Preloved Bras

Question: How many bras do you own?
Question 2: What do you do with the bras that you don't like, don't want or don't wear?

Why keep them aside somewhere in the drawer? Why even throw them away if they are in good condition. Donate them!

There's more to preloved bras these days. The folks at Neubodi are  doing it for the fourth year. A simple campaign that collects good conditioned second-hand bras. These bras will then be sent to Asha-Nepal in Kathmandu, Nepal. These bras will a medium for their start-up business in the second hand trading market as bras are considered an extreme luxury in Nepal.

And it does not end there. The bras that don't make it for quality reason will be recycled through Refuse Paper Plastic Fuel (RPF) technology, whereby the raw materials of the bra will be converted to hard fuel to power up generators in industrial areas. Isn't it amazing that our old bras also goes to reducing carbon food print and landfills?
On the day that I visited, a lady turned up with bags of preloved bras. She collected approximately 500 from her girlfriends over a tea party!
Do your bit for this campaign and send in your preloved good condition second to Neubodi at their boutiques. This Neubodi Bra Drive ends on 7th November 2016!

And if you do not have any used bras, you still have a reason to head in to any Neubodi boutiques. Have your right fitting done at Neubodi. Your bosom buddies deserve all the support! And I quote my friend Holly who shared with me "Ladies, support them properly, they definitely don't go UP as you age!".

And while you are at Neubodi, do also check out the COMFYflex Bras as well. The PINK BRA  @ RM55 designed for charity sold out within days. Not surprising because they were super comfortable but more so because with every purchase of the said bra RM10 will be channeled to Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia. The folks at Neubodi have hit their target of RM20,000 but there's no harm channeling more funds to them. Head on to Neubodi and purchase the COMFYflex Bras in Navy or Nude!

The Neubodi COMFYflex Seamless Lounge Bra is perfect for those "leave me alone" type of days. COMFYflex is a wirefree, seamless demi cup bra.  Soft and cotton-spandex material moves and molds freely around our bosom buddies without any discomfort since it is wire free. Fret not, there is still support in the form of the reinforced side panels to provide extra support and lift that your breasts deserve!
Priced at RM119, RM10 will be donated to BCWA from now until Monday 7 November 2016.

Nude colour

Available in Size S to XXL. Comfortable, with obvious support and comfort. 
Lightweight structure and wireless cups. Seamless for that perfect fit with fitting tops!

Head in to Neubodi fast. Treat your bosom buddies well, do a good deed to help other women and Mother Nature too.

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