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Connectivity - one of my main concerns when I travel other than having a clean hot shower facility. I lost count of the number of foreign SIM cards that I accumulated from my trips. While these SIM cards come in handy to ensure online connectivity, it does annoy me that I have to miss out on the calls that are coming in to my home number. So these days, my sanity saver is to opt for data roaming so that I can still contactable on my regular phone number.

While some might argue that whoever who wants to reach me should try contacting me via Whatsapp etc, in my nature of work and having a Mother who loves to call the old fashion way using the landline,  I am better off opting for data roaming from my Telco of 18 years Maxis. Gone are the days that data roaming is an expensive matter because these days, opting for data roaming means I can make and receive calls for free. And I mean unlimited International calls.

It doesn't end there because it extends also to SMS to any part of the world. Data wise, I enjoy 500MB a day when I am roaming on MaxisONE package. And if I exhaust the 500MB then I would be able to tap on my domestic quota with no extra charges. All for RM38 a day - it is convenient and affordable.

I used it recently when I was in Singapore for my first 100 miles race Craze Ultra. Utter bliss and ease of mind knowing that I can call and receive calls as in I am back in Malaysia. SMSes to my parents at each check point. Update Instagram and Facebook. Checked on Google Maps to search for McDonalds. Upload Instastories along the route. The best was being able to receive and make calls along the race without worrying about the phone bill because it was only RM38 a day.
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No complains except that MaxisONE is only available in ASEAN countries. Certainly looking forward to enjoying this feature in other countries too! For more information on this MaxisONE feature, check out

Certainly looking to travelling with my #MaxisONEWorld activated for my next race overseas!

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