#SCKLM2016 - Half Marathon Race Review

If there’s anything to say about this year’s Standard Chartered KL Marathon, it is definitely good stuff.

Before I go into the details, I have got to give shout outs to 2 persons who influence me the most in running:
Evelyn and Chapree
Without their support, encouragement, guidance and constant motivation, I would not have enjoyed running as much as I do today. Even more so every time I cross the finish line in a half-marathon.
An excuse to eat carbs without guilt!

This year’s SCKLM definitely is the highlight of year 2016 for me. The event was well thought on every single aspect; from the baggage area to the flow of the crowd; from transportation arrangements to emergency responses.

I was particularly impressed with the amount of manpower SCKLM invested to make sure there was help when needed. There were volunteers to monitor the runners at every single section. There were pacers to keep you in time and motivated along the way. There were more than enough traffic police to make sure no idiots were trying to do something funny. There was ample emergency response team to help when in need. Best of all, there were ample volunteers to help distribute water at the stations.
A few hundred metres more...

It was enjoyable to run on the road that I drive on every day. You can’t run freely on KL roads without running the risk of getting run over or arrested for insanity. Jalan Tun Razak was especially fun for me because I use this road to commute to work everyday. Running on it was however tougher that I thought.
KM14 was slightly brutal for me not because of the course, but because I’ve pushed a bit too hard on myself and experienced slight blackouts. I had to walk it off and take deep breathes for a bit before increasing speed again. My learning on this experience: I should’ve taken more rest the day before.

Fortunately, I have my own personal pacer running together with me. SCKLM 2016 was Chloe’s maiden half-marathon run and she trained really hard for it. For a first timer, I was really impressed with how she can actually maintain the pace.
Chloe and I. Her target was under 3 hours and she managed 02:18
CK (the one-armed Captain), Chloe and I doing the wefie thing just because we can.

Although I didn’t manage to clock my best time and only managed 02:19, I enjoyed running in this year’s SCKLM very much. This is a world class event in my books and I’m pretty damn sure I’ll be doing it again next year.

And I’ll be more prepared.
Guest post by my pal Eddy who I met over food and somehow ended up talking about running more than anything else. Good job Eddy, I am sure the sub 2 is coming soon. Promise yourself you don't pull stunts of moving house etc before your next race! Rest is just a important as eating well and training hard.

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