Shell Heritage Canisters

While drafting this entry, it brings back my happy memories with Shell. While it hasn't been 125 years of memories (obviously since I am not 125 years old!), Shell has been one of our favourite meeting points before we flag off for our road trips. Refuel, tyre pressure and of course stocking up on our drive tidbits! Definitely looking forward to another road trip and another memory created at Shell with the next trip being planned for Phuket (again) or perhaps further part of Thailand for my next race?
One of my favourite road trips and my very first visit to Kota Bahru.  A time challenge whereby we were not required to be the fastest car to arrive. Instead we had to adhere to all the traffic speed regulations with set rest stops (for the drivers to freshen up and refuel)
Time out for our ride and the driver. Of course I was busy stocking up on more food for me to nibble in the car!
Up next...another road trip to Phuket!

And now back to the actual post!

Shell celebrates its 125th anniversary with a range of limited edition Heritage Canisters. Colourful canisters showcasing how the Shell stations and pumps evolved over the years. These definitely go beyond decorative pieces or plain storage purposes. No doubt I used them to store my miniature cars. I also use them for my play time (yes I do play cars when I am bored - sometimes on my own, sometimes with the kids that I 'babysit'). 
My ultimate favourite use of them is as my "running money box). Races and running gears don't come cheap. So one way of not feeling the pinch when it comes to shopping or signing up for races is to keep a "running account" that I can tap into each time I need it. RM1 for 1KM. Averagely, I get to save up at least RM400 each month.

Grab them fast as these limited edition Heritage Canisters are available until 31st December 2016. A new design is released each week, and will be available at Shell stations nationwide while stocks last. So remember to refuel every week at Shell!
• The canisters are available in two sizes – mini and big. 
Big Canister: Spend a minimum of RM40 on any Shell fuel to purchase the big canisters at RM 12.90 each, which come with complimentary fridge magnets
Small Canister: Purchase Shell Select items worth at least RM6 or any Shell Select promotion and you can buy the mini canisters at RM 7.90 each.
• Limited Edition Shell Tanker and Helix Car Care Kit with designs depicting vintage Shell motor oil canisters will be available from 16 to 22 October 2016. For a minimum of RM40 on any Shell fuel customers are entitled to purchase them at RM 12.90 each. A purchase of Shell Helix HX5 3L/4L entitles customers to purchase the Helix Car Care Kits at RM12.90 each. With the purchase of the premium Shell Helix Ultra or HX7 (4L), customers will be entitled to get a complimentary Helix Car Care Kit while stocks last!
Each canister is packed in a chic black and old box.

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