Christmas In A Box

What strikes you when a mall cuts down on its Christmas decors? Cut budget? Bingo!

And that is precisely what IPC Shopping Centre is doing this year for Christmas. No 100' fancy Christmas tree with fancy lights and ornaments. A budget cut for a good and very applaudable reason. Christmas decors take a step back for something plainer and a good reason that the money will be channelled to meet the needs of 100 Malaysian families in need.

Through a crowdfunding campaign Christmas in a Box, IPC urges members of the public to join them in achieving a target of RM100,000 worth of groceries, school supplies and toys collectively to be given to these families selected by HOPE Worldwide Malaysia.

Choose from 4 gift boxes to donate:
1. Happiness Box – IKEA Toys and Arts and Craft Supplies (RM25)
2. Home Box – Groceries (RM48)
3. Back-to-School Box – School Supplies (RM120)
4. Care Box – Groceries + School Supplies (RM168)
IPC Shopping Centre
The amount is not much and I urge that each of you to contribute your share. You can always grab a few friends to share the RM168 Care Box or skip 1 fancy breakfast outing for a RM25 Happiness Box.

Swing by to the Concourse at Level G of IPC Shopping Centre. You will see a simple Christmas tree made of boxes. The donation counter manned by HOPE Worldwide Malaysia is there beside this "plain" Christmas tree until 27th December 2017. For more information head over to
IPC Shopping Centre
Make your contribution at this booth. A receipt will be issued to you on the spot. This is a tax deductible donation.
And don't be surprised to see balloons tied to your car's side mirror. Look is a reminder to swing by to the booth to do your bit for the less fortunate.

And you want to give a different kind of Christmas present to your pals or loved ones, asked if they are good to receive a gift from you in the form of a donation to this Christmas initiative by IPC Shopping Centre and HOPE Worldwide Malaysia. I am doing so for my family members.
THANX for reading. Do head on to the following channels to show some love.

Recipe: Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza

I craved pizza. I also wanted something that was flaky and rich. So birthed the crazy idea of Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza for Friday's tea time.

It was a crazy week of work this week. I barely slept 3 hours a day since last Saturday. Needless to say I wasn't eating proper meals or even eating enough so this puff pizza was probably my body's way of calling for calories needed for the weekend's mileage training and perhaps to make up for being 'starved'. So if you want something more calorie friendly, just replace this with a regular pizza dough instead.

Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club

Me: Mum, let's go for dimsum in Klang.
Mum: Klang dimsum? You mean bak kut teh.
Me: Dimsum lah but if you are not full or satisfied after dimsum, we can always have bak kut teh too.

Not many would think of Klang for dimsum. Better known for bak kut teh and seafood, Klang is actually a hidden gem for dimsum. Make pork free dimsum at Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club in one of your must try spots the next time you head in to Klang town.

Christmas Is In The Air

Christmas is in the air at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. A warm and cheerful Christmas mood complete with festive decors of hot air balloons, tall Christmas trees, reindeers and of course Santa sprinkling love, joy and goodwill.

It is a pretty magical and enchanting feel with dazzling reindeers Dasher and Dancer with Rudolph grazing close by near the Pavilion Crystal Fountain. Cheeky elves and gorgeous Christmas trees await at the Spanish Steps. A captivating feel and it is picture perfect everywhere!

Justice League @ DC Cafe

My Justice League experience is pretty much done and dusted. Movie, merchandise and even a lunch. But because the noms were much better than the movie (sorry but it was just too haphazardly messy for me), I know I will return to DC Cafe again (as usual). Hopefully some of the items make it to the regular menu too.

Hello Marché Mövenpick!

Marché Mövenpick
Marché Mövenpick opened in Pavilion KL. I kick myself that I didn't know that it is now opened so close to my workplace. I missed this restaurant ever since they closed down at their old place. In their new home, Marché Mövenpick is just as delicious and enjoyable if not better.

Malatra Endurance Run 2017

Ending 2017 with a 24-hour loop road running endurance race - Malatra Endurance Run 2017. I had much fun running in a similar one last year that I knew that I just have to do this run. Once again, this will be a fund raiser for a NGO body.

Recipe: Doggie Meatloaf / Happy 14th Barkday Shalom!

Happy 14th barkday Shalom! Kiddo Shalom turned 14 yesterday. A little outing for her before we celebrate later this month with her classmate Cleo. We intended it to be meatloaf picnic for her. Homemade of course like most of her treats.

Queen's Baton Relay

Queen's Baton Relay
An honour and definitely an experience of a lifetime to be a participant of the Malaysian leg for the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) earlier today. Perfect blue skies was definitely a reminder of all my good times in Gold Coast especially when I ran the Gold Coast Airport Marathon for 10km and full marathon (twice). A bucket list to return for another round of Gold Coast Marathon and an ultra marathon next year.

Race Review: Tayaria Run 2017

running in a saree
Tayaria Run 2017 wasn't quite a race for me as I intended it to be a fun run in a saree. Basically putting my Kerala shopping to good use plus I had a night race the night before. And no doubt after SCKLM2017's friendship run, I discovered that I actually did enjoy running in a saree!

Race Review: AXA Hearts In Action Run 2017

Running for a cause is definitely fun and satisfying. Spent a Sunday morning running a gorgeous route of rolling hills at MAEPS, Serdang for the third edition of AXA Hearts In Action Run 2017. Sunny skies, a cool breeze and running through the very green Agro park with visible morning mist was definitely one of the best runs I have had this year.

LEGO Ninjago Challenge

Calling LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE fans. The LEGO® NINJAGO® Challenge event comes your way from now until 8 October 2017 at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. A fun filled event for both old and young including meet and greet with the live size characters Kai, Jay and Llyod.

Moonriver Lodge

Moonriver Lodge

Moonriver Lodge - Our Check Point 3 during the recent Coast to Coast race was described as a 6 stars stop for us and it certainly did tickle my curiosity. Had a quick glance of it online and I must say that after approximately 150km and 2 other CPs that were basic shelters and one (almost closed - bloke waited till he has served us some stuff that we bought from him) rest stop, Moonriver was definitely 6 stars complete with clean toilets, hot water shower and soft comfy beds.

Lemony Tuna Pasta

In a bid to clear the fridge and larder (yes I am still trying to clear them) plus a need to carbo load for the weekend's training menu, I decided on Lemony Tuna Pasta. I have no idea how I ended up with 12 lemons in the fridge, 11 cans of tuna and heaven knows why so many bags of pasta when I only need to feed 2 humans at home.


Get ready for a night of fun with splashes of colours. Dance, walk and run through different themed ultraviolet music zones while being splashed with ILLUMI Glow Water presented by MPI Generali Insurans Bhd. Lock your calendars for Saturday 13th January 2018 along with 8,000 other runners! You also can stay back after the run for a music festival!

Madam Kwan: Her Untold Story & Beloved Recipes

The name Madam Kwan will make you salivate. Running through your mind right now could be curry laksa, nasi lemak, nasi bojari, beef rendang, petai prawns. For your sanity, head in to Madam Kwan's for your meal after this and if you love cooking, then make sure you grab a copy of Madam Kwan's book.

Happy Birthday Malaysia - Jom Makan at Makan Kitchen

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree

Happy 60th birthday Malaysia and Malaysians!

I am celebrating 60 years of independence with a runcation from Perak to Terengganu as a crew and pacer for Coast to Coast (will story later when I am home but you can follow my updates on Instagram). And if you are celebrating the long weekends in Kuala Lumpur, head over to Makan Kitchen in Double Tree for a food trail of Malaysia. An utterly delicious affair that I would love to return for another take once I am back home. I do have until 16 September (Malaysia Day to enjoy the feast!). There is also the option of daily dinner too in case you are away during the weekends like me.

FREEBIES: JBL Fun Run 2017

5km fun run! Yes, I do enjoy shorter fun distances too especially when I know it is a distance that I can have the company of my not hardcore running pals, music loving ones and most of all, my lil troopers! Join me for an evening of fun during JBL Fun Run 2017 on Saturday 30th September 2017 at Shah Alam. A very fun 5km with loads of music and activities including games and yummy food trucks!

Cancer and Immunotherapy

MSD Blogger Workshop
You don’t need cancer to be affected by cancer. 
You can have cancer and not look like you have cancer.

It is a yoyo feeling when you see friends or loved ones battle cancer. Some win the battle, some lose it. And having been a caregiver the last few years makes cancer a pet topic and ongoing concern for me.

Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

Char Kuew Teow @ Restaurant 友记 N-Kee

I busted my detox schedule because my mind and dreams over the weekend were all about CKT CKT CKT that Darren and Wijay both shared last week. So after this morning's training and meeting, I knew I had to have my char kueh teow or risk not sleeping properly. And off we went to have my cravings satisfied at a kopitiam Restaurant 友记 / N-Kee in Ara Damansara.

Hard Rock Cafe Crowd Favorites

No visit to Hard Rock Cafe is ever boring. There is always a rockstar to tickle one's taste buds. And a recent visit revealed a new menu with limited-time menu making its way to being a permanent feature. And what makes it extra awesome for me personally is seeing some vegetarian items on centre stage! Carnivorous creatures like my hubster too took delight with some very meaty items.

Sunday Steak Sandwiches Recipe

Sundays are meant to be easy days. No hard and fast rule about meals. It is also the day that I get to play around in the kitchen a lot more when inspiration hits a note or two. The recent weekend's Sunday Steak Sandwich came along because I was having the urge to clear the fridge and because I craved a sandwich.

Gin Rik Sha - A Spicy Affair


Reasons to visit Gin Rik Sha in Bukit Damansara:
• It is along my running route.
• A lovely spicy menu including some seriously good spicy dishes.
• I miss Kerala and this has the best shrimps outside Kerala.
• It whips out serious, no nonsense cocktails.
• The positive vibes from the staff.

Runcation: Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL

Global Running Day @ The WESTIN KL

...and the post "5 ways to wake up for a 5am run" by Men's Health Magazine reminded me of the morning that the hubster woke up at 4 plus so he could run with a bunch of us for Global Running Day hosted by The Westin KL.

While it is a norm for me to have my 5am run or training so that I can make it to office on time. While it was like any other day for me on 7th June, it was tad more fun and meaningful logging in my morning miles with many pairs of happy 2 feet and for a darn good cause with RM10 to the National Kidney Foundation for every kilometre that the media and guests ran on Global Running Day.

Kenny's Food Cart

Love porridge? Then a visit to Kenny's Food Cart is a must. And a new reason to head in to Kenny's Food Cart is because they now have a lovely new home in Aman Suria where you can pop over for lunch and dinner plus a bigger menu too.

Linkin Park: The Ride

I grew up Linkin Park. The hubster himself too. And last week wasn't quite a happy one for many of us as we woke up to Chester Bennington death. Catch MTV’s The Ride from now till Thursday 27 July 2017  as they pay tribute to the life and legacy of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

Comedy Central: Stand-Up Asia Season 2

Bigger, better and funnier. Catch Comedy Central: Stand Up, Asia! Season 2. Guaranteed to make you laugh till you have a belly ache with a line-up of 16 of the funniest and boldest Asian comedians from around the globe. And that is a good work out for the abs without having to hit the gym or even sweat buckets.

Run Review: Bandar Rimbayu Run With Me 2017

I am back running in races and events. Kicking off the long rehab and layout with a very delicious and fun Run With Me 2017 at scenic Bandar Rimbayu.

4 Places to Dine in KL if You Love Barbecue

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria
Cancel your dinner plans this weekend because you’re going on a trail of some of the best barbecue joints in the Klang Valley. From humble stalls in hidden alleys dishing out simple but authentic Japanese charcoal barbecue to authentic Texas-style smoked brisket, nothing beats the pleasure of tucking into a serving or two (of three!) or beautifully seasoned, perfectly charred, fork-tender beef, lamb and more.

2017 - Time Flies!

Hello July. Hello Q3! 

They say time flies. I must say I agree. In the blink of an eye, it is already the second week of July. While the usual works of eat, sleep, work, train, repeat is pretty much the tune for 6 months, my life took a turn for the better. I signed up for a simple RM10 programme that made me more aware of my fitness journey and quest for a healthier life.

9 Hours Movie Marathon with Systane

Join me for a movie marathon for 9 hours with Systane on 20 July 2017. Do not roll your eyes and think that your eyes will go all dry and tired from the movies or being exposed to bright lights for 9 hours.

AXA Hearts In Action Run 2017

Lock in 24 September 2017 for AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017. A run by AXA AFFIN Malaysia to raise cash contributions to four (4) non-profit organisations (NGOs) in Malaysia including: WWF-Malaysia, National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO), National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and World Vision Malaysia (WVM).

Recipe: 2 Minutes Gordon Ramsay Scramble Eggs

no milk Gordon Ramsay scramble eggs
Comforting and pretty good looking one in my books would be scrambled eggs. And having seen how easily it can be cooked and testing my own skills with the following recipe that I saw Gordon Ramsay whip out in mere minutes, no cafe or restaurant should screw up scramble eggs.

Goats in Kochi

Goat crossing the road
My first Whatsapp to my parents as soon as I explored Kochi was "Daddy tell Mummy there are goats. So many goats in Kochi. I like to pet them all😁."

Easy Brioche Recipe

No knead brioche
 I have been having brioche urges. More to eat than to bake because while making brioche is pretty easy, it does take quite a bit of time and I don't have the patience that my running baking pal Patrick has with breads and pastries. 

SCKLM2017 - 10KM Race Review

Guest post by a good running buddy Puteri Farah who ran the 10km category for SCKLM2017. Go stalk her and her awesome team mates Kyserun Krew I will follow up with a Full Marathon soon.

Hello runners! As you know, this is the 9th year for SCKLM and my third time joining. This year I ran in the 10km leisure category. Here's a quick recap:

Venue Change - Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality 2017

Do take note that the 2017 Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality, which was originally scheduled to be held in Dataran Putrajaya, has now been moved to the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (or MAEPS).

P.S.P King of Forest 2017

Calling out to nature lovers and trail running folks. If you have nothing lined up on Sunday 16 July 2017, then make P.S.P King of Forest 2017 your itinerary. A fun filled, fresh air and eye opener run at Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi awaits you.