Goats in Kochi

Goat crossing the road
My first Whatsapp to my parents as soon as I explored Kochi was "Daddy tell Mummy there are goats. So many goats in Kochi. I like to pet them all😁."

The reply came "Goats? No one pets goats. Please don't pet them. Please don't go near them. And what do you mean there are many goats in Kochi? It is a city not a village!".

And so it begins my first day in Kochi, Kerala and India. I couldn't quite account for the night I arrived because it was late at night.. The streets were quiet, people were home and probably resting early before the new work week began. Next morning, a hearty breakfast and saying hello to the other 28 bloggers from 28 other countries from Kerala Blog Express, I was ready to explore Kerala.

Stepped out of the hotel and I saw goats.  Went around the city for sightseeing, shopping and meals, I saw goats. Many of them. Adorable ones very pattable - pardon my bad English but I can't think of how one should say "pat friendly"'. So yes I did end up patting goats - the kids of course!

Someone must have released them. So unlike other countries where we see stray dogs or cats, it is a very interesting and eye opener case of stray goats all around the city. I won't say they are lost. They seemed to know where they are going. I am also told that at the end of the day, their owners will come and herd them back home. So then why did the goats roam Kochi? I will think, the goats are released to find their own food like this fella who is grazing at the lawn of a public building.
Goat grazing

On a not so serious note, my reasoning to why goats roam Kochi:
white goat grazing in the museum of arts
This goat wanted to visit the art centre
Goat in the streets of Kochi
This one too wanted to visit the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.
Goats walking along the streets
The goats wanted to go shopping.
Goat peeing on the five foot way
Of course this fella went on to be a rascal...he peed outside the shop!
Goats roaming Kochi streets
This goat wanted to read the notice on the wall.
Goats on bags of rubbish
These goats were probably gathering the sacks for the garbage truck to come pick them up.
Goats roaming in Kochi during the day time
These ones wanted to go spice shopping (this was along a busy street that sells spices)
Goats eating bills pasted on walls in Kochi
These 2 are civic conscious ones who wanted to remove the posters on the wall. After all, there is a sign that says Stick No Bills!

I don't think the goats bother the locals. It seems almost like a way of life. The vehicles dodge the goats and strangely, I think the goats dodge everyone else too. 

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