MT Masking Tape

When I don't run, cook or work, its back to my all time hobbies of handicraft. The latest craft fun was playing with MT masking tapes at MT masking tape's very first exhibition and pop up store in Malaysia. For those who missed the workshops (they were sold out really fast), you can still head over to Pavilion KL to check out the pop up store. There are tapes available for you to give MT tapes a try like I did! I started off with dressing up my mobile phone and tablet. Purchased a few extras for my next scrapbooking project for my 15th wedding anniversary and first 100 miles race...

The pop up store runs until 7th August 2016. So hurry over! Here's some pics of these colourful and decorative tapes made of washi paper. Available in different sizes, do not limit your imagination to books and gadgets. They are versatile enough for your festive decors on the wall, floor or even your clothes! Check out the amazing coverage along the Spanish steps at Pavilion KL in conjunction with the Waku Waku celebrations.
Lots of fun awaits you. And see how the tapes can be part of decorations instead of the usual crafts that we think masking tapes are limited to.
Simple guides that help even newbies understand the beauty and know-hows with MT masking tape
Many designs and colours to choose from. Let your creativity flow freely. 
This made me think of my furkids and their friends.
Spice up your notepads
Unique one of a kind designs for your mobile phone!
Still work in progress for Phin's iPad cover
Suan's masterpiece!
My Huawei tablet dressed up with things I like. I didn't see a running theme though.
Plenty of fun awaits both old and young. Head in quickly because the pop up stall ends on the 
7th of August.
A pretty basket to start shopping.
Limited edition designs for our Malaysian market.
Check out the MT pack which is the permanent tape. A hot favourite among many of my photobug pals for their equipments.
Travel inspired themes.
Hello Kitty

Hurry over to check out MT masking tapes in Pavilion KL. You can also get more information about this amazing and fun tape on

For more information and updates on what's happening in Pavilion KL:
Pavilion KL Concierge @ +603 2118 8833

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