ちらしサラダ Chirashi Salad

The grilled salmon cravings continue. This morning its a chirashi salad ちらしサラダ. A quick and simple 20 minutes to prep, cook, plate and snap a couple of pics. I love it because plating this is almost effortless.

While this is deemed more like something light for lunch or dinner, this was our breakfast today. Not too costly to make as I only paid RM6 for the salmon skin and flesh from Isetan last night. Opted for a salad as I wasn't keen on having rice for breakfast today.

• Salmon skin and flesh
• 50g almonds
• 1 teasspoon Sesame seed
• 2 kyuri / Japanese cucumber
• 1 large apple
• 1/4 lemon juice
• Black pepper and dried celery for marinade

• Rub black pepper and dried celery onto fish.
• Spray grill tray with cooking spray.
• Place fish on tray and bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 180°C. Keep an eye on the colour of the skin as you don't want it burnt.
•  Cube or slice kyuri and apple.
• Toss kyuri, apple, almonds and sesame seed with the juice of 1/4 lemon.
• Cut cooked salmon to your desired size and top the bowl of fruits and nut.
Crunch from kyuri and apples. Loads of protein from the almond and salmon. Good fats from the salmon too. A simple meal that you can prep ahead of time or bring along to work for your lunch. 

I opted for dried celery to replace salt as this vegetable is naturally salty in taste. Vegetables like celery and artichoke are naturally higher in sodium so go easy with salt when you cook with these ingredients. I normally opt for herbs to flavour my cooking instead of salt and dried celery is one of my fave ingredients to replace salt for meats and soups.

This dish is easy to replicate. Toss any ingredients that you want. If you make it with rice then you will have chirashi sushi ちらし寿司 . With my first ever Chirashi Salad done pretty successfully, I am looking forward to making more of these but with raw fish next. Something which is more practical for dinner since I can grab them from my favourite grocers after work.

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