Porcini Galore @ Villa Danieli

I love Porcini. Tasty, low in calories and awesome source of protein, potassium, zinc, selenium and Vitamin B. A yummy lunch at Villa Danieli last week was a nutritious Porcini affair from the start till the end. Totally delish and honestly, I would love to return again before the Porcini promotion ends on 31 October 2016.

The menu is pretty straight forward. Available for lunch and dinner with vegetarian options too! Service is always prompt and friendly at Villa Danieli. Ran through the menu, made our pick, sat back to enjoy my choice of wine and nibbled on the breads. As usual, my advise is to go easy on the breads because they are really delicious and filling.
No frills and just plain yummy!
Not sure about you, but these breads are just calling out "eat me now".
No harm having a glass of wine for lunch especially when it is a Friday!

Honestly, I wanted to run through a few of the mains but let's not overeat and leave them for another visit before the promotion is over. Still, I must say we did pretty well for 2 of us!
Zuppa Ai Porcini RM62
A comforting soup with blended fresh porcini and a drizzle of truffle oil. 
Polenta Porcini E Fontina RM68
Creamy polenta with sauteed porcini and topped with cheese. A lovely and rather filling meal because of the polenta so I would say order it for sharing!
Vongole Saltate Con Funghi Porcini RM68
Aptly the signature dish from the Porcini menu because this dish is superbly executed and the first thing the hubster said after our meal "Let's return for the vongole".  Sautéed giant clams in white wine served with porcini and cherry tomatoes. The gravy was so good that we finished the last drop of it with the bread! 
Filetto Di Manzo Alla Rossini RM165
The hubster's obvious choice is the Black Angus beef tenderloin served with pan fried foie gras, grilled porcini, celeriac puree and beef jus. It was a good cut and naturally the hubster had his medium rare resulting a lovely juicy meal. A lovely contrast of flavours and textures yet the flavours all compliment each other.
Filetto Di Salmone Con Funghi Porcini RM115
My obvious choice! Pan fried salmon fillet served with porcini, green asparagus and saffron lemon sauce. I personally loved the fact that my salmon was served medium with a lovely crunchy skin, and lovely pink juiciness inside. 

Would it be ever possible to have a porcini overdose? I personally don't think so! 2 options of dessert on the menu and that only means that both must be savoured and appreciated. Plus I generally love bread puddings and was curious with the idea of a porcini mousse for dessert!

Mousse di Porcini e frutti di bosco RM48
 A whole serving of Porcini Mousse served with some strawberries and vanilla sauce. A hit with me but the hubster thought it was strange to have such a savoury mousse for dessert. Savoury as it was, I found myself happily eating it spoon after spoon. The whole idea behind this dessert that 

Chef Gaetano created in Dubai was to use truffle to give the dessert more body and aroma The idea was to make an aromatic dessert not a sweet dessert.  Some hints of sweetness here and there with lovely earthy flavours though I think the hubster would have appreciated it if it was served with more berries. 
Budino Di Pane Ai Porcini RM45
Porcini Bread Pudding served with Strawberry Vanilla Ice-Cream. A delightful dessert that is both hot and cold. Refreshing and slightly tangy ice cream to go with the earthy goodness of a hot and creamy porcini bread pudding. Nice yin and yang balance!

Villa Danieli
5th floor
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
T: +603 2717 9922

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