My Experience During PowerKids By Kieran Goh

As I walked to the starting line, I was told to stay in the back to avoid heavy traffic. We did the warm-up,and got in line. We were informed of the rules,and we got ready. As I went off, people started getting further apart and I started overtaking other runners. I was overtaken by a few people later, but I got through transition (where you get your bike and start cycling) fairly fast.

While I was on the bike, I managed to pass by more people and started maintaining a gap from the others who were running with me. I mostly got overtaken on the corners, but then I managed to pull ahead after.

After transition (putting the bike back and running again), I headed off fast. Some people caught up to me and eventually overtook me. I slowed down after drinking 100 plus and I started getting a stitch. Despite that, I finished my race in 22 minutes.

The people who organized the race really thought it out well, everything was easy to digest and I got the idea and rules of the race fast and we got free stuff! PowerKids was an experience definitely worth trying out. I hope to do more races like PowerKids in the future.

So in summary: 
What it taught me
1. To pace myself properly
2. Not to drink while running (it slowed me down)
3. Gave me experience for transition and overall race

What needs improving
At the time I put my bike in, I didn't know where to put my bike and whether it is for PowerKids.

It was generally very well organized and I really got a good experience out of it.

What do I want to do now that I have done PowerKids?
I would like to maybe join a triathlon next year (or 2), do Standard Chartered race and maybe do PowerKids next year as well. Don't really want to do any very serious races, but I want to participate in more fun runs.

My thoughts during PowerKids
I was quite nervous because the race was quite strictly organized. I also thought I would be a lot slower and I would lose time. I kept thinking about how my pace was or whether I could go faster.

About Me:
My name is Kieran, I’m 12 yrs old and I’m from Malaysia. My occupations range from reading, writing, playing games and drawing. I’m homeschooled and I also work with my fellow homeschoolers, doing various activities such as exercise (Why I participated in PowerKids) and being taught by many of our teachers. Homeschoolers are looked on as more lazy than those in schools, but that really isn’t the case. It may be different, but is not a more relaxed experience.

I found that the environment of the school and the way the teachers teach was really not working for me, and this is why I left school to try out homeschooling. I found that it works for me after some adjustment and it really turned out to be the best for me. Though you don’t always get to meet many of them, there is actually a large homeschooling community.

I live at home with my twin brothers, named James and Josh, and my parents named Sheldon and Angelia. We all love to go exercising every Saturday as well as other days. My mother has told me I have great athletic potential and I could be very good at sports one day.

I love eating chicken and spending time with my family, like watching movies, going to conventions and overall do anything. I do various kinds of exercise such as Taekwondo, swimming and running, which is another reason why I ran PowerKids.

A guest post by Kieran who I sometimes run with during the weekends. I love how he actually trained and rose to the occasion of signing up for a race when running isn't quite his cup of tea. Amazing work and I definitely am looking forward to seeing him in more races. Good job Mighty- K! Kudos too for penning this guest post entirely on your own including choosing the pics and layout.

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