15 to 18 layers of deliciousness is how I would describe Baumkuchen. Originating from Germany, the Baumkuchen is similar to our kuih lapis.

And if you love what you see and also love a rich and spongey cake, then Baumkuchen is a must try. Baked one layer at a time on a rotating spit over a special open oven. Each layer is browned on the spit before a new layer is brushed on. Available at Komugi and what makes this cake so memorable is the special ingredient of white sesame oil that is sandwiched between each delicate layer. 
Prettily packed making it suitable for gifting too.
Baumkuchen means tree. The concentric rings of the Baumkuchen symbolises prosperity and longevity. I reckon this will be on my gift list for CNY instead of the usual cookies next year!

There are a few flavours but my fave has to be the original one that goes so well with a cup of coffee or even tea. Rich and moist goodness of butter, vanilla, eggs and sesame oil.

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