PappaRich RM9.90 Lite Meals

So I went away for 2 weeks plus to Kerala, India. Technically the longest time I spent away from the hubster since we were married 15 years plus ago. I did some food prep for him at home but most days he had to eat out. Plenty of eateries in our neighbourhood and with PappaRich being one of the recently opened ones, it was no surprise that he happily parked himself there for a meal or two and tagging me of my comfort food of toast, kaya, eggs and iced white coffee when I was nowhere near anything like that.

And then came the surprise when he picked me up from the airport "Shall we have the Hainan toast, eggs and coffee at PappaRich? You can have Mini Ipoh Kway Teow Soup with Fish Cake Slices + Fried Beancurd Skin with coffee since you said you wanted something soupy upon touch down." While I loved every bit of Kerala food, I was also craving something soupy and comforting like kway teow soup - let's just say the Cantonese in me missed the clear broths while I was away.

And off we went from the airport to my neighbourhood's latest kopitiam for my fix of local coffee, soupy noodles and of course classic must have Hainanese toast, eggs and coffee. Pretty impressed that Papparich has introduced these RM9.90 Lite Meals. I personally liked the natural bright ambience. Quite a good selection too which I should find myself returning for after my training sessions or those late night bites as well. In a glance, I know nasi lemak and naan with scrambled eggs and cheese sounds good in my tummy. 
The only time I like my coffee cold is Hainanese Coffee!
Fish cakes and beancurd slices the way I like my kway teow or horfun with. Portion is however a tad small either because cutting cost to match the Lite Meal pricing or to maintain a lower price and compensate with a smaller portion?

Hmmmm, maybe tonight before we head in for our movie date, we might pop into PappaRich again. The Lite Meals are priced at RM9.90 for weekdays from 3 to 6pm and 9pm till closing. A pretty good deal considering it is getting hard to find eats in air conditioned places for less than RM10 these day.

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