Brunch at Graze, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

I love to take my time to savour my meals. Brunch at Graze, Hilton Kuala Lumpur is probably the top spot for us in town if we want to have a good meal that stretches from 9am to 3:30pm over the weekend! Comes with FREE parking too! And heads up, the prices of the items can give many cafes and restaurants a good run for their money too.

And so on one fine Saturday morning after a good run, it is brunch at Graze with the Crayzee buddies instead of our usual cafes. It is also a celebration of sorts because Ana and I completed our 100 miles. And another celebration because one can never have too many birthday celebrations!

The menu might look seemingly simple on one page but it is really a well thought menu that covers breakfast, lunch and even takes into consideration dietary preferences of folks who are vegetarian, pescatarian or carnivorous beast!

Quench your thirst with coffee, juices, tea or even coolers. RM10 for a latte, RM10 for a pot of tea, RM12 for a juice and RM15 for a cooler. I personally liked Elvin's choice of Macchineta RM20. A visual delight of having your coffee fresh on your table in a classic looking pot also known as the Moka Pot. 
Juices, cooler and coffee.
I loved the yuzu cucumber cooler. Perfect concoction to cool down and really whets the appetite!
Packs a punch in terms of flavour. Perfect if you are a sleepy head at the dining table!
I seek some zen in my pot of Fancy Sencha

It is a long brunch for us. In our case of runners coming in rungry (hungry after a run), we pretty much went through the different menu options. Some of started with brekkie and some went in straight for the savoury mains like a proper lunch. 
Orders are taken and while waiting for the chefs to whip it out, no harm checking out the pastries that are brought to you.  
Hot fresh pastries RM9. Perfect with our coffee and tea! 
My choice of blueberries were awesome. Rich flaky pastry and sweet berries.
Obviously I ordered more than one for myself. 
Lovely layers and chocolate filling for the hubster. 
Elvin and his pastry.
Swiss Bircher muesli RM18
Simple and comforting. Creamy goodness, power packed with fibre making it a good option for recovery and refuel after a workout. Love the tangy green apple for extra bite. Good on its own and if you like it sweater, there's always honey on the side. 
Ruffled egg and salmon bagel, dill crème fraiche RM18
I think it looks like a pretty garden of sorts. A warm bagel with egg and salmon makes it a lovely brunch option.
Spanish omelette, beef chorizo, onion and capsicum RM18
A paleo option on the menu too.
63°C hen’s egg in glass with sautè mushroom and white prawns RM18
Eggstastic. A must order if you love eggs. Silky white and a perfectly runny yellow served with saut
 mushroom and sweet juicy prawns. So good that it was no surprise that I had another round of it and without fail ordered it on my following visit. And because it is so good, I will not recommend this for sharing or else you might end up in a fight with your dining companion - so make them order their own!
Egg lover Ana gives the approval!
Poached egg, English muffin, sauté spinach and hollandaise sauce RM18
Another eggstastic option on the menu with perfectly sautéed spinach. Perfect execution of both poached eggs too.
Avocado, smoked chicken breast salad, sundried cherry tomatoes and mixed leaves RM18
Another great paleo option and a perfect eat clean meal packed with fibre, protein and good fats. As we all had loads of meat, we decided that this would be a good salad for sharing.
Potato frittata, Portobello mushroom, sweet capsicum relish RM35
Avis is a vegetarian and this was her choice for the mains. Golden on the outside and creamy inside. Almost like a quiche but minus the crust.
Seared Bavarian meatloaf slice, sunny side up fried egg, creamy spinach and roast potatoes RM48
Chef's Marc signature dish is highly recommended. Classic, comforting and absolutely flavourful. A dab of the spinach sauce and a slice of roast potato had my dining companion close her eyes then go "hmmmmm, it is like how one would have it at home, lots of love!".
Fillet mignon, fried egg, sauté mushrooms, olive oil toasted rye bread RM52
A darn good price for a good cut of meat. Cooked to the right doneness as per the request of the Crayzees. Ana, Elvin, Jessie and Ana opted for this. The 4 of them were happily digging into their meat, in silence and absolutely enjoying every bite of the meat. Salty and nicely grilled on the outside and tender inside. Awesome pink! 
Juicy pink meat with a runny egg on the side and fabulous mushrooms! 
The fillet mignon was a beauty that we took quite a bit of pics from the 4 servings that we ordered.
Jessie: quick take the pic. I want to dig in.
Me: OK. You dig in lah. I snap a pic of you digging in!
Milk poached hake, poached duck egg, baby spinach, sourdough bread, hollandaise sauce RM40
Pretty obvious that this was my choice. I never say no to fish, spinach and eggs especially when it is a poached egg.
Gloriously runny poached duck egg. Yes duck egg!

You can also opt for the sweet items as dessert or even have them for your main or breakfast or whatever tickles your fancy. 
Trio of fruits - Grilled Sarawak pineapple, banana tempura and apple beignets RM15
An awesome combination to help ease digestion after we went cray cray with pastries, eggs and mains.
French crêpe, stuffed with banana, almond flakes, chocolate sauce, crème Chantilly RM18
I eyed this item on the menu the moment I looked at the menu. Am glad I was not alone because one can't go wrong with crêpe, bananas, chocolates and almonds. No matter how stuffed one is, crêpes have a different section in the dessert category of the stomach!
Greek yogurt, mixed berry and Tasmanian leatherwood honey granola RM22
I love granolas for breakfast, snack and dessert. This is a perfect must have to aid digestion and also because desserts do not have to be just boringly sweet. They can be healthy too!
And if you want to call for a birthday gathering, make Graze your venue too!

Brunches are meant to be long, fun, relaxed and delicious. Grab your loved ones and pals to Graze at Hilton KL. The menu won't fail you. The staff won't fail you either. In fact, every visit to Graze has been exceptionally brilliant and memorable. This time it was a celebration of sorts for us Crayzees but I guess because we had so much fun and we all loved the food, we will be back real soon together!
My cray cray buddies:
Happy surprised birthday Ana. Congras on your 100 miles.
Congras Avis and Elvin on your akan datang wedding.
Congras on your PBs Jessie.
Thank you for being around for me Hubster!

Hilton Kuala Lumpur, 
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-2264 2264

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