Woof of PAWS Street

It hurts to see the number of strays on the street. And it breaks my heart to know that many strays are put to sleep (in other words killed) because there are so many of them running around. And I certainly look forward to the day that these furkids can have a forever loving home or a comfortable shelter to call home.
PAWS UP! Malaysia’s first shelter community project by two animal lovers em-“barks” will be putting up their second  photography fundraiser for the shelter dogs series entitled “Woof of PAWS Street” The first round entitled “Paws Up! Meow Around the City in collaboration, Zungz Photography raised RM10,000 through the auction of 13 photographs.

This second series will feature 20 of man’s best friend. Shot by Kim Mun, whose works has graced many local as well as International magazines and also print commercials for Malaysia, China and Vietnam. head in to RUYI & LYN in Bangsar Shopping Centre on Monday 9 January at 7pm for an evening of cocktail and partake in a “competitive compassion” where the photographs will go to the highest bidder. The proceeds will of course benefit PAWS Animal Welfare Society.

As part of this cause, cocktail sponsor Ruyi & Lyn, printer and framers- Colorific Printers, Creative Design Agency - Option 5, Extreme Limousines and GoBear Malaysia generously sponsored their time and resources toward the cause.

• 9th January 2016 from 6pm -11pm 
• Ruyi & Lyn,
4th Floor 
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
• RSVP by January , 5th 2016 to