100 Miles Craze Ultra - Race Review

Craze Ultra 2016 done and dusted - Yes I ran (and walked) 100 miles over a weekend in Singapore and maybe a little more complete with a little mishap here and there, some napping at check points, bus stops and even the pavement plus some crying along the route. All in all, I am glad I signed up for this epic race that I will highly recommend to anyone who wants to attempt a 100 miles of good memories.

Pre race excitement built up only when I have collected my bib and dropped my bags on Friday night at MacRitchie Reservoir. The real excitement kicked in when I held my timing wristband and bib in my hands. Kudos to Ben Swee and his team, the baggage drop and all was super smooth. There was also ample tapes and markers in case anyone wanted to do last minute tagging and packing for their bags.
A9 is super excited!

I slept well and easily on Friday night. Woke up fresh and as planned at 3am for my usual pre run ritual of a warm shower, stretches, Candy Crush and of course breakfast. A quick 15 minutes drive from my stay at The Four Points by Sheraton Riverview and I was at MacRitchie Reservoir by 620am. The usual pre race toilet trip and pics with friends to calm the nerves. I was excited like a little girl on her first day of school!
25 minutes to race flag off. I was strangely feeling chilly before flag off.

A little briefing, scanned our Racematix wrist bands and we were flagged off at 7am sharp! Only a bunch of us were running 100 miles but I was glad for a few familiar faces. At the first few hundred metres of flag off, I made new friends. This time I made sure that I recognised as many runners from our category because there was only 40 plus of us and I wasn't running with a pacer (my intended pacer Arie had to be admitted to the hospital). It was essential that I was comfortable with the other runners so that I could tap on them for the night part of the race for safety and support if necessary.
Sifu Terence, Ana, Nelly and myself.
Scanning our Racematix wrist tag.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park to CP1 Mandai Road (12km)A fairly flat route with a few traffic light crossings. The morning was cool and the speed was a tad faster than planned. The initial part saw us running along the pavements with construction going but running along the pedestrian walkways was safe and barely increased the distance.  Even though the 100 miles were flagged off first, by KM3 I had the company of the other runners from the 74km and 101km. It required discipline to remember that I was running 100 miles and I had to be conservative in my speed. It was a slight climb of a few hundred metres as we approached CP1 but the view of the greenery on the left was refreshing and a lovely view to draw in. The CP was well organised. As I don't quite have the best stomach on race days, I was careful with my food intake.
Chilled canned longan was definitely a popular option with many of us!

Refuel: Longan, 2 dates and 1 salt stick
Hydration: H20 (gasless isotonic drink), water and ice. 

CP1 Mandai Road to CP2 Woodlands Waterfront (9.5km)Leaving CP1, we crossed over to the Park Connector. Lush, green and even though there was some construction, they were fenced up and we were running along clean and safe pavements. The signs were clear at all points and since I was running with a few other runners from different categories, we chatted along the way and kept a look out for the road signs together. At one crossing I nearly went right instead of straight up - my fault for looking at the sign a little too fast. It was actually the sign for those who were making their return journey from CP2 to CP1. Thankfully the runners I was with had attended the familiarisation run.

As we approached CP2, we get to enjoy a little elevation. Not so much shade but the slight elevation was a welcome from the earlier flat route. While the volunteers helped to refill my bottles, I made good use of time to charge my watch, phone and myself. Cleaned my face which was sweaty and reapplied sun block.

Snapped a few pics for my social media updates and started off fresh with Nelly who was pretty much my buddy up to CP5.
Pic with instagram friend Rina who loves to run and eats clean. I finally met her in person!

Refuel: Banana, 2 dates and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and the isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP2 Woodlands Waterfront to CP3 Sembawang Road (8.5km)
The route gets warmer but it is still relatively shaded since we were running under the MRT lines. Singapore was also rather shaded with trees here and there.

I am getting hungrier as the distance increased. I am glad that I took along a banana from the last CP and was munching that with some of my own supply of nuts. I knew that by the next CP, I will need to eat some of the bread and Nutella even though I wanted to keep my sweet food intake as minimal as possible other than fruits and nuts.

This time I ran with a girl who stayed and trained around this area, so she guided me through and we chatted most times about Craze Ultra and running in general. It does not take us long to reach CP3 which was beside a Crab restaurant.

Another quick stop of not more than 10 minutes. Poured water over my cap to freshen up and reapplied by sun block.

Refuel: A slice of bread with Nutella, Banana, 2 dates and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and the isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP3 Sembawang Road to CP4 Yishun Ave 6 (7km)
The Simpang Kiri Park Connector was a pretty straight route, a little sunny but the chatters that we had took away the not so comfortable part of the race. All sorts of topics were exchanged from running diet to the just about anything under the sun. By now, Nelly whose sister lives around Yishun was giving us a food tour of this place too.

The skies were getting cloudy and dark. I was a tad afraid that it would rain so Nelly and I had a "talk" with the Big Boss and negotiated that the rain may come but let it fall when we both have cleared the area. Yeah things we do and say to self entertain during ultra marathons. It is silly but go ahead and do what you want!

CP4 has to be one of my favourites. It was almost 1230pm and you can imagine the humidity and stickiness. It was good to be welcomed in with a nice cold iced towel! We were approaching almost one full marathon and the next stretch was a hotter one of 13.5km.

Refuel: A slice of bread with Nutella, Banana, 2 dates, nuts, 3 longan and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and the isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP4 Yishun Ave 6 to CP5 Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre (13.5km)
This would have been the hottest and what seemed to be the longest stretch for me. The sun was hot on our back and cap. The ice that I put under my cap and inside the back of my shirt had melted in under 30 minutes. In fact, the cap was almost dry!

As this stretch was along what I call "no man's land" with only trees that didn't offer us any form of shade per se and there was no shops or 7-11 or petrol kiosk, I was more conservative with my water. Thankfully there were 2 local volunteer groups that popped up at Pulau Punggol Barat and Timur. They offered us water, ice and an assortment of sweet chilled drinks. With a photographer there too, we all put up brave and happy smiles though inside we were really feeling the sting of the sun.
By now my eczema hot spot was also a little itchy and I was grateful for the 2 stops that allowed me to rinse off and to reapply the sunblock. Of course I had a good time stuffing my cap with ice and also refilling my water bottle with more ice.

The game play along this long stretch was to take turns to decide to walk and run. It was a silent agreement but we all took turns saying "Let's run until the next tree or curb etc". I am also glad that the hubster printed my maps in A3 size because they came in handy as extra shade over my head or as a handheld fan when I was walking. I wanted to bring along an umbrella but I remembered what Sifu Ng Seow Kong said "which ultra runner uses an umbrella?". So no aunty moments with my mini umbrella.

I was really glad when we finally made it to Punggol Park Connector where it was cooler. Of course by now we saw other humans who were out and about for their weekend (and playing Pokemongo). We also met some 101km runners making their way back to the start line and it was good to receive cheers from them. The hot weather was also causing Nelly and myself to be behind our targeted time. 2:41 to cover 13.5km at a relatively early part of the race was a tad demoralizing for myself. I was hungry and I didn't like the soaring temperatures.

I reached CP5 way off my comfort time. I knew I was in trouble with that timing but the slight naggy discomfort in the toe and the tummy also called for some looking into. A long 25 minutes break to change my socks and thankfully it was just a damp socks that caused a discomfort in the toe, toilet break and stretched the whole body before I left CP5 after Ana and Nelly but the body felt better.
Quit whining. Keep Going. 
And with that we finally reached CP5.
Rina's fiance Jonathan was a wonderful buddy throughout the run to CP5. He was a bodyguard for Nelly, Ana and I!

Refuel: Cup noodle, 2 dates and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and the isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP5 Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre to CP6 Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre (14.5km)
I started off well. A run was possible and going through the route with the waterway on the right with Pokemongo players and other casual runners was a refreshing time for me. Though I was running along, I made the best of it to recognise the route because this would be my repeat route the next morning and I had to take into account that I might have to do the stretch alone in case I couldn't find any runners to tag along.

Singaporeans must be a bunch of friendly folks too. I received many cheers along the way including some who would tell me that another runner was probably 10 minutes ahead of me if I wanted to play catch up etc. Some will say "Jiayou" or "Run Strong".

It all went well but the tummy was beginning to act up a little so I slowed down each time I felt a cramp in the stomach building up. I continued walking but by now a walk seemed more comfortable for the stomachache compared to a run. Took a toilet stop at Shell before I went into Gerald Drive. Freshened up and took a charcoal tablet as well to ease the gassy and runny stomach.

Continued my journey and it was on a run walk intervals of 200-100. The idea was to keep moving and I knew that I would reach CP6 in darkness if I only walked. It was a relief to finally arrive at Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. The hustle and bustle at the park took my mind off the discomfort in the heavy legs and growling stomach. And of course when I crossed the bridge leading to CP6 I was really happy to see Sifu Terence there. I settled down quickly and ate some of the grapes that Sifu brought along, wanted more instant noodles but was only allowed 4 mouthfuls in case the carbs caused me to be heavy. Ate while Sifu gave my calves a good massage (Xiexie Sifu).

Refuel: 3 mouths of cup noodle, 10 grapes and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and the isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP6 Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre to CP7 Pasir Ris Green (5km)
"3:20 minutes for 14.5km? Gosh that was pathetic!"

And with that thoughts, I left for CP7. Now the skies were dark and I was pretty much alone on my own. While it was still early, I knew that I had to get my eyes accustomed to oncoming car lights and being alone.

It was a little quiet and dark when I crossed over from Ericsson Pet Farm onto Pasir Ris Industrial Dr 1. A 4x4 followed me closely at my walking pace from behind then by my side. The vehicle drove off when I stared hard at them while keeping my finger on my mobile phone. I knew that my only escape if anything happened was to cross the road and run to the guardhouse of the few industrial units because it was only carparks or something like that for industrial vehicles on my left. I knew these because I spent some time studying the race map, Organiser's pics and Google map for the latest imagery.
Even if you are not a local, running Craze Ultra is easy with these pics of landmarks etc for runners to look at prior to race.

Ran walked again (much faster) until 1km away from CP7 when Sifu Terence and Ana caught up with me. We arrived at CP7 together and it was a pretty fast refill for me for ice and a Nutella sandwich while Ana dropped off her gears and only took her water bottle. A good move but since I had no pacer, I was to carry my stuff on my own.

Refuel: Half slice of bread.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice.

CP7 Pasir Ris Green to CP8 Bedok Reservoir (10km)
I was looking forward to this leg but was a tad worried that the map in 3 pages would be confusing. Indeed it was a little confusing as I was too anxious to reach CP8 but the company of Sifu Terence, Ana, Nelly, Thomas and 3 other runners was reassuring.
The journey from CP7 to CP8 was in 3 pages.

I followed them as closely as I could with a mounting need for the toilet again. Couldn't wait till CP8 and I stopped at Esso for break while the rest continued. Thankfully Thomas (Nelly's pacer) waited for me with 2 other runners. We took off for CP8 together and caught up with Nelly again.

I was slowing down and when Nelly and Thomas stopped for a drink at Shell, I opted to continue with the 2 other runners one of whom was having a bad case of blister. We moved steadily together looking out for the sign to walk into Bedok Reservoir. Somehow we crossed the road before Car Park A. No idea why we did that but one runner heading back to CP7 called us and we were once again back to the correct side of the road. By now my watch has also died (my fault for forgetting to charge it during the breaks).

Jack one of my running buddies from TPRC who is currectly working in Singapore texted me that Sifu and Ana were already at CP8. I was obviously horribly slow and in trouble. It was good to finally reach CP8 the half way point. Opted for a full gear change to freshen up. Jack gave me a foot rub while I tried my best to eat.

Distracted myself from the discomfort and urge to vomit by chatting with one of the runners who I had given my Blister Kit. It was important that I kept my food in my stomach as I wasn't really eating much compared to my usual self or even training days.

Refuel: 3 spoons of rice, 1/2 egg and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and the isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP8 Bedok Reservoir to CP7b Pasir Ris Green (10km)
As per Sifu Terence's instructions, I left CP8 by 1045pm with Jack who offered to walk with me until the junction of Tampines Ave. Chatting with him was good as it helped keep me awake. I was alone as the front runner was too fast for me. Jack also made a promise to pace me on Sunday from CP2b till finish line (and I had another good reason to make sure I did not DNF at any earlier point).

By now the game plan was to slow down if need be or wait until I meet up with Nelly or the other runners who were still at CP8 nursing their blisters. I went on alone to CP7 and got a little lost for about 200 metres because one of the signs was tampered by some itchy fingers. But it was a good thing I noted that I couldn't recognise where I was walking. Since I carried also carried the soft copies of the map, I stopped and double checked with Google map and back tracked. I reach CP7 at 1255am Sunday morning. I made it just in time for the cut off (but was informed by the volunteers that the cut off was extended a little).

Refuel: Half banana and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice.

CP7b Pasir Ris Green to CP6b Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre to (5km)
By now I was tired but I knew I had to move on. Sat at CP7 for just 5 minutes while the crew refilled my bottle and I ate the banana. I was getting demoralised because I knew Ana and Sifu left CP7b a whopping 40 minutes ahead of me.

I wasn't keen to be alone for the next 5km when I knew the route was a tad dark and lonely at certain stretches. Not especially after the little scare earlier on. By now I took the approach of running with traffic coming from opposite direction so that I could see what was coming my way. A daring stunt but I took my first 5 minutes nap on the bus stop at Pasir Ris Dr 3. This was a very deep sleep nap and it did wonders to recharge me.

The joy of finally reaching CP7b in 53 minutes was good. The earlier nap and the fear kept me alert.

Refuel: 2 dates and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice.

CP6b Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre to CP5b Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre (14.5km)
Since the earlier nap worked wonders, I decided that a 10 minutes nap was in order plus it was safer to do so here than any random stops. I needed to play catch up with the runners ahead too because I wasn't keen to do the Pulau Punggol journey alone. If at all I was to DNF it was for my safety reasons. So I napped while my bottles were being refilled. Requested that the volunteers wake me up in case I couldn't wake up to my alarm.

Fresh from my nap, I started off on a positive note since I was told that I had until 4:30am to make it back to the visitor centre. The game play was to retrace the route that I hope I remembered well having ran along it on Saturday evening. All good per se with more Pokemongo folks still playing at 3 something in the morning.

However, my good spirits and energy didn't last long. Barely 3km I had a toilet need again and forced myself to hang on till the Shell station that I had a toilet in the afternoon. I knew I had to stop for a break to pull myself together. I felt tears forming but I held them back as much as I could. I was scared because I was alone. I wished I had a pacer with me to tell me that things were fine. I wanted to call the hubster to tell him I was scared and not the finest in the tummy and tired but held back because I didn't want him to worry.

Toilet break done. I have decided not to run along Gerald Dr. Instead I headed out to Yio Chu Kang Rd before turning into Buangkok Green. I wasn't feeling any better after Shell and knew that I needed to really sit down and think it through. So I made another detour after looking at Google Maps showed that there was a 24 hour McDonald's 800m away. Took the extra distance decision, ordered myself a fillet-o-fish. I ate the fish and I cried out. I needed to just let my tears roll out.
The importance of having data and your mobile phone comes in handy for such cry baby moments.  This was the 2nd time that I used my phone and data during the race itself to find my way.

Enough of crying and I stopped too long! Washed my face before I made my way back to Buangkok Green through Hougang Street 93. I was determined to go as fast and as far as I could in this race even if I was on my own. I didn't train hard to be defeated by not having a pacer at night or even a bad tummy (there's plenty of toilet stops if I needed any except at Pulau Punggol stretch but having done toilet stops in palm oil plantations during my KL Maran walk and the recent Route 68 race, I was determined that I could do it even if I had to jump into a bush or into the drain!).

With that I finally reached Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. I run into Alistair and Vernando who I chatted a little with. I could not keep up with Vernando so I walked on my own while Alistair took a nap on one of the benches.

1km plus to CP6b, I hear a pair of familiar voices. They were Ana and Sifu Terence. How the heck did I overtake them? Apparently they took a 20 minutes break for Ana to rest while I must have made good speed with my power nap and cry baby session. Also my decision to run facing incoming traffic meant that I was at the opposite side of the road. With my blinker switched off, I was also not that visible to anyone across the road.

Refuel: 1 sip of Hot Milo, handful of grapes, 3 dates and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP5b Lorong Halus Wetland and Visitor Centre to CP4b Yishun Ave 6  (13.5km)
I changed my tee and wear my arm sleeves to freshen up after a quick toilet break. Thankfully now I am not alone because I have Sifu Terence, Ana and Vernando for company.

By now the base of my feet were beginning to ache. Having done slightly more than 110km, my quads were beginning to harden. I was also beginning to be tired and sleepy. In fact at a few stretches, I had to hang on to Sifu Terence's hydration vest to sleep walk while he functioned as a "tow truck". It was quite a sight if anyone saw that!

I was really needing a proper nap to recharge but the stretch was not exactly the safest for me to nap alone. So when Ana needed a break for her shin splint (this girl is one tough cookie who fought on despite the horrible side effects of her medication 2 weeks earlier) when we exited Punggol Park Connector, I finally took my nap on the pavement of Punggol Way. It was a good deep sleep of 10 minutes with some dreams or was it Sifu and Ana talking?

As soon as we started our journey again, Sifu Terence had us walking and running in intervals but having recharged myself, I was all good to make good speed pretty much until we reach CP4b. Even though my legs and feet were hurting, the tummy was good and I was able to either race walk or run most parts of the journey.

By now, seeing the sun up and having survived the dark stretch of the race, I was definitely feeling better.
Sunrise and I am out of the miserable Pulau Punggol Barat and Timur stretch.

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Refuel: 2 dates, banana, 2 longan and 1 salt stick.
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic.

CP4b Yishun Ave 6 to CP3b Sembawang Road (7km)
This leg is pretty good. By now I recognised the route quite a bit having chatted a lot during the same stretch on Saturday. I relived the chatters in my mind and was missing Nelly and Jonathan's company.

I reach CP3 and took a quick break in the portable loo. I am fussy person when it comes to portaloo and the organisers (and of course fellow runners) kept them nice and clean with ample water and toilet paper. A quick break as well with focus on refilling my bottles and kept myself cool with more ice under my cap and inside my top.
After over 30 hours working, volunteers are still chirpy and entertained this crazy girl for a pic! Xiexie!
Refuel: Nuts
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice.

CP3b Sembawang Road to CP2b Woodlands Waterfront to (8.5km)
This was a short stretch but I didn't like it one bit because this is one sunny and hot stretch. Like it or not, the journey must continue and I was looking forward to meeting Jack who would be my pacer. I knew that after the "battle" earlier on, I would be quite tired out mentally and I would be better off having a pacer buddy with me.

I am hungry along this stretch and am down to my last 7 pieces of dates and a handful of nuts! I had to be conservative but I also knew that since I would have a pacer soon, I can always send my pacer off to buy me food etc while I continued with my journey!

It was a slightly longer break at CP2b that I would have liked. The familiar pain that kept me out of GCAM16 this year finally popped up as I approached the check point.

Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice.

CP2b Woodlands Waterfront to CP1b Mandai Road to (9.5km)Sifu Terence and Ana took off first as I was having some issues with my feet. Jack gave the base of my feet a quick massage and could feel the hardened bits at the base of my feet. I was walking like an old grandma!

I was also getting tired and had not taken a nap for many hours. It was a good thing Jack was with me because I needed someone to chat with to distract me from the pain. Finally I gave up and requested that Jack allowed me to nap at one of the bus stops. Another 10 minutes break and I was ready to speed up.

Having a pacer with me was certainly good and almost luxurious! I focused on moving while I sent Jack off to a water dispenser! The sky was turning dark and I wanted to make the best of good weather. I hate running with wet shoes!

I was still too slow and it started raining as I entered Mandai Park Connector. I sped up and caught up with Ana and Sifu Terence. At the back of my head I was also worried that I was way off the cut off time of 1:30pm so I sped up as much as my hardened quads and painful metatarsalgia could bear. I knew I must not stop to sit or stand because when I resumed running, it hurt even more. Thankfully we cleared CP1b and the volunteer told me I was still in the race because I saw the scan say OK.
One of the super friendly and encouraging volunteers.

Refuel: Banana
Hydration: Refilled water bottle with only ice and isotonic bottle with fresh isotonic (Not sure why I was even refilling when I wasn't even drinking any isotonic because they tasted funny in my mouth).

CP1b Mandai Road to MacRitchie Reservoir Park (12km)
The game plan was to scan and let Jack grab what I needed while I continued my journey. I munched on a banana because I was starving having my last bite only at  CP3b some 18km away.

It was a drizzle but the trees kept me relatively dry. Jack refilled my bottles while I took off first. He caught up and we jog walk as much as my feet could bear. Now another drama and the most painful part of the 100 miles race begins.

A good buddy Elvin texted Jack to inform him that my race status was DNF. DNF...when I was still making my way back to the Finish Line. What happened? I was sure that at CP1b I was still very much in the race. What happened?

I was demoralized. I was in pain. I wanted to cry again. I refused to take another step even though Jack was coaxing me to take another step. I just wanted Ana and Sifu Terence to catch up with me. I wanted to know what Sifu Terence's advise would be. Calm and collected, his advise was "Move on and to make our way back to the Finish Line".

Ana, Sifu Terence, Jack and I moved together now but by now the pain was bad. I continued as much as I could but it was getting seriously painful. I knew I was on the verge of cramping any time. I tried to run a little when I realised that Dr Tan Poh Kiang and his pacees were behind me. I ran with good speed but the running didn't last. True enough in the last 3km, the cramps kicked in taking turns alternating between the 2 legs every few hundred metres. It happened because in my "excitement" and tiredness, I forgot my salt stick since CP3b and I was no longer drinking any isotonic drinks either. It was crazy and I was tempted to buzz the husbter who was waiting for me at the Finish Line to pick me up.

I texted Sifu Terence and was hoping to hear from him how I could ease the pain but he did not manage to read the messages until Ana crossed the finish line. I told myself that I have gone so far and even if I needed to roll and take my own sweet time, I will have to continue and cross the Finish Line. I was now prepared for a DNF but I was still determined to complete 100 miles in my own terms!

Thankfully a random runner in 2XU short tights and sleeveless tee whom we saw a few times while we made our way to MacRitchie Reservoir Park stopped by approximately 1km from the finish line. She stopped and gave me a massage on both legs. Told me to start running and not stop to stand or walk. It was hard but I managed to do as she said. It was a relief to see the husbter running towards me 400 metres from the Finish Line and Race Director Ben Swee in the last 200 metres. Painful as it was, I just wanted to end the 100 miles race.
The hubster says "Just round the corner and you will complete 100 miles".
Last to come in but not alone.
I have Jack, Race Director Ben Swee and the hubster for a "grand entrance".

Yes I crossed the Finish Line. I had to hold on to something when my Racematix wrist band was being scanned. It was good to see my friends Jon and Elle there too. I could barely walk properly, I was beginning to walk like a crab and praying very hard that I wouldn't cramp anymore.

Received my medal and the precious gold coin. I completed my first 100 miles race. Way off my intended time but I finished it. Took some pics and I needed the toilet. It was really good that Elle, Jon and the hubster packed my freshen up kit complete with towels, wet wipes and clean clothes except everyone forgot my slippers. By now I needed the toilet again. The tummy has acted up. It was almost the longest walk to the toilet but it was fine because the hubster was with me. He held my hand while we took a super slow walk to the toilet some 100 metres away. It was awesome to be able to change into clean clothes and freshen up a little, wash off my sweat and tear stained face for a proper set of pics.
And there it is... 100 miles of sweat, pain and tears. And despite the cramps and metatarsalgia kicking in, I am proud to say that this has to be the best race of my life. I completed it injury and blister free. Even though I did not have a pacer as I intended to, I am glad that I had good support from all around me and I am glad the Ox in me persevered. 
Printed and framed up in my home. 

All I needed was a good shower, a good night sleep, an ice bath and a good foot rub to restore me. The metatarsalgia took approximately 3 days to ease off without any drugs but I was pretty much good to walk the next day like a normal person. Will share a bit more on my recovery must do in another post.

Meanwhile, a much needed thank you to pals who kept my spirits up by sending me lots of encouraging SMS, WhatsApp, FB messages and left me love notes on Instagram and FB too. THANX Nelly, Jonathan Lee, Vernando, Thomas Kuan, Ana and Sifu Terence for the company throughout the race. THANX Wooi Keat for helping plan my race fuel and post race recovery meal too! THANX Jack for coming in as my last minute pacer - sorry you were subjected to my brat  and cry baby moments. A special THANX too to Sifu Mohan Marathon and Sifu Terence for helping out with the training programme! THANX to all the awesome volunteers at all the checkpoints for being so attentive and supportive to us all!
Being my pacer for 2 CPs must have been so tiring for Jack.
He was almost falling asleep for this pic!
The training buddy Ana
Freshened up with a new tee and washed my face. 
Team TPRC completed Craze Ultra 100 miles. Yes, we are happily certified nuts!

The sweetest end to the 100 miles was having the hubster wait for me till I completed my race.
Thank you Koolspyda!

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