It’s car shopping season again. We are looking for a new daily ride (not to replace our wedding car though) to ferry the little troopers to and fro school and run everyday errands. Although I’m not looking for anything fancy, I still get a headache when I think of having to peruse car reviews and brochures, visiting car dealerships, making a budget blah blah blah. The last time we purchased a car, it took us more than 2 months before shortlisting a few rides for viewing.

I remember one horrible memory of viewing a car that looked darn good from the pics. A nightmare or horror the moment we saw the car. But when we actually visited the car in person, it was completely different – it was red not black as shown in the pics! The description of “2 years rarely used weekend car for wife” turned out to be false as it had a mileage of 65,000, a damp smell when we opened the car door and a racing steering wheel! I didn’t even have to call our regular mechanic over to check on the car with all those irregularities!

Fast forward 5 years later and it’s time to repeat the shopping process. Nowadays there’s so much on my plate and we can’t avoid the purchase either. I was concerned that I’d be spending more work and time comparing both new and pre-loved rides. So this time I did a bit of homework to make this car shopping season more manageable. 

While I do love looking for car listings online, it can be a pain doing so on a mobile phone. Thankfully, now offers the convenience of a mobile app. Both the hubster and I now do our own homework on our respective iOS and Android devices before any further discussion. 

The app also offers us the option of not only shopping around for a new ride and but also selling our old car. I’ve no complaints whatsoever and as a buyer, I really like how I can use the app to consider my choices of both new and pre-loved rides in one go. It’s definitely less hassle compared to my previous method of inputting everything into a spreadsheet. 

We are pretty smitten over the fact that I can search for cars in a few clicks based on location, price, year and mileage. I love how I can work within a set of min and max presets for price, mileage and year. 
I can also opt to chat or call the seller by just clicking a button on the app! This saves me the hassle of keying in 101 new numbers into our phones to contact the sellers. It’s so easy-peasy. If the initial conversation with the dealer and the pics of the car are all good, I can happily make arrangements to view the car in person. 

I wish all of these conveniences were available 5 years ago! I’d have less white hair and wrinkles too! We initially shortlisted 85 cars before narrowing it down to 12 during our recent drive back from Singapore. I can’t wait to lock in a purchase and then start the sales negotiation of our old ride – using, of course, the app!

For more information about the app or if you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can download it for FREE here: 
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