TAPAK Urban Street Dining

We pass TAPAK Urban Street Dining almost everyday. I thought nothing of it except maybe the food smell is really pretty good but I wasn't sure that I wanted to check it out. Thanx to a horrible jam and being rungry, we ended up there. A gathering of yummy food trucks, open air and courteous diners. Of course, no doubt that this will be my regular playground real soon with a few run picnics planned and probably many dinners (suppers) too since it is the peak season for my work.

A pretty suitable location being convenniently located near KLCC and Ampang Park LRT with ample parking lots. Of course dining under the skies is always a pet favourite for the hubster and I. No fret about the rain because some tents will be placed when it rains, removed when the rain stops.

A good selection of food and drinks. Pasta, burgers, local eats, desserts and even Mexican flavours! Hopefully someone starts a clean eats option too. I am unfortunately a creature of comfort and familiarity so I ended up having the same but too awesomely good nasi lemak again and again! 

I will try my very best to check out the other offerings next time but you can't blame me when the nasi lemak by Barba Bros is really too good. Creamy rich and fragrant coconut rice, freshly fried anchovies and peanuts with spicy sambal topped with your choice of fried chicken, rendang or even sambal sotong. My regular will have to be the sambal sotong. This stall also tops my list because they can serve the fried egg with a perfectly runny egg (upon request and the queue isn't mad).
Love at first sight. Rich creamy nasi lemak (coconut rice) with crunchy peanuts and ikan bilis (anchovies), darn spicy sambal and delicious rendang.  It is spicy but you just want more! 
PS: Barba Bros are there on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.
I return again. Nasi lemak in my mind and it is sambal sotong again because this is definitely one of the best I have had! Mouth watering business. Spicy but of it is so good that you know you will return for more. The sambal kerang is just as good - no pics since I ran straight there for my refuel after my evening run in KLCC.

And if you are vegetarian or even a pescetarian, fret not because you have options of vegetable and cheese quesadilla. I spotted fish and chips, salmon burger and hopefully someone sells otak-otak soon.

The Sarawak Laksa is pretty good. RM6 seemed like a small bowl but it was satisfying enough. The husbter loved his nasi kukus with a twist of grilled chicken chop. There's grilled lamb etc if you want to. I love the simplicity of the original coconut shake with lovely bites of fine coconut flesh.
Rich satisfying gravy of Sarawak Laksa. Good to the last drop. There's kolok mee if you want with options of chicken and beef or both if you want to mix it up.
Coconut shake to quench the thirst and calm my tastebuds after the fiery nasi lemak
Rungry solved with a coconut shake, Sarawak laksa and nasi lemak.
Nasi kukus with grilled chicken and black pepper sauce. East meets West but tasty. It is quite a queue so make your order and your name will be called when your item is ready. Freshly prepared!

"Courteous diners". Now that is something I noted because most diners actually cleared their own tables. They cleaned up after themselves and all they needed to do was to put them into the rubbish bins. With clear signs all over, I am glad to say that this place is definitely cleaner than many food courts etc that has cleaning crews. No worries about overflowing bins because there are folks who empty the bins on a regular basis!

So what's not to love and want to return to this food truck park with good food, a lovely view, reasonably priced food and courteous diners?
Reminders at food trucks
Reminder on the table
And yes...the nasi lemak looks good. Right?
A view of KLCC, the city's lights against the dark sky

Tapak Urban Street Dining
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Landmark: beside Corus Hotel, opposite Bank of China and opposite Menara Atlan
Opens 7 days a week from 6pm to 12 midnight

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