#SCKLM2016 Updates for Race Day

2 more sleeps to Sunday 7th August 2016. 35,000 runners will run Malaysia’s most anticipated race Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2016. I will be one of the 7,200 runners running the full marathon. I am super excited and I am sure many of you are feeling the excitement too especially when the race kits are ready for collection now.

Race Entry Pack Collection details:
Friday 5th August: 11am - 8pm 
Saturday 6th August: 10am - 6pm
Venue: StarXpo Centre, 
Level 15 KWC Kenanga Wholesale City Mall, 
Jalan Gelugor, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Waze Search: KWC Fashion Mall

To collect your race pack, you must bring the printout of your confirmation slip and your IC/ passport. You may also appoint a representative to collect your race entry pack on your behalf. The representative must present the following:
• Printout of your confirmation slip
• Letter of authorisation signed by you (it is at the bottom of your confirmation slip)
• Representative’s IC / passport
• Photocopy of your IC / passport

It is too late to attempt any last minute training. You are better off resting and eating well. Keep your body well hydrated and carbo loading is essential. I personally like a can of isotonic drink daily 3 days leading up to race day because I perspire quite a lot when I run. Favourite carbo loading food includes brown rice, whole breads, bananas, potatoes and protein from eggs, tofu, avocado, almonds and tempeh. Of course if you eat meat, you can go ahead and include good sources of protein that has good fats such as fish. This is not the time to experiment with new food. Save that for your training days, not pre race!

Sleep well on the eve of the race. Even if you can’t sleep because you are too excited, stay in bed. Lights out. Go offline. Just rest the body and mind well. I know some maybe nervous especially when it is your vey first full marathon or half marathon or your very first race but it is essential that you stay calm. Visualise yourself completing the distance and smiling for the camera when crossing the finish line. That helped me when I ran my first timed full marathon in Hong Kong. 

Of course before you sleep, prep your clothes and gears for race morning. Line everything out so that you can see all your necessary items. It can be as simple as making sure that even your underwear is ready! Most importantly, you must have your bib and race fuel ready. I know of friends who actually pin their bib to their race tee the night before. Some actually go to sleep in their race gears. Do what you find most suitable but whatever it is, get everything ready so that you don’t have to turn the house upside down smack before leaving home for the race. 

For those who sweat a lot, do consider using products such as Vaseline or Body Glide at areas that you chaff easily. Remember to also to charge your mobile phone, iPod, watch etc. 

On race morning, eat well. I normally eat 2 soft boils eggs, 2 slices of whole meal bread with peanut butter, one banana, a glass of milk and a coffee. I also carry one banana along with me so that I can eat it half hour before flag off. This is my personal habit that I have been doing for a few races and also before my long runs. Again do what your body is accustomed to, NOT try something new merely because it worked for someone else.

Do arrive at race village early. Allocate time for road closure, traffic leading to race village, bag drop, toilet visit, photo opps etc. There’s much to be done so you might as well be early than stylishly late and flustered before race.
Race flag off time
#SCKLM2016 race village

I would recommend that one opts for public transport on race morning, The race organisers have worked out FREE LRT and monorail service for all participants. LRT and monorail stations will operate starting 2am with an interval of 10 mins. LRT services between 2am-6am will be complimentary!
LRT and monorail stations operating from 2am on 7 August 2016

The race flags off at 4am for full marathon. Go to your respective pans. The pacers will be in the respective pans that they are pacing. So follow the balloons accordingly! On race day, the game play is to start your race nice and easy. The idea is to get your momentum and be consistent so that you can finish strong. There will be many photographers and phonegraphers around. So flash them your million dollar smile. The smiling also works wonders to make your run more pleasant. Do of course also say your “thank you”s to the many volunteers (There are 1,500 volunteers working round the clock) who are actually there way earlier than your race!

The following information are for the full marathoners:
Your race pens:
• ”Red" Pen - invited Elite runners 
• "Blue" Pen1 - sub 3 hours
• "Green" Pen2 - 3:30, 4:00hr pacer 
• "Yellow" Pen3 - 4:30,  5:00hr pace
• "Pink" Pen4 - 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00hr pacer

Here’s your probable timing (gun time) if you were to follow your preferred pacers (and be able to follow through):
• sub3:30 runners will complete by 730am
• sub4 runners will complete  by 8am
• sub4:30 runners will complete  by 830am
• sub5 runners will complete  by 9am
• sub5:30 runners will complete  by 930am
• sub6 runners will complete  by 10am
• sub6:30 runners will complete  by 10.30am
• sub7 runners will complete  by 11am

This year, SCKLM2016 Full Marathon cut-off time is now 7 hours. There are 4 checkpoints that you MUST clear within the stipulated time. If you do not reach these checkpoints within the stipulated cut-off times, officials will disqualify you and ask you to board the bus to be ferried back to Dataran Merdeka. 
• 15.0km mark along AKLEH – cut-off from 06:40am
(just before toll plaza)
• 21.0km mark along DUKE – cut-off from 07:40am
(just after entering DUKE from MRR2)
• 31.0km mark along DUKE – cut-off from 09:15am
(just before exiting DUKE after toll plaza)
• 37km mark along Jalan Sultan Salahuddin - cut-off from 10:10am
(near bank negara)
standard chartered kl marathon
##Note that checkpoint KM31 is crucial for runners. You MUST pick up your wristbands in order to be eligible to receive your finisher medal and tee.

Take note of your hydration and fuelling stops along the race route. There will also be spray stations where you can seek relief for your cramps etc. If you don't need it, move on… and if you opt for the service, remember to save some for other runners too!
standard chartered kl marathon
• Drinking water
Ice Mountain drinking water is available at the Start area and every 2km after the first 4km and every 1.6km after 20km.
• Isotonic drinks
100Plus isotonic drinks are available every 4km after the first 4km. Every finisher will get water and isotonic drinks at the Finish area.
• Energy Gel 
Energy gels are available at the 26.4km mark and 32.8km marks for Full Marathon runners. Please grab one only at each mark. You don’t need and should not be grabbing for your next race etc.
It is very important that you DO NOT eat your energy gel with isotonic drinks. Take it with water. 
• Bananas
Bananas are available at the 29.6km mark and 36km for Full Marathon runners and 14km mark for Half Marathon runners.
• Toilets
Toilets are available at the Start and Finish area as well at every drinks stations along the routes.
• Distance markers
Distance markers are placed at every kilometre along the routes.
• Surau
Male and Female surau facilities are available at Dataran Underground. Surau facilities are also available at the 11km and 15km mark for Full Marathon runners for Subuh prayers (AKLEH Toll).

Standard Chartered KL Marathon goes a notch higher this year. Download the  app that allows you to track your friends and family who are running in the marathon. Available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.
standard chartered kl marathon

This year, I will be pacing runners for a sub 6:30 full marathon together with Uncle Sonny and Irwan Anuar. Stay with the 3 of us as we run with you to complete your full marathon at a gun time of 6:30. Of course, if you feel that you are strong, fly off at KM40. The rest of you, once you see the finish line, run for your life! Remember to flash the million dollar, megabuck, toothpaste ad smile too! 

Game plan for 6:30 is to make sure we play catch up for the 5-10 minutes required to clear the start line from the time the gun goes. We will speed up a little during the first few kilometres to make up for the lost time. Rest assured it is not a sprint for your life, just a  few seconds faster per kilometre. Along the route, we will be chatting with you. And if you love food, chat me up on your favourite food recommendations. I will certainly love to check out more eateries for my blog!

We will run to achieve an average 9:15 pace in general. There will be stretches that we will walk up the elevation to conserve energy. Do not waste time at the drinks, fruits energy gel or spray stations. Grab what you need and walk off. Once you have finished your drinks etc, you will start running. When you stop too long, your heart rate will drop and make it hard for you to regain momentum.

The 4 main stretches with elevations:
KM3-4: (approximately 80m) Jln Sultan Ismail leading to Standard Chartered Tower
KM 20-22 : (approximately 113m) MRR2 - DUKE Highway
KM 34-35 : (approximately 80m) Jln Langgak Tunku
KM 37-39 : (approximately 80m) Bank Negara into Jln Parlimen
Walking these stretches will help. You can make up for 'lost' time when we hit the flat and down hill sections. Most importantly is that we don't burn up unnecessarily.

Having said that, it is most important that you listen to your body. Stop if you need to. There is always another race that you can run! Most importantly, enjoy your race and finish it strongly without any injuries whatsoever. 

Remember to upload all your pics with the hashtags #scklm2016 and #WhyIRunKL across your social media platforms! Let’s also grab a pic together if time permits!

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