The Westin Singapore - Hotel Review

The choice for our subsequent stay at Singapore during the Craze Ultra run was aptly The Westin Singapore. Reasons included I needed a place that was near the CBD as we had a meeting on Monday after my race, a place where I could run as my recovery run and somewhere the hubster could explore for his own makan trail. Don't kill me if I tell you that one of my post race requirements includes a nice bath tub for an ice bath.

And so my post race stay was at The Westin. The hubster checked in first while I was still  running somewhere in Singapore to complete my maiden 100 miles attempt. He tells me that the check in and all my seamless. Made his way to the room and was most tempted to jump into the bed the moment he saw the bed. I don't blame him for it because Westin's Heavenly Beds has always been a personal favourite for hotel beds. One simple recharges efficiently on it. It is not the long hours that you put in bed. Instead there is something about the comfort, scent and how it cradles you the moment you lay on it.
Welcoming and inviting room. The bed is heavenly...and the sofa is just as comfy for some reading.
A lovely welcome and a new addition to my family. Say hello to Wellie!
The Westin Singapore
And of course no trip is complete without the travelling dragon Yochana!
A simple work desk with ample charge points for me to get some work done before
my meeting post race. 
View from our room.

The choice of earthy tones, 42" HDTV and a pretty good view can be dangerous if you intend to have some exploring to do in Singapore because you might just be stuck in the room all day like how the hubster nearly did. However since it was a runcation with just one meeting on Monday, it was all good for him to grab whatever rest was necessary to help him recover fully from his flu.

That being said, there was nothing to stop him from checking out Westin's infinity pool and gym. No excuses for forgetting to pack his workout gears because there is always Westin's Gear Lending programme for USD5 that makes it so practical and easy for travellers to be able to travel light and work out without the need to lug additional workout clothes and shoes.
Gear lending comes with a tee, shorts, shoes and socks. You get to keep the socks! All for USD5 and without the hassle of packing in extra items for the trip.
The hubster sent me this on Whatsapp "See... I am running too.  The gym is 24 hours. You can have a recovery run here if it rains again tomorrow."

Needless to say that after running around Singapore for 100 miles, all I wanted was a good wash and a good bed that I could play catch up with my rest and sleep. I have always loved Westin's toiletries ever since I stayed at Langkawi. The soothing goodness of the green tea scent works wonders. A long hot shower to clean off whatever grime and sweat I had accumulated though it was really the sheer joy and relaxing private moment of clearing my thoughts of completing the race and putting behind me the tears that stained my face. All lovely and clean, I dried up and jumped into the bath tub with a box of Epsom Salt added into the cold water which I added some ice. A lovely cup of Jing tea to keep me warm and catching up with my Candy Crush for the next 10 minutes.
Simple but practically everything that a leisure or business traveller needs. Love the green tea aroma!
Spacious and inviting. Warm lights that comes in handy when one is just lazing in the bath tub but bright enough in case you want to read or surf the net while in the tub or royal throne.
Epsom salt dissolves easily even in cold water. Adding it to the ice water also bring down the temperature a little more.

I head off to bed. A restful 5 hours sleep. No effort falling asleep because it was after all the Heavenly Bed. It was raining so there goes my plans of heading out for a recovery run. No complains about the weather because it meant that I had extra time to lie in before brekkie and my meeting. Another cup of Jing tea, a little colouring while watching I can't remember what movie. Basically I was nicely relaxed, chilled and really resting well as intended.

Soon enough the tummy rumbles. The hubster says will love the brekkie. At the back of my head, I knew he was the one who wanted his porky breakfast fix. The boy absolutely adored having roast pork and bacon for his breakfast spread and Seasonal Taste at The Westin whips out a pretty mean selection!

Usual works of fresh juices, fruits and of course good eggs sealed the deal for me. A selection of nuts and gluten free options makes it even better as I was keen to refuel but be kind to my stomach that was pretty stressed out by the long race.

Nothing rushed with brekkie and even though I came down pretty late. The staffs on duty however, assured me that if there was something that I wanted from the buffet line, they will gladly replenish for me. That certainly work with me and my pet peeve of food wastage at buffet lines.
Carbs, proteins, fibre and loads of vitamins and minerals. Totally Evelyn friendly since I prefer light and vegetarian meals post races.
The hubster's no idea round number whatever of roast pork with crackling skin. He tells me he is eating rainbows with the side of roasted vegies and fruits. He is quite right there. After all Westin menus incorporate the elements of SuperFoodRx.
Absolutely yummy even if its minus the alcohol bits.
I made known that I was allergic to papain and they ran me through the menu which can sometimes includes cross contamination. In my case, they prepped my a fruit platter of my own as the ones on display included the offensive papaya. 
Pork bacon and sausages!
Brekkie from Day 1. Bacon galore if you love pork bacon!

Returned to the room. Relaxed with some colouring then snoozed a little more and I was all good for my meeting and thereafter to check out the food trail in Singapore. There was much to eat after running 100 miles (food posts to come soon).
Johanna Basford

The Westin Singapore - too much to love and certainly looking forward to staying here again after my next Singapore race. Quiet and large room, comfortable bed and smack in the middle of shopping, dining, sightseeing and in the CBD too.
A comfy lounge to just laze around while waiting for our client to pick us up to their office.
If you do intend to get a drink like we did, the Lobby Lounge offers a pretty good selection of beers, Champagnes, cocktails and wines. Remember to use your Starwood Preferred Guest membership number to save up to 20%!

The Westin Singapore:
12 Marina View, 
Asia Square Tower 2, 
Singapore 018961
+65 6922 6888  

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