Kenny's Food Cart

Love porridge? Then a visit to Kenny's Food Cart is a must. And a new reason to head in to Kenny's Food Cart is because they now have a lovely new home in Aman Suria where you can pop over for lunch and dinner plus a bigger menu too.

Linkin Park: The Ride

I grew up Linkin Park. The hubster himself too. And last week wasn't quite a happy one for many of us as we woke up to Chester Bennington death. Catch MTV’s The Ride from now till Thursday 27 July 2017  as they pay tribute to the life and legacy of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.

Comedy Central: Stand-Up Asia Season 2

Bigger, better and funnier. Catch Comedy Central: Stand Up, Asia! Season 2. Guaranteed to make you laugh till you have a belly ache with a line-up of 16 of the funniest and boldest Asian comedians from around the globe. And that is a good work out for the abs without having to hit the gym or even sweat buckets.

Run Review: Bandar Rimbayu Run With Me 2017

I am back running in races and events. Kicking off the long rehab and layout with a very delicious and fun Run With Me 2017 at scenic Bandar Rimbayu.

4 Places to Dine in KL if You Love Barbecue

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria
Cancel your dinner plans this weekend because you’re going on a trail of some of the best barbecue joints in the Klang Valley. From humble stalls in hidden alleys dishing out simple but authentic Japanese charcoal barbecue to authentic Texas-style smoked brisket, nothing beats the pleasure of tucking into a serving or two (of three!) or beautifully seasoned, perfectly charred, fork-tender beef, lamb and more.

2017 - Time Flies!

Hello July. Hello Q3! 

They say time flies. I must say I agree. In the blink of an eye, it is already the second week of July. While the usual works of eat, sleep, work, train, repeat is pretty much the tune for 6 months, my life took a turn for the better. I signed up for a simple RM10 programme that made me more aware of my fitness journey and quest for a healthier life.

9 Hours Movie Marathon with Systane

Join me for a movie marathon for 9 hours with Systane on 20 July 2017. Do not roll your eyes and think that your eyes will go all dry and tired from the movies or being exposed to bright lights for 9 hours.

AXA Hearts In Action Run 2017

Lock in 24 September 2017 for AXA Hearts in Action Run 2017. A run by AXA AFFIN Malaysia to raise cash contributions to four (4) non-profit organisations (NGOs) in Malaysia including: WWF-Malaysia, National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO), National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and World Vision Malaysia (WVM).

Recipe: 2 Minutes Gordon Ramsay Scramble Eggs

no milk Gordon Ramsay scramble eggs
Comforting and pretty good looking one in my books would be scrambled eggs. And having seen how easily it can be cooked and testing my own skills with the following recipe that I saw Gordon Ramsay whip out in mere minutes, no cafe or restaurant should screw up scramble eggs.