One Night to SCKLM2017

One more sleep to SCKLM 2017. Nothing much that one can do but just to trust your training and have fun during the race.

Eve of Race Day
Some to do list for you before you grab your much needed rest:
ONE: Gear check. Assemble and lay out what you need and want to bring along with you tomorrow. The key is to go light and comfortable. This is not the time for you to experiment with new, never worn before clothes, socks, shoes etc. Most importantly, remember your BIB! Unless your phone is water-resistant, it will be good to ziplock your phone as we are expecting some rain tomorrow morning.
TWO: Set your alarm clock for Sunday 21 May 2017! I normally wake up to have my brekkie 2-3 hours before flag off. The norm is to set 2 alarm clocks in case I snooze through the first one. I also place the second alarm a few feet from bed so that I need to get out of bed to switch it off.
THREE: Eat well, avoid spicy and creamy food. My last carbo loading meal is often lunch. Aglio Olio is one of my favourites.
FOUR: Breakfast on race day. Prep and plan them ahead before you go to bed. My favourite race day brekkie: banana, 2 eggs, bred, peanut butter, hot chocolate and some oats. This is not the time to try new food again, so do stick to the tried and tested formulas!
FIVE: Hydrate well. My choice hydration and to ensure I have my electrolytes in place is to dissolve one High 5 electrolyte tablet and sip it through the day.
SIX: Charge your phone or your watch if you are using them to track your run!
My birthday gift Suunto Spartan Ultra codenamed Omari will be timing our second race together. He is fully charged and ready for his duty tomorrow.
SEVEN: Sleep early. No brainer about this because you need to be rested and fresh on your race morning. I know those familiar exciting butterflies in the tummy but you need to sleep. Have a warm shower, a nice comforting drink - warm milk or chamomile tea work well for me and off I go to bed. No gadgets, no TV whatsoever - just stay in bed and you will nicely drift to sleep.

Race Day
Arise and shine. It is race morning. For those taking the LRT - there is free LRT shuttle from 2am to 6am. Alight at KLCC and it is a short warm up walk to the start line. There are plenty of porta-loo and also public toilets at Dataran Merdeka. Clear your bladder and what nots before you enter the pan.

For those who have brought a change of clothes, power bank blah blah - sort out your bag drop as soon as you arrive.

Remember to warm up and make your way to your respective start pan. Make sure you have you bib pinned on or else you will be refused entry.

Most would carry their fuel in forms of food like dates, gel or chocolate. Make sure it is a familiar fuel that you have tried before in your training. Avoid mixing your energy gel with isotonic unless you are used to it. Some folks do experience tummy aches when doing so including myself.

At the water stations, never guzzle down the drinks. Sip a little. No harm walking while sipping your drinks. Once you have finished your drink, start running again.

Smile for the cameras. Remember to say thank you and smile to the many volunteers who have been up much earlier than you to set up etc. Also be kind to each other and smile, laugh a little. It does wonders to take your mind off a race!
A wet but very fun Friendship run this morning with local and foreign runners alike.

SCKLM Race Route and Itinerary
Make sure you check you bib and know your race flag off. I say this because a friend of mine recently ran a full marathon wearing a half marathon bib! Yes, things like this do happen!
Race day itinerary

Full marathon:
• Take note of cut off times at KM14 (635am), KM20 (735am), KM30 (915am) and KM36 (1015am)
• Prayer facilities are available in the form of mobile surau at KM6, KM10 and KM14. Prayer time tomorrow is approximately 5:41am.
Half Marathon


5km fun run
3km kids dash

Road Closure
Take note of road closure schedule if you are driving to the race venue. You don't want to miss your race because the road is closed or you cannot find parking. The schedule is:

For the ones who are not running, thank you for your patience. SCKLM is only once a year, so thank you for bearing with us as we run through our beautiful city with our local and foreign friends.

A special note for the 6:30 runners
And yes, there is a special note for marathoners aiming to cross the finish line in 6 hours 30 minutes. Yours truly will be your noisy pacer together with Hafiz and Kylie. Stick with us as we bring you through all 42km. You can identify us with our Barney purple balloons.
For those who wish to complete SCKLM full marathon with 30 min buffer time before the cut off, do follow us the 630hrs pacers with the PURPLE balloons and we shall enlighten you with some fun run๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ Basically we will be running an average pace of 9:15 throughout the course. We shall walk up the hill/ramp stretches with elevations to conserve energy and make up the lost time when we hit the flat or downhill sections. And as soon as we reach Daya Bumi runners may fly all the way back to the finishing line to enjoy the sweet victory ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ… You may find some little surprise from us on the race day, stay tune ;) Lastly, eat well, hydrate well, sleep well and start counting down to the big day woohoo! #scklm2017 #fullmarathon #officialpacer  #630  #tminus2days
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As we run through the course, be prepared to hear us chatter, quiz you a little and of course inform you of what is coming next eg - climb, water stations etc. We will also be carrying some yummy noms that we will share with those who are keen to join us for some noms.

We will be running at an average of 9:15. When there are climbs or elevations e.g. up the highway ramp, Langgak Tunku at KM34, we will brisk walk and make up for lost time at the flatter and downhill stretches.

For those who want to break for prayer, please go ahead for your prayer breaks. You can speed up a little before and after the prayer stop. The act of praying is also a form of rest and stretching. You can also follow Hafiz who will stop at KM14 for prayers. His game plan is to speed up a little from KM13 or so and to play catch up again after prayer for a kilometre or so to regroup with Kylie and I.

Do remember to grab you High 5 gel and banana at KM26 and KM32. It is a matter of preference, but I personally would recommend that you hang on to your gel from KM32 station for later use around KM35 or so.

After you clear your last water station somewhere before Majestic Hotel, try to speed up on your own so that you can do better than 6 hours and 30 minutes nett time. There is no walking after this. All out you will run gull throttle. Of course when you see the finish line as you run along the Textile Muzium and Dayabumi which is a "downhill" then you should sprint all out. Do watch out for folks who might just be there to snap their own finisher pics. And remember while you sprint...flash you biggest smile!


Whatever distance you opt to run, remember to listen to your body and have fun along the way. Do not be afraid to break for a walk but not too long! For some of us, short walking breaks while having our drink or energy gel is a good recovery period that allows us to run more efficiently. In fact, regular walking breaks gave me my Personal Best this year at TwinCity Marathon compared to my previous years of running until fatigue kicked in.

And here's a good post to read on how you can run a 6 hour marathon which includes walking breaks. While this was based on Standard Chartered Hong Kong Mararathon, it is applicable in Malaysia too. Whatever it is, do not start your walk if you can help it until you have crossed 21km. Walking means brisk walk not pasar malam / grocery walking speed!

Have fun on race day! CYA tomorrow and do say hello if you spot me!

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