Race Review: MPI Generali Run 2017

MPI Generali Run 2017 @ 1:03:43. Not too shabby for my first race for 2017 considering I was chatting away or making traffic announcements along the race. A very well organised race that has grown bigger and better ever since I first ran in it in 2013.

Took this 10km easy as I am in taper week for next week's full marathon. Flagged off at 7am sharp. As I planned to take this easy, I stood somewhere at the back with buddies Pat, Elisha and Gerhard. Reckoned that I crossed the timing mat somewhere around 35 seconds or so.

However, what I didn't expect was runners walking within 10 metres of them crossing the start line. I wasn't keen in doing too much zig zag uphill or at the start of a run so I patiently shuffled until the top of the slope and then it was easier to run on the right side of the lane. I reckon many decided to take the inner lane coz its shorter?

Kept on an easy pace, looking out for familiar faces. The first being Carol and as it went on, more familiar faces. Chatted along the way with familiar pals and of course greeted the volunteers, Rela members, marshalls and cops. They too woke up early to support this run so a friendly thank you was in order!
TPRC running and food buddies Patrick, Elisha and Gerhard.

A little of traffic announcements as some ran outside the cone and paid no heed to oncoming traffic. And some were clueless of traffic coming from the back as well. I assume they had zoned out or in a few cases, earplugs was blasted too loud?

The weather was good with pretty marshmallow or ice cream skies as Damien calls them. Skipped all 4 water station (the 4th was actually the 1st water station). A tad thirsty but bearable till I finish my run and again this was putting to practice my water stops to start only after 10km.

The overall route wasn't exactly flat neither was it a sharp hilly one. Let's just call it with rolling hills except for the start. Elevation gain of 254 metres making it a lovely route that gave the legs a chance with gear change. Like 2 random runners that I chatted with "Uphill we drop gear. Downhill we free gear" and which was precisely what they did in our last kilometre after we cleared the timing mat at the Sultan of Selangor's palace.
Marshmallow skies. Pic by Damien Cheah.
A familiar route in general and definitely loads of fun!
Chataton pace was fun!

As we approached the last 300m or so, it was good to hear music from the race village. Even better still was seeing the photographers snapping away. The last 20 metres for me was seeing Carol and Patrick sitting at the side of the road waiting for a few of the RAFFF buddies to return. Crossed the finish line and it was a slow 50m or so jog to receive our runners entitlements of water, banana and medal. Very friendly bunch of volunteers who congratulated everyone that passed them.
Running is fun, thus the big smile!
Congras Rafina!
Lord Barkley and KuanWin in his signature shark costume. Say NO to sharks fin.

I made my way to retrieve my luggage bag from the baggage tent and spent some time stretching while chatting with other runners. Loads of yummy scents to fill our tummies including corn, kacan putih, popcorn, milk and cereal...and of course the good old fashion must have cup of cold Milo from the Milo truck!
Gerhard and Elisha had ice cream for breakfast!
A friendly clown at the finish line...
Of course I needed a pic with the friendly clown too!

MPI Generali Run 2017 was definitely a good start to 2017's running calendar. Can't wait for 2018 to come and to hopefully kick start next year with  MPI Generali Run 2018 on 13 January 2018! Yes lock in your calendar for your first race next year!

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