Staying Connected

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Connectivity - one of my main concerns when I travel other than having a clean hot shower facility. I lost count of the number of foreign SIM cards that I accumulated from my trips. While these SIM cards come in handy to ensure online connectivity, it does annoy me that I have to miss out on the calls that are coming in to my home number. So these days, my sanity saver is to opt for data roaming so that I can still contactable on my regular phone number.

BORDERS: Beyond Books

Reading is probably what I do most other than running, eating and sleeping. Mum says I grew up as a vivacious reader laying my hands on anything that comes along the way so long as there are words for me to read including dictionaries, packaging labels or advertisements boards. As an adult, the joy of reading continues and I still spend some time at bookshops - sorry but I love the smell and the flipping action from books than ebooks. My new playground and pretty near to home is the redesigned BORDERS outlet in The Gardens Mall.

Big Durian

I love eating durians. This Big Durian post isn’t anything to do with the King of Fruits though I confess to penning this post while munching on some durian chips! I wouldn't mind some real durians too.

Christmas Ever After @ Pavilion KL

Year end draws and it is Christmas! From the tallest Swarovski Christmas tree last year, Pavilion KL once again sets the mood right with a gorgeous castle and a magical merry go round decked with 3 million Swarovski twinkling crystals. Experience the joyful spirit of Christmas Ever After with various magical activities and performances including a very cheerful Santa, childhood favourite characters Snow White, Robin Hood and Prince Charming and timeless Christmas songs.

ちらしサラダ Chirashi Salad

The grilled salmon cravings continue. This morning its a chirashi salad ちらしサラダ. A quick and simple 20 minutes to prep, cook, plate and snap a couple of pics. I love it because plating this is almost effortless.

While this is deemed more like something light for lunch or dinner, this was our breakfast today. Not too costly to make as I only paid RM6 for the salmon skin and flesh from Isetan last night. Opted for a salad as I wasn't keen on having rice for breakfast today.

• Salmon skin and flesh
• 50g almonds
• 1 teasspoon Sesame seed
• 2 kyuri / Japanese cucumber
• 1 large apple
• 1/4 lemon juice
• Black pepper and dried celery for marinade

• Rub black pepper and dried celery onto fish.
• Spray grill tray with cooking spray.
• Place fish on tray and bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 180°C. Keep an eye on the colour of the skin as you don't want it burnt.
•  Cube or slice kyuri and apple.
• Toss kyuri, apple, almonds and sesame seed with the juice of 1/4 lemon.
• Cut cooked salmon to your desired size and top the bowl of fruits and nut.
Crunch from kyuri and apples. Loads of protein from the almond and salmon. Good fats from the salmon too. A simple meal that you can prep ahead of time or bring along to work for your lunch. 

I opted for dried celery to replace salt as this vegetable is naturally salty in taste. Vegetables like celery and artichoke are naturally higher in sodium so go easy with salt when you cook with these ingredients. I normally opt for herbs to flavour my cooking instead of salt and dried celery is one of my fave ingredients to replace salt for meats and soups.

This dish is easy to replicate. Toss any ingredients that you want. If you make it with rice then you will have chirashi sushi ちらし寿司 . With my first ever Chirashi Salad done pretty successfully, I am looking forward to making more of these but with raw fish next. Something which is more practical for dinner since I can grab them from my favourite grocers after work.

Do check out an old post on how to grill salmon head the way Japanese restaurants do from the comforts of your own home - Salwagyu -->

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More Than Make Your Own Sushi @ Okonomi

No doubt that I am a creature of familiarity and comfort. So we found ourselves back in Okonomi @ Publika. One reason was I like choosing my own ingredients for the sushi and salads plus their ala carte menu is pretty interesting per se.

OSIM Sundown Marathon Penang 2016

I will end 2016's race calendar with a runcation in Penang. Asia's largest night marathon OSIM Sundown Marathon 2016 visits Penang - the perfect venue for a runcation with loads to do before and after the race including a food adventure. Lock in your calendar for 17 December 2016 for an exciting night run.

And if you find the Sundown Marathon familiar, that is because this is the popular Sundown Marathon that many Malaysians often run in Singapore. And now it is happening in Penang! This is one runcation that you can do with your whole family. The run will feature 5KM, 10KM and 21.1KM race categories. 
Date : Saturday, 17 December 2016
Venue : Open Car Park next to Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Time : 8.00PM onwards
Categories and pricing! You can enjoy a discount when you register with this code SDM2016EVELYN10
Sleep can wait. Lets run then have a makanthon in Penang! It is after all a foodie paradise!
Sleep can wait. Register now!

Registration for OSIM Sundown Marathon Penang 2016 is available now till 9 December 2016 at Register with SDM2016EVELYN10 for a discount off your registration fees.

Generous cut off times as follows:
• All 5KM Fun Run Race Categories: 1 hour 15 minutes
• 10KM Challenge: 2 hours
• 21.1KM Half Marathon: 3 hours 30 minutes

Flag off timings: (Tentative, subject to changes)
• All 5KM Fun Run Race Categories: 9.30pm
• 10KM Challenge: 10.30pm
• 21.1KM Half Marathon: 11.59pm

Register now and and do say hello during the race, OK? Do also show me some love and stalk me at the following channels.

No Sugar Baked French Toast

"French Toast"

And that's the first thoughts this morning. Food as usual and for the longest time I have not had any of it or even a real sugar free one so I decided it was time to play Chef. I wanted a baked version since I didn't fancy any oily frying on a Monday morning when I only had limited time to prep brekkie and train. I also wanted something sweet without the need for sugar too.

A quick peep into the kitchen, I had all the ingredients I needed plus a lovely bunch of bananas that Daddy bought for me. Since the cook time was approximately 45 minutes, I could easily still train while it cooked without the need for any supervision - what I deem as Evelyn friendly dish.
10 minutes prep time, 45 minutes cook time. A deliciously sweet, easy and healthy French toast.

Unlike regular baked french toast, this was more like a lasagna in concept because I like having constant flavours in my baked french toast casserole. So I poured the egg-milk-banana mix over each layer of bread.
Bread - Egg Milk Mix - Repeat

• 500ml whole milk
• 8 large eggs
• half loaf of overnight wholemeal bread (approximately 8 slices of regular bread)
•  8 ripe bananas
• 150g hazelnuts (or any nuts  or seeds you like)
• 30g pumpkin seed (optional and I added this for colour and to finish up my remaining stock of seeds)
• 2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
• nonstick cooking spray

• Whisk milk, eggs and cinnamon powder.
• Add mashed bananas to milk and egg mix.
• Spray baking dish with cooking spray. 
• Cube or tear bread.
• Layer baking dish with one layer of bread and liquid mix. 
• Continue until last layer which you can add remaining nuts (and seeds) before pouring the remaining egg-milk mix.
• Bake in oven uncovered at 180°C for 40 to 45 minutes. 
• Serve hot on its own or with any of your choice topping. It is good to be eaten on its own too.
Crisp outside and moist inside. Even flavours with every mouth since each layer here is milk-egg-cinnamon-banana-hazelnut

It is pretty magical to watch the contents puff up towards the end of the baking process. Of course the aroma is pretty crazy - I know it because I could smell it before I opened my front door. I basically left it to bake in the oven while I had a quick spin for the morning.

The recipe is kept sugar free, relying on only the natural sweetness of the bananas, milk and cinnamon. Of course if you have a sweeter tooth, by all means add the sugar that you want but you will also end up with a darker results.  Alternative, you can always top it with some icing sugar or maple syrup before serving. 

I have made a few other versions of this No Sugar Baked French Toast using coconut milk and almond milk. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries and peaches are also awesome alternatives but they are pretty costly in Malaysia.

Raisins and almonds are equally tasty. I do recall one Christmas holiday when I made this with some raisins that I soaked in rum overnight, slivered almonds and topped with toasted coconut flesh. A drizzle of rum was the perfect adult Christmas breakfast too!

Play with your favourite fruits and nuts. It can be any bread (Click for no knead bread recipe) too. What matters most is that the milk egg mix is sufficient to soak each and every piece of bread. Served hot with some fruits on the side or in my case I served it with some homemade kefir and grapes that are super sweet and cheap these time of the year (Yes, I prefer to work with seasonal fruits). This Baked French Toast casserole is a very forgiving dish!
Sugar free, no artificial sweeteners. Only the goodness of fruits and milk for that natural sweetness.

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TAPAK Urban Street Dining

We pass TAPAK Urban Street Dining almost everyday. I thought nothing of it except maybe the food smell is really pretty good but I wasn't sure that I wanted to check it out. Thanx to a horrible jam and being rungry, we ended up there. A gathering of yummy food trucks, open air and courteous diners. Of course, no doubt that this will be my regular playground real soon with a few run picnics planned and probably many dinners (suppers) too since it is the peak season for my work.

Preloved Bras

Question: How many bras do you own?
Question 2: What do you do with the bras that you don't like, don't want or don't wear?