BORDERS: Beyond Books

Reading is probably what I do most other than running, eating and sleeping. Mum says I grew up as a vivacious reader laying my hands on anything that comes along the way so long as there are words for me to read including dictionaries, packaging labels or advertisements boards. As an adult, the joy of reading continues and I still spend some time at bookshops - sorry but I love the smell and the flipping action from books than ebooks. My new playground and pretty near to home is the redesigned BORDERS outlet in The Gardens Mall.

Aptly described BORDERS: Beyond books. While some might say there’s less books, I seek to differ. 28,000 titles and 230,000 copies of with a good selection speaks well. 

A visit to BORDERS would be a family affair suitable for the whole family. Spreaded out over 7,500 square feet, warm and cozy lighting. Neatly and well thought display areas. There’s Starbucks with ample seats and friendly Baristas (this bunch are one of my faves in town), more throw around cushions for the younger ones to read comfortably and some lovely seats by the window for a view of the traffic or just reading in natural light during the day. Merchandise wise, there’s more than just books and magazines. Non books selections include stationery, RadioShack for all the digital geek, soft toys, gifts, greeting cards and little knick knacks here and there that you should pay a visit and see what catches your fancy.
A good read over a cup of coffee. 
Judy Blume: In the unlikely event
My new read...which I completed over the weekend.
Anyone wants to gift me these little friends for Christmas?
For the kids or little adults
Spacious and comfortable area for coffee, to have a good read or even catching up with some work.

Some of the friendly crew at BORDERS.

BORDERS: Beyond Books
Level 2, The Gardens Mall
(above Alexis Restaurant)
Instagram: @borders_my
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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