Run Review: Bandar Rimbayu Run With Me 2017

I am back running in races and events. Kicking off the long rehab and layout with a very delicious and fun Run With Me 2017 at scenic Bandar Rimbayu.

Being a fun run and a rather small one of 2,000 runners, this run is highly recommended. Ample parking space and refreshments throughout the run and post run makes this a suitable run for both newbies and seasoned runners. And because Bandar Rimbayu is a township complete with many green areas, this made the run suitable for the whole family with some parents running alongside their kids or pushing the younger ones in strollers. Many stayed back after the run to enjoy the surroundings too. Wished I could do the same but I had to rush off to the Spartan race in Putrajaya.
Always fun to bump into pals at runs. Elvin and Avis are my long time running buddies who even went down to Singapore to keep me company during the night leg of my race.
The Raya mood continues...
Lovely spot for a post run chat or even a picnic.
In a rush to head off for the Spartan Race but nothing to stop me from having my stretches done and some pics snapped with Ellie!

Slightly under distanced at 9.71km but it was nevertheless a very enjoyable route that I am hoping to return to run as a race or even part of training. A fast and flat route with the only elevation as we climbed the ramp heading for KM9.
Clearly marked and accurately distanced markers were placed every one KM. Runners were given clear briefing on the run route before flag off. Clear instructions included information where water, fruits etc were located. There was also a band playing at KM6 making it a very festive run of its own.

The water stations were well manned. Drinks were ready for runners. Friendly crews at each stop. Fruits were available at KM4 and KM7 providing a good and healthy source of energy to the runners. A very cool morning with slights threats of rain but it didn't quite visit Bandar Rimbayu until I finished my run. It was such a perfect cool Sunday morning with gentle breeze every now and then coupled with a very beautiful view of the sun rising.

Runners were also briefed to collect their ribbons at KM5 and the collection of items for them to form a happy family with other runners to be entitled for the RM50 registration fees. Congrass to the first 200 who ran fast enough because they went home happy with a goodie bag and a PUMA cap. Honestly, Bandar Rimbayu Run With Me is one of the cheapest runs in town for RM50  which entitles runners to a pair of PUMA socks, PUMA event tee and yummy goodies post run! A buffet of local fruits was simply a perfect and healthy feast!
Isn't that a gorgeous egg yolk sun for a nice cool Sunday morning run?
Bananas along the run. These are good source of energy and packed with potassium to
help prevent cramps.
Opt for water or Lucozade with more than enough for veryone.
These boys were amazing. I couldn't help but stop and applaud them when they finished a number aas I ran pass them at KM6.
Clear signages along the route. 
Congrassss folks! They were the first 200 to cross the finish line and basically earned back the RM50 registration fee they paid.
Post run refuel with fresh coconut!
And a fruits buffet too! Absolutely fruitilicious!

Since this was my first race proper after being rested out, I took it easy. Started from the back of the crowd after a spectacular fire show and ZUMBA warm up. Obviously it meant that I had to walk a few hundred metres upon flag off but it was all good since this was a fun run for me to test the legs. 

It was definitely a good Sunday run for me. Everything went according to game plan at an average 6:31 pace with the first 5km for warm up before picking up the remaining 5km on negative splits to gauge how my knees would feel:
KM6 - 6:19
KM7 - 6:11
KM8 - 6:23 (the horror of having to pull over to relace my shoes😫)
KM9 - 6:03 
KM10 - 5:59
Completed @ 1:02:34 which I wasn't the happiest but pretty stoked considering that it is an easy Sunday run. 
One of the prettiest medal I have received thus far. The hashtag #RunWithMe is also one of my all time favourite ones that I have been using of my IG. Putting both together, I think I will put this medal to another use...perhaps as a charm for my training bag.

There is nothing to complain as far as this race is concerned. Affordable, well organised and absolutely fun! If at all any changes are to be made for next year, perhaps having timing chips would be a good idea and perhaps offering 5km options for younger kids or even 21km category for those who want to run further.

I didn't carry my phone with me but the pics in Rimbayu's #RunWithMe 2017 should give you an idea just how fun the run was. For more information, you can also visit

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Recipe: 2 Minutes Gordon Ramsay Scramble Eggs

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Comforting and pretty good looking one in my books would be scrambled eggs. And having seen how easily it can be cooked and testing my own skills with the following recipe that I saw Gordon Ramsay whip out in mere minutes, no cafe or restaurant should screw up scramble eggs.

Goats in Kochi

Goat crossing the road
My first Whatsapp to my parents as soon as I explored Kochi was "Daddy tell Mummy there are goats. So many goats in Kochi. I like to pet them all😁."

Easy Brioche Recipe

No knead brioche
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Venue Change - Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality 2017

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P.S.P King of Forest 2017

Calling out to nature lovers and trail running folks. If you have nothing lined up on Sunday 16 July 2017, then make P.S.P King of Forest 2017 your itinerary. A fun filled, fresh air and eye opener run at Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi awaits you.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis - pronounced ank-kih-low-sing spon-dill-eye-tiss. Pronouncing it is already hard enough. Imagine a whole lifetime with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). There is only meds to slow down the effect and hopefully diagnosis in the early stages. And too often diagnosis is a little too late.

Sensodyne - Pledge No to Sensitivity

I took a pledge last week. Saying no to sensitive teeth with Sensodyne. Saying yes to the freedom of being able to eat cold or sour food without having to go through some painful shudders or sharp pain.

Banana Bread - Mad Scientist Style

Banana bread? Banana cake? To be honest I think there is probably a fine line between them two but I can't figure it out despite reading up a little too much for my own good. However, say what one likes or want, the aroma of banana bread / cake baking in the kitchen evokes a happy feel and tummy rumbles. And if you baked with the kitchen windows open and front door open like I did, then be prepared to offer them some if you happened to catch them looking at your direction. In my case, I didn't dare offer until I took a bite and was sure that my mad scientist version based on feel and whatever memory turned out good.

Heroes at Heart

Today I met a few of our local heroes. Our local boys who showed us that determination and hard work brings us places. Heroes At Heart by Pavilion KL celebrates the achievements of Malaysians Qobin Mokhtarrudim, Shahrom Abdullah and Muhammad Irwan Yusoff Abdullah for their recent accomplishments in completing the 111-kilometre skiing expedition to the North Pole with the Malaysian Seven Continents Exploration Club (KE7B).

It’s car shopping season again. We are looking for a new daily ride (not to replace our wedding car though) to ferry the little troopers to and fro school and run everyday errands. Although I’m not looking for anything fancy, I still get a headache when I think of having to peruse car reviews and brochures, visiting car dealerships, making a budget blah blah blah. The last time we purchased a car, it took us more than 2 months before shortlisting a few rides for viewing.

RM5 Coffee - Room 203 Living Platform

No kidding! It is RM5 for a good cup of coffee

RM5 coffee, black or white. Nothing wrong with your vision nor mine. And that very sign made me hit the emergency STOP. Apparently Room 203 Living Platform has been operating in a simple, no frills hut outside the Bank of China and RHB along Jalan Ampang.

PappaRich RM9.90 Lite Meals

So I went away for 2 weeks plus to Kerala, India. Technically the longest time I spent away from the hubster since we were married 15 years plus ago. I did some food prep for him at home but most days he had to eat out. Plenty of eateries in our neighbourhood and with PappaRich being one of the recently opened ones, it was no surprise that he happily parked himself there for a meal or two and tagging me of my comfort food of toast, kaya, eggs and iced white coffee when I was nowhere near anything like that.

Ankylosing Spondylitis - #MOVEwithAS

Ankylosing Spondylitis

A mouthful to pronounce isn’t it? Living with it would be even harder.
Those 2 words made me stop what I was doing. I listened and I went on to read up a little on Ankylosing Spondylitis or also known as AS:
• An autoimmune inflammatory disease of the spine.
• A form of arthritis often affecting people since adolescence.
• Irreversible damage that significantly reduces patients’ mobility and quality of life.
• AS occurs in approximately 1% of the general population and typically affects young men and women in their teens and 20s.
• AS affects more males than females with an approximate ratio of 2:1.

Kerala - God's Own Country

നമസ്കാര namaskaram!

15 days covering over 1,500km around Kerala, India. I bring home with me fascinating postcard memories of cuisine, culture, panaromic sceneries and most of all the lovely people of Kerala.
I am grateful for the memories in Kerala. A tick off my travel and runcation bucket list. Not possible without the votes that I have received from all who took the time off to vote for me to pakai sari, makan kari dan lari (wear a saree, eat curry and run in my National language Bahasa Malaysia) in Kerala. A trip of a lifetime with 28 other bloggers from 28 other countries went by too fast. From strangers to being friends and buddies, it is amazing how we all bonded over 15 days in our funky bus.
The comfortable and funky looking bus that we travelled in over 15 days.

Running in a saree pics made possible thanx to my roomie Carla Mota who's a darn great photographer and who I picked up many travelling tips too. Shalini from Neeleshwar Hermitage - thank you for agreeing to help dress me up at 630am while your working hours only starts at 8am. And thank you Shalini for being so thoughtful to bring along the inner skirt and blouse in anticipation that all I would only have bought just the saree cloth.
Running in a saree wasn't easy. It grew heavier as I got wet from sweating and the sea water. It amazes me how the women wearing saree go about doing their daily chores in it while looking so good and graceful in it.
നദി Thank you Shalini

And this post is not complete unless I share with you the song Kuttanadan Punjayile - Kerala Boat Song with its very catchy chorus. Pretty much the official song that we were all singing too during Kerala Blog Express Season 4. Thi thi thara thi thi thei thi thei thaka thei thei thom. Thi thi thara thi thi thei thi thei thaka thei thei thom.

Back home in Malaysia, sinking back into the reality of working and training for my next race. Stay tuned as I share more pics and thoughts of the amazing trip. And a special mention and thank you to the following brands who made my trip to Kerala seamless and comfortable.
SilkAir for flying me to and fro with all the comforts that a traveller needs.
Maxis for ensuring that I was able to keep up with my social updates throughout the trip.
For more updates on this trip and what my trip mates are updating:

Thank you once again for the votes and do continue showing me love at the following channels:

Being A Child (Again) in Kerala

Me: Happy burpday Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Daddy: How is Kerala treating you?
Me: So much fun that I feel like a child again.
Daddy: It is OK. That is how life should be.

Waste Bottle School in Kumarakom

Today as we explore Kumarakom in the state of Kerala, India, ABM Government UP School caught our attention at the end of our visit the local villages by the river bank. Vibrant and colourful like how all schools should be, this one stood out because of its walls. Walls made of waste / plastic bottles.

My Experience During PowerKids By Kieran Goh

As I walked to the starting line, I was told to stay in the back to avoid heavy traffic. We did the warm-up,and got in line. We were informed of the rules,and we got ready. As I went off, people started getting further apart and I started overtaking other runners. I was overtaken by a few people later, but I got through transition (where you get your bike and start cycling) fairly fast.

Fitbit Flex 2: Stylish and Water Friendly

When Fitbit announced that they have a water baby in the family I jumped for joy. At last I am able to track my water workouts that I use to supplement my run training and as a form of cross training. Hello there Fitbit Flex 2! Welcome to my Fitbit family of a Surge and Charge.

SpongeBob Run Malaysia 2017

SULK! SpongeBob SquarePants and friends are heading to the first ever SpongeBob Run in Malaysia and I will be travelling elsewhere! I am terribly upset that I will be missing out on this fun run and carnival happening at Setia City Park on Sunday 26 March 2017.

W2 Coffee Co

latte and nasi lemak
"You must go try the nasi lemak at W2. The coffee is very good too." Imagine this being said a few times over lunch... and again and again when we met up a few weeks later for a meeting. Now how was I going to give W2 Coffee Co a miss especially when I love both nasi lemak and coffee?


If its not some nut butter then it will be Nutella spread on my bread, crackers, mixed with my overnight oats or eaten on its own from a spoon. You can call me a Nutella monster and I really don't mind it at all. And it gets even more fun and tasty when it is from a personalised jar of this delicious hazelnut spread which you can now during the #NutellaMessenger campaign.