Heart Health Challenge

Now that I am 43 years old, it is important that I keep a closer tab on my health. While many think that I am all about eating clean, exercising blah blah blah, I do have my love for that plate of nasi lemak sotong or char kuey teow! However, life is all about moderation and if we don't love our body, who is going to love it for us?

I am definitely not keen to be part of the following scary statistics issued by the Ministry of Health, Malaysian Digest and The Star.
• 1 out of 2 Malaysian adults are suffering from high cholesterol.
• 42% of Malaysians who have high cholesterol are below the ages of 40 years old.
• Individuals as young as in their 20s are diagnosed with heart disease.
• Cardiovascular disease is responsible for one-quarter of all hospital deaths.
• Nearly half of heart attack patients (45%) have three or more of the following risk factors:
* 77% being obese
* 65% having high blood pressure
* 46% having diabetes
* 38% being smokers
* 37% having abnormal cholesterol levels

So I put to practice some tips that I learnt from friends, family members and even the Internet to keep active and healthy (skinny is not the way to judge whether I am healthy or otherwise!):
• Before I started running, I was active in my own way. I enjoyed walks with my furkids, trail walking in Gasing Hill and kick boxing. Doing housework was also my way of working out a good sweat and letting the heart pump a little. All you need is just spend at least 15 minutes a day. Choose what you fancy and if you can't decide, go try them all out until you find something you fancy. Your body and heart will thank you for it. So will your skin - notice how people who exercise regularly have a rosy and clear skin?
A walk in the park
Also a walk in the park but with extra weight because my old girl wants to be carried!
• I love my char kueh teow and nasi lemak like any regular Malaysians but I also watch I eat right and have sufficient fruits and vegetables, clear preparation of food eg steamed fish instead of fried fish to balance my love for food.
A breakfast of egg, pine nuts, dates and avocado.
• I am not a doctor or a trained medical personnel and even if I am one, it is important that one goes through an annual medical checkup. Get to know your blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, blood glucose and weight. If budget permits throw in your cancer markers test too and for women, you might want to include your mammogram as well.

Since I do eat out quite a bit and I love to eat, it is essential that I make sure that I don't end up with high cholesterol or blood pressure due to food intake. While the exercise helps, I also make sure that I have enough plant based sterol in my body to block absorption of cholesterol into my blood stream.

For those who don't consume enough of plant based stenol, 2 glasses of Nestlé Omega Plus is what you need daily to help manage your cholesterol levels coupled with a moderate diet and some exercise. It is easy to include 2 glasses of milk into your diet. You can have them for breakfast or as a snack. I enjoy a glass of Nestlé Omega Plus before I sleep at night because it relaxes me and I can wake up and head straight for a light training session (without any hunger pangs).

For those who saw my instagram last week, you can also try your hands at getting that box of goodies! All you need to do is continue with your healthy initiatives and if you haven't had one, get started now and be rewarded! in 3 simple steps:
• Post your workout or healthy food photos on your Instagram
• Tag your friends to join you in the Heart Health Challenge.
• Add these hashtags
Have fun!

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