Otsukimi Mooncake

Folklore tells of a rabbit living on the moon sent by a Japanese God for being helpful and kind. Sometimes, one can see the rabbit making mochi and dancing on the moon, celebrating the farmers' bountiful moonlit harvest below. And this is the Japanese moon watching festival Otsukimi.

In the spirit of of Otsukimi festival, Komugi has specially prepared a range of delicious mooncakes. Interesting combination of tradition and contemporary flavours to appeal to all. Choose from 4 flavours!
4 flavours:
Low sugar white lotus
German black forest
Green tea apricot
Azuki milk
A modern and attractive box. Love the adorable dancing rabbits! 
Each box fits 4 mooncakes. It is up to you to choose the flavours that you like.
Low Sugar White Lotus
Classic baked goodness. A delightfully smooth blend of premium lotus paste and peanut oil with sunflower seeds. This was Daddy's fave and he did comment that it was definitely not as sweet as many other low sugar ones in the market.
Azuki Milk
I have always love Komugi's red bean breads. So it is no surprise that this Azuki Milk is tops on my list. Fragrant and rich red bean paste with a creamy centre of milk and nuts. 
German Black Forest
A must have for Black Forest lovers. Luscious dark chocolate with a generous serving of dried sweet cherries. Bitter sweet goodness!
Green Tea Apricot
Rich green tea flavour from the baked green tea skin and fragrant green tea lotus paste. I personally love how the dried apricot makes the whole green tea flavour even better. Memorable and a must have for green tea lovers!

Early rabbit discount of 10% ends on 2nd September. Enjoy 15% discount when you purchase more than 10 boxes. Check Komugi out at the following outlets.
• Komugi – Main Place
• Komugi – Mid Valley Megamall
• Komugi – Paradigm Mall
• Komugi – Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
• Komugi – Subang Parade
• Komugi – Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
• Komugi – Sunway Pyramid

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