Mid Autumn Feast @ Pavilion KL

Shopping for mooncakes gets really simple and easy. Pop over to  Pavilion KL and you will have access to over 100 selections of mooncakes from 21 well-known brands. To spice up the festivity, there are also lots of activities lined up for shoppers!

The best way to be able to shop is to be able to sample the moocakes too. And that's what we had when we visited the moocake bazaar at Pavilion KL. A delightful and tasty selection of traditional and artisan mooncakes all conveniently under one roof.
Tea pairing with mooncakes by Purple Cane's tea connoisseur
Similar to coffee, each and every preference for tea differs according to our tastebuds and preference. I do personally like the Oo Long which is a tad bitter at first sip but nevertheless it is smooth and soothing at the end with a very long lasting fragrance in the mouth.
Friendly sales team at the booths.
The Westin KL's mixed nuts is one of my faves from the bazaar.
Cute packaging that draws the eyes and is one of the reasons that made me buy it!
Sampling pieces are hygienic with toothpicks.
One of the prettiest packaging is by Hilton KL. Love the hand made tiffins that was selling out fast!
There's also the red and gold tiffin option too. Say hello to my buddy Z if you see him there. PS: The musang king mooncakes from Hilton KL are like eating the Musang King in a pretty wrapping. Buy them and freeze them for the next few months like I did!
Musang king filling with Hokkaido mochi by Qian Yue Ting, a famous brand in Johor.
Colourful platters for sampling. Love the colourful assortment from Sheraton Imperial. Pork free options snow skin mooncakes of Gold dust Premium Musang King Durian, Salted Caramel Golden Custard and Azuki Bean, Strawberry White Lotus Paste with Chocolate Berries Truffle and Teh Tarik Flavoured Yam Paste with Macadamia Nuts. There's also traditional baked ones of all-time favourite Pure Lotus Paste Single Yolk with Dried Longan and Melon Seed, Pandan Lotus and Mung Bean Single Yolk with Pumpkin Seed and healthier choices of Low-Sugar Osmanthus Wolfberry White Lotus and Black Sesame with Melon Seed and Assorted Fruit and Nuts. You will be quite spoilt for choices and I would highly recommend the very fragrant Pure Lotus Paste Single Yolk with Dried Longan and Melon Seed!
These Salted Caramel Golden Custard and Azuki Bean snow skin from Sheraton Imperial are one of my faves in town this year.
Japanese restaurant Nobu too presented an impressive selection of mooncakes. Highly recommended are the mixed nuts that pretty much tasted like the ol skool ones with ham, candied melon and is very moist too.
I love seeing the display of the colourful ingredients that adds to the festive mood.
Traditional red and gold packaging from Grand Millennium that proved to be rather popular with the elderly folks.
Cheesy and coconut ones from Bakers Cottage
Yong Sheng's Violet Gem Pie is a lovely yam filling with a rich and flaky pastry.

Throughout the festival, shoppers will get to relish in the traditions of the festival with activities like ‘Caramelized Candy-Making’ demonstrations, ‘Chinese Art Painting’ demonstrations and ‘Lantern-making’ workshops.
• Caramelized Candy-Making Demonstrations
Centre Court, Level 2
31 August, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 12 September @ 2pm
• Chinese Art Painting Demonstrations
Centre Court, Level 2
31 August, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12 September @ 6pm

Traditional and colourful lanterns to add to the festive mood. I love these lanterns compared to the modern plastic and noisy ones! Do join the lantern making workshops that are held at the bazaar.

Thank you Sifu for the cute painting of the ox and included a very nice caligraphy of my chinese name on it too.

Sifu at work. He looks fierce but really it is him concentrating on his artwork. 

Shoppers who spend RM300 at the Mooncake Bazaar will enjoy an even bigger feast as they will get to redeem a RM30* dining voucher in return. Shoppers who spend RM800 at the Mid-Autumn Feast will receive a RM100* dining voucher. List of mooncake merchants:
1. Baker’s Cottage
2. Casahana
3. Good Chen
4. Grand Harbour
5. Grand Millenium
6. Hilton KL
7. Hong Kong Bay
8. Lanterns
9. Oversea Restaurant
10. Purple Cane
11. Qian Yue Ting
12. Sheraton Imperial
13. Taste of Asia – Japanese Okashi
14. Taste of Asia – Korean Autumn
15. The Westin KL
16. Tai Thong
17. Pullman KL
18. Florism De Art
19. Nobu
20. Minamoto Kitchen
21. Yong Sheng

For more information and updates:
Pavilion KL Concierge @ +603 2118 8833
*Events are subject to change without prior notice. Other terms and conditions apply.

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