MIGF 2016 @ Dynasty, Renaissance KL

The name Dynasty @ Renaissance KL is famed for its porky options. After all,  not many hotels actually serve pork in Malaysia. This year, Dynasty makes a return at MIGF2016. The menu is anything but boring. 

The husbter says "Good to the eye and just as tasty in the mouth. I am sorry that you missed out on this but here are the pics for you to savour". Extremely loving hubster but from the pics, I must say that Dynasty certainly whipped out a premium Cantonese Szechuan fare this year!

The full festival menu of 4 course is priced at RM250 and RM350 with wine pairing. 
X.O. Fortune Money Bag with Bean Curd Folder
Crispy Pork Belly with Apple
Seafood wrapped in Rice Paper
A contrast of textures, colours, flavours and elements from land and sea. A balance of yin and yang. The highlight for the hubster was the crispy pork belly with the crunchy tangy green apple. 
Lobster Consommé, Morel Mushroom with Fresh Crab Meat and Sea Treasure
A crowd pleaser after all a good hearty bowl of warm soup hurts no one. Savour the natural sweetness of the luxurious seafood served in generous portions.
Braised Boneless Duck Leg, Dried Seafood and Whole Abalone
A luxurious piece of whole abalone, juicy braised duck leg - boneless to make dining fuss free; and a piece of fish maw. Eating your vegies is a colourful affair with a vibrant combination of siao bai chai, baby carrot, mushrooms and gingko biloba!
King Prawn with Ginger and Scallion, Flat Noodle
Horfun in familiar Cantonese noodle style with a big piece of King Prawn. Must say that Dynaty is definitely a must head in if you love seafood. Fresh and big pieces cooked just right!
Double Boiled Bird’s Nest and Aloe Vera in Coconut
Delish nourishment for the lungs and skin. 

Golden Potato with Egg Yolk Custard
Auspicious golden goodness with a very delicious lava of egg yolk custard.
Traditional Alkaline Cake
A pretty garden of sorts with edible flowers and fruits. Sweet but a perfect and cool end the night's indulgence.

Dynasty Restaurant,
Level 1, East Wing,
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

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