PureBOOST X - 2016 - Ice Mint

I am the proud owner of another pair of adidas PureBOOST X. It has been a year since I fell in love with this pair of pretty line of shoes. It is more than just a pretty thing that captivates me. It is the fact that the comfort and support that it comes with it that makes me love it more and more.

The new season brings along with it a new set of colorway. Vibrant and still featuring the tried and tested shoe tech. The floating arch still hugs the foot and provides support where it’s most needed. The BOOST sole delivers a revolutionary cushioning technology that makes the shoe responsive and bouncy - I translate it to making my feet lift off with less energy required from my legs.  

While the PureBOOST X is a shoe for neutral feet, if you have flat feet like I do, this pair of shoes is still good for short run or gym workouts. In fact, this is my to go to shoes for faster and short runs. No doubt I have also pushed the previous pairs for my 20km run and my friend Icarus Lee has also had her 24km , 26km and 29km LSDs in the adidas PureBOOST X. The arch support from the shoes works well for me though I would not use it for my ultra races or a full marathon but I will personally not hesitate with a halfie. 
"Your strongest muscle and weakest enemy is your mind. Train it well." ~ I missed the alarm four times this morning and in 20 mins, I was out of the door (yes, kind of PB to me..πŸ˜‚). Second run with the new #PUREBoostx (and yet have to run in the rain both times😀). I am not a big Adidas fan, but I must say this shoe is simply my love. Good cushioning and yet so light, it gives me a sense of freedom when clocking those distance. No matter where you are, have a wonderful weekend to all my running friends (with a pair of good shoeπŸ˜‰)! #adidasrunning#fitnessjourney#activegoals#worlderunners#womensrunningcommunity#RUNNERSCOMMUNITY#instarunners#bringiton#marathontraining#garmin#endurestrong#Strive#igrunners#morningrun#fitness#lovethepain#makeitcount#instaworthy#runstagram#monitorthebeat#justrunnn#underamour#womenrunning#runstagrammm#infinitejoggers#跑了就懂#strava#runitfast#PureBOOST
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"I think women should start to embrace their age. What's the alternative to getting older? You die. I can't change the day I was born. But i can take care of my skin, my body, my mind, and try to live my life and be happy." - Olivia Munn And I must say, I am at my best age now. I Run! This early morning weather was perfect (before 7.30am) and the legs feel strong. Therefore though the plan says 19km, but I rewarded myself additional 5km bonus run!πŸ˜ƒ And thanks @dan_pre for the high-five at #ECP! Have a wonderful weekend IGers! #Pureboostx#adidasrunning#Strive#endurestrong#runstagrammm#runtagit#strava#instarunners#worlderunners#youarestrongerthanyouknow#womensrunningcommunity#monitorthebeat#activegoals#instaworthy#bringiton#runningcommunity#igrunners#RUNNERSCOMMUNITY#garmin#runshots#Runnerland#makeitcount#跑了就懂
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"You begin your journey not knowing where it will take you. You have plans, you have dreams, but every now and again you have to take uncharted roads, face impassable mountains, cross treacherous rivers, be blocked by landslides and earthquakes." ~ LKY Time flies on wings of lightning, we are now in September (3/4 of 2016 has gone by). We often started the year with some goals, plans, or dreams to reach. For me, one of them was to meet up a special friend. I did. Another was to do an overseas race; and I completed my first HM in Amersfoort. Of course life isn't a bed of roses, along the way I drop two FM races. Next will be Osaka Marathon in end Oct and I am now into fifth weeks of my #marathontraining. How is year 2016 treating you so far? Have an awesome and fruitful weekend IGers! \^3^/ #adidasrunning#fitnessjourney#activegoals#worlderunners#womensrunningcommunity#RUNNERSCOMMUNITY#instarunners#bringiton#garmin#PureBOOSTX#Strive#igrunners#morningrun#lovethepain#makeitcount#instaworthy#runstagram#monitorthebeat#justrunnn#underamour#vscocam#vscogood#womenrunning#runstagrammm#infinitejoggers#跑了就懂#strava#womenfitness#inspiringwomenrunners
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I have been busy with my Craze Ultra 100 miles preps and have not been doing any short runs. However the few sessions during the shoe launch and recent Cyberjaya Night Dualthon, tells me that my latest pair of Ice Mint is my buddy for the next few short races that I will be running in. I am confident that I will be able to gain my much needed speed with PureBOOST X and of course a training plan to bring me back to my previous marathon speed instead of the much slower speed for my ultra races.
For someone who is accustomed to long slow distance, going at 5:55 pace was a killer for me. However, Mark's pacing and of course the PureBOOST X gave me the much needed help to push from a 7:30 pace that I have been too accustomed to for the last 6 months.
4 days later and I am out on a race route for Cyberjaya Night Dualthon. Nailed my PB for 4.7km with a negative split of 5:30 - 5:27 - 5:26 - 5:26 - 5:22 including a drink of water at the water stop. No doubt the tips from Mark over the week and the shoes have made the short run faster than I dared hope. The lightweight and responsiveness is what I needed to bring about a speedier Missyblurkit.
While I am not fast like many other runners on that night, I am contented that I am a far cry from the 6 minutes pace that I nailed many months back. 

That being said (not because the shoes came free to me), friends and fellow runners have seen me wearing the PureBOOST X for the past one year for my social outings and short runs because I really like the shoes itself. They are comfortable and look good. The blister complains that I have read and heard since last year did not happen to me merely because of the right fit that I adhered to. This is a pair of shoes that is meant to be snug so it means NO SOCKS. In my case, I wear a UK4.5 for a perfect snug feel and if you intend to go for a half size larger then by all means do so but you will need to wear socks to avoid the shoes grazing your skin.
All smiles for another pair of the sexy darlings
Perfect snug and huggy feel. Sockless for a perfect fit.
And with any new shoes that you buy, you need to ease in your mileage rather than jump into it straight away and head out for a 10km or even 20km run. 
Going sockless and sweaty feet has never been a problem for me. The mesh fabric provides a fair amount of ventilation for sweaty feet like mine to dry up.
Whether it is for a gym or short run or even some staircase run, this pair of Ice Mint will be my buddy for the last quarter of 2016 as I work on getting more speed into my legs.
Happy faces after our run in our brand new PureBOOST X. Of course its only the girls wearing it. After all it was designed by women for women. 

In conclusion, I still love the PureBOOST X because:
• The Boost sole gives me a responsive and bouncy run.
• It looks pretty and takes me effortlessly from training to work or casual (I work in a creative industry so I get away with wearing trainers and a dress or suit).
That's me in the previous colorway and that's me in between work and shopping for mooncakes before a short evening run. 
• The snug and huggy design makes my feet look petite unlike most other trainers that are generally designed for men and splashed with prettier colours to make it look feminine.

The adidas PureBOOST X is now available in four new colours – Ray Red, Ice Mint, Footwear White and Core Black. Retailing at RM419, grab yours at adidas Sports Performance stores and at Join the adidas running movement by using #PureBOOSTX #adidasMY on your Instagram and Twitter postings!

THANX for reading this post and do drop me a line to share your thoughts on this pair of shoes. Do also head on over to the following channels to stalk me (and show some love too)!