Sensodyne - Pledge No to Sensitivity

I took a pledge last week. Saying no to sensitive teeth with Sensodyne. Saying yes to the freedom of being able to eat cold or sour food without having to go through some painful shudders or sharp pain.

A friend asked me if it was a toothpaste for runners? While I can't say if it is a toothpaste for runners, one thing I know is I hated the feeling of a numbing pain when I stopped for a cold drink at water stations during a race or even having an ice cream mid way through a race. Yes, I do sign up for races that serves ice cream or nice cold drinks! And I also remember vividly running in Seoul at -9°C breathing through my mouth because my nose was all runny and having a sharp pain shoot through my mouth. Aaargh!

And as soon as I got home, I saw my dentist. Explained what happened in Seoul. It turned out to be a case of sensitive teeth. In my case, the dentist explained that there was basically tiny holes in the dentine. These tiny holes are 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair, so it isn't something that we can see plus the dentine is below our enamel.

In general, causes for sensitive teeth includes:
• over brushing - yes brushing your teeth so hard like you are scrubbing the floor is one cause!
• receding gums exposes the roots of the teeth.
• acidic food causing erosion and softening of the enamel - exposing the dentine making it sensitive to sour, hot or cold food.

And so began my relationship with Sensodyne.

Fast forward 3 years later, I am still using Sensodyne. And now with a new improved formula of SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect toothpaste, I am looking forward to more dental protection. 
Sensodyne - Pledge No to Sensitivity
Ice cream break and smiling at KM 90 of my recent Monster Ultra to cool down from the scotching
39°C heat in the afternoon.

By brushing twice daily with SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect toothpaste, NovaMin® technology forms a harder tooth-like layer over and within the exposed dentine that is up to 60% harder than the vulnerable areas. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Meanwhile, do also visit to take your stand against tooth sensitivity and 'Pledge No To Sensitivity'. Join the pledge and be rewarded for your pledge. 50 most creative personal pledge will win RM100 voucher plus a SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect 27g and (while stocks last, pledges will receive a SENSODYNE® Repair & Protect 27g.

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