Race Review: OSIM Sundown Marathon Penang 2016

A last minute entry but I am glad I did so - OSIM Sundown Marathon Penang 2016. Not my favourite distance but it was awesome fun running at pass midnight when I should be in bed. Of course, it being a Personal Best and shaving off some pretty good minutes from my previous HMs and PB.

Random Musings: What to do in Penang?

"What to do in Penang"

The husbter saw me googling and checking out "what to do in Penang". After all we are heading up for a short runcation this weekend for the OSIM Penang Sundown Marathon 2016. As much as I do know Penang well, having spent a bit of my childhood there I must admit that I have taken many places and food for granted. Since I was going to make this trip a runcation, I might as well draw up a to do and eat list for the sake of my hubster who dreads Penang because he doesn't understand Hokkien!

MHWH Night Run By AIA Vitality - Puteri Harbour

HO HO HO! Keep reading till the end...

The final instalment for the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run By AIA Vitality kicks off on 7th January 2017 at Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru. Choose from options of 5km, 12km or 21km course with entry fees at RM78, RM88 and RM98 respectively.

Funko POP

Funko POP makes its way to Tokyo Street in Pavilion KL. A colourful, fun and exciting collection of over 600 vinyl collectibles, collector items and live sized characters from now till 1st January 2017. Utterly adorable with their square huge heads, button eyes and tiny nose.

Getting Fitter and Healthier with AIA Vitality

Hello AIA Vitality!

Thank you for motivating me to stay healthy. And thank you for rewarding me for my efforts of keeping myself healthy. 

Ice Watch Light Up the Night Run 2016 - Race Review

My second last race for 2016 is a short 10km with Ice Watch Light Up the Night Run 2016 . Not my preferred distance but it is always good to get myself out of my comfort zone. A big thank you to The Marathon Company and Marlina for helping slot me in even though I missed the registration dateline. The relatively flat 10KM is also a good gauge of my ability to run short distances which I have been struggling with since I started training for my ultra marathons.

Ong Lai (Goh Kee) Restaurant

Finally we are at Ong Lai for dinner. Plans for this place never materialised because we often think of it on Mondays which was their off days. Finally the urges came on a right timing and day. A long day at work and the idea of a comforting Chinese meal with steam fish was definitely a delectable never mind that we knew we would be in for some traffic jam coming from our office.