. Tiffin Box of 4 is priced at RM118 nett. Each purchase includes RM100 voucher for dine-in at Chynna. To order or purchase your mooncake, log on to or contact +603 2264 2466.
Baked mooncake with 5 types of mixed nuts RM32 each
This is my all time fave baked mooncake. The best in town for me is also from Chynna. Coincidentally, both my mum and mother in law also say that these are the best mixed nuts mooncakes that they have had this season!
Blue and red tiffin inspired mooncake boxes. The box in front is used for 2 pieces of mooncakes.

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