Lymphatic Massage with "Fingers"

If you love a relaxing and therapeutic massage rolled into one, then check out lymphatic massages. While it is not as strong as the traditional Chinese massage 'tui na' 推拿, lymphatic massage utilises rhythmic and pressured movements that does wonders to soothe the tired body.  However, my preference for lymphatic massage is because of its instant benefits of easing water retention and rejuvenating the body whenever it feels sluggish.

I recently tried out a different kind lymphatic massage at Amara Sanctuary of Beauty and Wellness. This one uses a special tool and oil to comb the lymph nodes and its system. In the same rhythmic movements but with a somewhat deeper touch to the many nodes that I never felt before. It is akin to having fingers prodding into the body's many lump nodes. Do you know that our body has 600 to 800 lymph nodes from the size of a pinhead to a bean?
The 3 finger is used on fleshier areas like the back and thighs while the 2 finger is used on the spine and smaller coverage areas.

A little bit of biology:
Our lymphatic system relies on movement of muscles in the surrounding area to activate the collection of lymph from surrounding tissues. During a massage, pressure and strokes work at a skin level to influence the direction and speed of lymphatic flow, re-directing if necessary. The lymph is a whitish liquid flowing throughout our body inside lymph vessels, collecting waste and toxins that cannot be absorbed through the blood. This liquid is then cleaned in our lymph nodes. The cleaned lymph then returns to our blood to do its job while the toxins are then discharged after the kidney processes the waste products to be expelled from out body as urine.

The feeling was weird during the first few minutes of the massage. Thereafter it was actually relaxing. This was some massage that I was consciously aware of the lil bumps that my therapist was combing through. Inch by inch she combed through the body. On some of the more 'tensed' spots like my neck, shoulder and calves, the therapist ran through the area a few more times.

Ahhhh I could feel the aches leave my body. As the massage progressed I was getting more thirsty and had the urge to pee. Once she was done with the whole body (front and back), the session ended with a deep tissue massage of the neck and shoulders. 
Fret not because the therapist does ask whether the pressure is too strong or otherwise.

I checked my pee after the massage and I was surprised by the colour! I was actually drinking a lot of water and abstained from caffeine that week as it was my race week. No doubt the colour was an indication that the massage had helped dispel some of the toxins built up that made me feel sore and sluggish the last few days. I was advised to continue sipping warm water and to abstain from spicy and preserved food on the day of the massage. I slept like a baby for 7 hours that night (instead of my regular 4 hours). In fact, the massage left me relaxed, light and refreshed leading up to my race day. I have reasons to believe that this was also one of the reasons that allowed me to recover quickly from my 100 miles race.

Will I return for it? Priced at RM238 for 90 minutes or cheaper (if you sign up for a package of 10 or 20 treatments), I definitely will return for better health and of course relaxation. A healthier lymphatic system helps to ease water retention, eases PMS syndromes and encourages tissues to regenerate and repair itself more efficiently.

Amara Sanctuary of Beauty and Wellness is offering the Purifying Lymphatic Treatment 90 minutes at RM98 for their first time customers. Fret not about parking because there is ample parking at the multilevel parking right opposite Amara Sanctuary.

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