CNY Prawn Avocado Salad

And the FAQ Frequently Asked Question that I received for this year was "What are you going to cook and / or eat for the CNY reunion dinners this year?". The answer is pretty simple - yee sang. However, that will only mean more questions being flung at me. So the last few reunion gatherings has been a simple prawn avocado salad when it was potluck style.  Simple, quick, nutritious and the main ingredients have an auspicious Chinese New Year meaning to it!

Savvy Duty Free Shopping

Duty free shopping...yay or nay?

For me, I love the savings from duty free shopping. I also love the travel editions that sometimes are practical and of course for novelty reasons. Perusing through the duty free catalogues while on air is a good way to while away flight time. Walking through the airport scouring for duty free bargains is also a good way to burn some calories and get blood going in the legs after hours of sitting down.

Carbo loading with Fruits

Strange as it may be, I love fruits and nuts as part of my carbo load meal before a race. Even when I was running 100km over a weekend as part of my preparation for Craze Ultra or for that matter any endurance run, I love the juicy goodness of such meals that works to nourish and hydrate the body. And there's more to carbo loading than just stuffing our faces with bananas!

Rise to Opulence with Pavilion KL

CNY calls for bright and rich colours. Pavilion KL is all decked in a glamourous play of red and gold. Auspicious and prosperous with the largest phoenix replica at the mall's iconic Centre Court.

Breathtaking view from whatever angle or floor that you are at. And if you are wondering why a phoenix, this is to be the year where the humble rooster transforms into a majestic phoenix, rising into sky, full of pride and beauty. Take a walk under the magnificent phoenix to enjoy a year of opulence and good fortune!

Race Review: MPI Generali Run 2017

MPI Generali Run 2017 @ 1:03:43. Not too shabby for my first race for 2017 considering I was chatting away or making traffic announcements along the race. A very well organised race that has grown bigger and better ever since I first ran in it in 2013.

Woof of PAWS Street

It hurts to see the number of strays on the street. And it breaks my heart to know that many strays are put to sleep (in other words killed) because there are so many of them running around. And I certainly look forward to the day that these furkids can have a forever loving home or a comfortable shelter to call home.
PAWS UP! Malaysia’s first shelter community project by two animal lovers em-“barks” will be putting up their second  photography fundraiser for the shelter dogs series entitled “Woof of PAWS Street” The first round entitled “Paws Up! Meow Around the City in collaboration, Zungz Photography raised RM10,000 through the auction of 13 photographs.