Fitbit Flex 2: Stylish and Water Friendly

When Fitbit announced that they have a water baby in the family I jumped for joy. At last I am able to track my water workouts that I use to supplement my run training and as a form of cross training. Hello there Fitbit Flex 2! Welcome to my Fitbit family of a Surge and Charge.

And if you are wondering why do I need 3 Fitbits? Well let's say Fitbit is a part of my healthy lifestyle quest. It helps me keep track of my sleep, dietary and training. And being a typical girl, my choice of Fitbit each day is based on my training and vanity needs!

So why should you Fitbit Flex 2? Here's my reasons (and along the way, review of the Flex 2):
• Lightweight and slim at only 17g
It is so light that you won't even feel that you are wearing a fitness tracker and nothing big in your face like a fitness watch.

And because it is much slimmer than my Surge or Charge, I find it perfect to wear it to sleep too for me to track my sleeping habits.
The slimmest Fitbit tracker
2 band sizes are available in each box of Fitbit Flex 2

• Swim Proof
At last a Fitbit that I can wear to shower, swim or play in the rain! Water resistance up to 50m makes it practical for swim and/or deep water running days. The Fitbit Flex 2 is an intelligent little one who pretty much picked up that I was swimming on my very first swim.

3 steps to go about ensuring that the Flex 2 recognised that I was swimming and recorded the correct distance:
One - I set my pool length at the dashboard.
Two - Swam for 10 minutes with zero break. Of course if you need to break a few seconds to drink or rest that is fine, but nothing more than 1 minute.
Three - After a couple of days of doing step one and two, my Flex 2 was giving me pretty accurate results of each swim.

However, if you are swimming with a kick board or a noodle then the Flex 2 will not be able to record accurately as it reads your arm movement.

Do also keep your choice stroke consistent. Whether it is freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly, keep you style constant for the first few sessions for Flex 2's SmartTrack to "familiarise" itself with your swim strokes. Do not change strokes in the middle of the swim. Once that is sorted out, you can always grab a one minute break or so in between your change of strokes.

For more information on the swimming tracking and settings:

Swim Missy Swim
Splash Missy Splash

• Communications
Nope I do not talk with my Flex 2! The Fitbit Flex 2 is a good notification gadget that informs me of my incoming calls or messages on my handphone. Perfect especially when I have a no gadgets on the dining table rule at home or when I am charging my phone elsewhere.

Call notifications: The Flex 2 will display a blue light and four white lights and vibrate twice while the phone is ringing. To dismiss the call notification, you can double-tap the tracker!

Text Notifications: Flex 2 vibrates once and shows one blue light and one white light when a text message comes in.

• Move Missy Move
While I do chalk up plenty of steps (Averagely 20,000 a day on my run days), I am guilty of being quite sedentary during my office hours, moving only because I need to refill my cup or visit the little girls' room. The Flex 2 will vibrate twice with one magenta light and two white lights lighting up to remind me to move based on my settings that I should undertake at least 250 steps each hour between 10am to 5pm on weekdays.

To see the daily steps progress, simply tap twice on the Flex 2 or have a glance at the Fitbit dashboard on the mobile phone. Each white light represents 25% of the goal. All lights will flash  and Flex 2 will vibrate when I achieve my goal. A flashing green light and four white lights means I have progressed beyond my goal.
Reminders to move in the dashboard

• Sleep Missy Sleep
And one my favourite feature of the Flex 2 (and Fitbit in general) is that it helps me track my sleeping quality. I am a light sleeper, an insomniac and I generally survive well on 3 hours of sleep each day. Good in a way since I can do more but not healthy.

However, since I started wearing a Fitbit, sleep is getting more regulated using the notification and sleep schedule functions. By 11pm, I will be given a notification with a vibration reminding me to start winding down for bed.

The Flex 2 is also a nifty alarm clock. It vibrates when it is time for me to wake up - 430am on training days. A lovely way to supplement my alarm clock that is beside my bed and most days, I am awaken gently by the Flex 2 vibration instead of a buzzing clock.

Together with the stats, I am able to track my sleep quality. Not the best but much better than before as I am more conscious in my sleeping habits / schedule. I also make it a point to play catch up with my sleep if I notice that my total sleep for the week is too low.

• Tracking Calories and Hydration
How much do we eat? How much do we drink? Track it all with the Fitbit app. I do so for my hydration on my mobile phone making sure that I drink at least 2.5L water each day and slightly more before a race.

• Fitbit Adventures and Challenges
Available with all Fitbit but it is really fun getting those weekly emails and letting me know what badges I have accumulated over the week and lifetime. Here's mine after 16 months of being part of the Fitbit family. My favourites is the Olympian - 100,000 steps in a day - chalked this up when I was in Nepal and running Craze Ultra. I can't wait to get my next badge when I hit 2,574km on my Fitbit.

The daily showdown with my pals for our daily steps is fun. One way of motivating each other to move, move, move!

Cute badges or as I call them 'stickers' reminding me of my rewards by my parents when I was a kid for good behaviour.
Fitbit Showdown with my pals

• SmartTrack
The Fitbit Flex 2 also tracks other exercises automatically. Take your pick of walk, run, elliptical, cycling, aerobic workout and of course swimming. You can adjust the duration for each sport too.

And for those who are running or walking, you can also make use of the Fitbit app's Mobile Run to capture GPS data if you are interested to map your outdoor workout while the Flex 2 does the step count etc. Available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.
(1) From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the '+' icon.
(2) Tap 'Track Exercise', and then tap 'Tracking' at the top of the screen.
(3) Choose your activity - Run, Walk, or Hike.
(4) Use voice cues to set the voice cues you want to hear, and the frequency of the cues.
(5) Tap 'Start'.
(6) When you complete your workout, tap the 'Pause' button and then tap and hold the 'Finish' button. An activity summary shows your steps, distance, active minutes, and calories burned as calculated by the sensors on your phone.​

Tap the '+' icon then 'Track Exercise'
Choose your activity - Run, Walk, or Hike

• Fitstar
Now that you are moving, swimming and want variation, then this is where  Fitstar™ Personal Trainer comes in handy. Workout anywhere, anytime with the app on your phone, tablet or computer.

There are a few options available and I personally enjoy the HIIT sessions. The fact that the tailored workouts evolves as my fitness progresses makes it almost similar to having a Personal Trainer keeping an eye on you. And I embark on a 15 days road trip across India, I reckon the Traveller 10 minutes workout will also come in nicely too when I can't get to the gym on time or run outdoors.

Head on to to start now.
HIIT... a nasty but darn it feels good to sweat and burn those fats!

Fashionista Friendly
Flex 2 can be worn in different ways. The classic band available in black, magenta, blue and purple. Unlike other trackers, the Flex 2 is also designed to be worn as a bangle or pendant too. Perfect for anytime of the day.

Wristband, pendant or bangle

Removable tracker

• Link friendly
Fitbit data can also be linked with other tracking sites and applications including Strava, UnderArmour Record, Runkeeper, Endomondo, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal and many more. In my case, I link it to my insurance app for reward purposes.

One little gadget through which much is achieved and can be done for my fitness journey. No wonder the Fitbit Flex 2 is the 3rd addition to my Fitbit family. Perhaps a timely 4th will be a Fitbit for the husbter to motivate him to join me in my fitness journey. It is always more fun with loved ones and friends!

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