Hotel Review: Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview

Typically overseas race jitters includes pre race diet, availability of shake leg run and of course convenience of hotel to start line. With that, the decision was made to make Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview the hotel for my first night in Singapore.

Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview was undoubtedly the perfect one, chalking up some Starwood points as well. A mere 12 minutes drive from Craze Ultra's start line at MacRitchie Reservoir. Most importantly, I also needed a a safe place that I could pack in a short run after the drive to Singapore - this shake leg run is a must for me after travelling whether by flight or drive. Absolutely loved the scenic view along the pavements that ran along Singapore River when I took quick run in the afternoon after lunch.

While I am generally not a fussy traveller having done a few backpack trips on my own. Pre race days come along and I will not compromise on a comfortable and clean room. A proper hot shower and comfy bed is a must to ensure that I am well rested. And since I was undertaking my maiden 100 miles / 160km race, it was essential that I was well rested (and at peace). 

With that, my first step into Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview assured me that I was in good hands. A friendly reception who knew I was in Singapore for a race followed up with me if I had any dietary limitation for my breakfast that would be delivered to my room at 345am or if I wanted any taxi booked in the morning to get to the start line. It was the same detailed questions that I received at the point of booking too! Impressive service that I certainly appreciate!

Out from the lift and the familiar welcoming walk to my room reminds me of my good stay at Four Points by Sheraton in Sandakan. The SGD25 million renovations certainly breathe new life to this hotel that was previously known as Riverview Hotel. 
Knock knock. Evelyn is coming in!

The room is spacious and comfortable. A good view of the surrounding area and I must say the first thing that caught my eyes was the comfy bed and the comfortable seat by the window that the hubster spent some time catching up with his reading while I was away for my race. Wifi was efficient enabling me to check on my route updates and run a FB live video at 4am (not like my friends were awake then)!
We brought Yochana along for this runcation. Not like she was going to run...
I needed my nap before my short afternoon run. So the Brat Yochana contented herself with the view from our room. Perched on the sofa looking out while the hubster was reading beside her.
Serene view from our room. We enjoyed the view while waiting for the weather to cool down a little before venturing out.
View from the other side of our room.
Gorgeous riverbank. You can take a cruise in these riverboats too. 

Some may take the shower facilities of a hotel for granted. But it is something that I weigh heavily for my stays. I absolutely loved the powerful hot shower that did wonders to relax before I retired to bed and a refreshing wake me up at 345am in the morning (the same time that my brekkie was delivered to me). Loved the hotel's choice of toiletries!

Cheerful packaging and the smell really refreshing!

Sufficient lighting within the bathroom if you want to spend some time dolling up.

Hello there!

Since my race flagged off at 7am, a breakfast box was sent to the room. I can't ask for a more than perfect runner's pre race meal. It was so well executed and I am most grateful that the folks at Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview even packed in some banana, race gel and also some natural fuel with Chia seed that I could bring along in my hydration vest. The banana was perfect because I normally eat one to fuel hald hour before race starts...and its also my comfort food to calm me down - after all Potassium does wonder for our mood!
A call to our room minutes before my breakfast box arrived. 
Tomato and cheese sandwiches as I preferred vegetarian options for race days.
Amazing and well thought additions of GU gel and real fuels that I personally prefer for ultra marathons including Chia seed bar, Peanut Butter protein bar and bananas!
Clean eats that I would normally have at home or overseas before a run.
Sorted out my hot drinks from the in room bar that had a good selection of tea and coffee.
Well rest, well fuelled and definitely nicely charged for my 100 miles Craze Ultra race. THANK YOU Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview!

The husbter enjoyed his breakfast at Four Points Eatery with a gorgeous view of the riverbank after I flagged off. It was the same place that he enjoyed a feast Oceania Seafood dinner (click to read) while I was still running somewhere in Pasir Ris on Saturday night! A good line up of for the breakfast buffet spread included local specialties, pastries, eggs station, ample fresh fruits and just about everything that one can piece together for a wholesome breakfast. 
The hubster obviously preferred sitting out alfresco with the fresh air and gorgeous view.
Delightful nasi lemak
Western food options are fun to play with.

With the gym and pool facility at Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview being pretty impressive for a 4 star hotel, I am definitely looking forward to returning here for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 in December. The facilities are perfect for the pre race shake leg workouts or post race recovery. Of course the run route along the river is a big plus point for a recovery run that is perfect at anytime of the day. 
a well equipped gym that is appealing for most savvy and fit travellers
the pool
Almost 11pm but there's still people walking around and having a late meal at Robertson Quay. Perfect for the late night runs since it is well lighted and definitely safe!
Well paved walkways making it such a delightful route to run. It was hard not to want to run further but I had my race the next day.
Such an inviting and scenic route smack behind Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview

A short one night stay for me but longer for the hubster, he certainly enjoyed the conveniences that Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview offered. There was no need for him to drive around even when he went shopping (yes he is a shopaholic!). Orchard Road was a short 15 minutes stroll (stroll means slow walk and catch Pokemons). There's also complimentary shuttle buses are provided from the hotel for guests at selected times to Orchard Road, Chinatown and Clarke Quay MRT station.

This post is also a Public Service Announcement for Liverpool FC fans. Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverviewis also the official “live” match venue for the Liverpool Football Club Official Supporters Club (Singapore Branch).

A visit to Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview is not complete unless one visits The Best Brew. This pub is famous for its view and its craft beer Tall Tale Pale Ale. I certainly look forward to trying it on my next visit!

Four Points Eatery
Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview
382 Havelock Rd
Singapore 169629
T: +65 6349 4872

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