More Than Make Your Own Sushi @ Okonomi

No doubt that I am a creature of familiarity and comfort. So we found ourselves back in Okonomi @ Publika. One reason was I like choosing my own ingredients for the sushi and salads plus their ala carte menu is pretty interesting per se.

We return upon Chef's invitation to check out their new menu. Definitely a more playful menu that should appeal to those who prefer something more fusion. The fun of concocting your own sushi or salad is still available but do check out their ala carte menu. 
The fun of picking and mixing. Generous portion so we normally opt for regular and will grab a few options. This time, Grace chose the sushi ingredients while SY chose the salad.
Grace's choice for the maki includes wakame, pickled cucumber, salmon, mentai mayo and tobiko. A delightful mix of her favourite flavours that turned out absolutely delicious.
All of SY's favourite salad ingredients of assorted lettuce, mango, cherry tomato, avocado, sesame seed , Japanese cucumber. A dressing of wasabe mayo is served on the side as per her request.

Items from the new menu will be available in the middle of November. Like I mentioned it is a playful menu for sushi and pizza. Since there was only 4 of us, we will return on another occasion to check out the pizza.
Tempura squid with roasted garlic sauce
Addictive appetizer and recommended for sharing.
Sweet and spicy prawn roll
I personally liked the spicy options at Okonomi. This is another one that I know I will return for more. Lovely play of textures and it does remind me of nasi lemak sambal udang (prawn sambal) even though the rice is the regular sushi rice.
Smashing salmon roll
Baked sushi with my favourite ingredients of salmon, egg, cucumber and cheese.
Katsu chicken burger
Reminds me on MOS burger. Can't fault a comfting combination of fried chicken, egg, mayo, rice and sesame seeds.
Chicken karaage with waffle 
Sweet and savoury in dish. Crunchy skin and waffles with some vanilla sauce on the side. A pretty interesting combination that the hubster enjoyed though I would prefer the waffle to be more crisp outside.

We reordered my faves from the ala carte menu...
Salmon Oyakodon RM15.90
Rice burger of simmered fresh salmon, avocado,  cili padi, cucumber, tongarashi and tobiko. 
Baby Octopus Roll RM23.90
Uramaki of marinated lobster, baby octopus, Japanese cucumber, crispy coral lettuce, black sesame and mayonnaise. 

The dessert menu seemed to have shrunk but in a good way with the popular favourites being retained on the menu.
Fans of soft serve ice cream can now choose their own toppings!
Chocolate matcha lava cake
Okonomi is one of the rare place that get their lava cake right for all my visits. This is a combination of green tea and chocolate instead of their usual green tea or chocolate only.
And this is what I mean by get it right. A poke or a cut and you get a lovely lava flowing out. This combination is also perfect if you prefer something that is less sweet. The matcha chocolate sticks are still a tad too sweet for me but no worries as my dining companions happily ate them and loved them.
Ice latte
This is my must ahve at every visit. Fragrant matcha, creamy finish and unsweetened!

Each and every visit to Okonomi (invite or otherwise) has been a lovely experience. A fun and lip smacking experience. A tad modern some may say, but if the flavours do jive, no one should complain unless they are in search of a purist taste.
A4-G2-02 Solaris Dutamas 
No 1 Jalan Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 6206 322

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