2017 - Time Flies!

Hello July. Hello Q3! 

They say time flies. I must say I agree. In the blink of an eye, it is already the second week of July. While the usual works of eat, sleep, work, train, repeat is pretty much the tune for 6 months, my life took a turn for the better. I signed up for a simple RM10 programme that made me more aware of my fitness journey and quest for a healthier life.

While many would have seen me being pretty much an active and eat clean person, trust me that the journey isn’t quite simple. Discipline is probably the core issue because it is only human nature to be lazy some days or fall for the evil unhealthy food that are often so addictive. Come on, you must agree that fried stuff or even sugary food are bad when we overdo (they are so easy to overdo because they are addictively good!).
Waffles and ice cream are yummy but too much can be bad for you!

So what did I do? I had signed up for AIA Vitality. It’s only RM10 a month for the convenience of being able to keep track of my physical and mental health or be reminded to work out (I might run a lot but beyond running, I don’t walk, stretch or sleep enough). Like most people, I am also guilty of overlooking my medical test.

Some may argue that I might as well just key in my to-do list into my calendar or to do list daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. I did that before but somehow I never followed all the reminders. So the RM10 was a darn good investment. BUT more so because while AIA Vitality got me to be healthier in every sense, it also rewarded me (more than what I paid!). Yes! Who doesn’t like to be rewarded?

Here’s what I enjoyed over the last 6 months:
• discounted medical checkup and vaccinations – flu jab and blood test
• discounted travel – flight and hotel stay – staycation in Vietnam
• discounts for the purchase of my Fitbit
• saw a dietician and realized that I wasn’t eating well – of course a meal guide was set up for me.
• complimentary digital magazine subscription – I opted for Women’s Health
• FREE movie tickets for a simple challenge I did online on the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge app
• additional FREE coverage on my insurance plan

I didn’t have to do drastic measures to get rewarded. All I needed to do to move up the 4 tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) were:
• some free online mental and health tests
• some blood tests at the lab 
• went for a free physical fitness test at Fitness First
• had my bi-annual dental check-up done
• locked in my daily training via Fitbit or Strava (which is linked to my Movescount account for Suunto)
• updated AIA Vitality when I took part in races / fitness events
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• took part in simple challenges including no phones during meal times for a month, drink less alcohol, no sweets or soft drinks for 7 days or walk at least 7500 steps a day etc.  Trust me, these may seem like simple challenges but it took some discipline and after a couple of weeks, the body learns to behave the positive way.

Pretty much everything I did earned me AIA Vitality Points. In fact, I was pretty surprised that I found myself at Gold level under 4 months!

In one year, the points will reset to zero but I will still remain in the current tier (Gold in my case). What I will have to do now is to earn my points again to make sure I maintain my Gold or to go for Platinum, or else the benefits I will enjoy the year after will be lower. Some will say ‘WHAT’? But Hey! Your fitness journey and quest for a better life both physically and mentally is lifelong. You don’t want to burden your loved ones. So in my case, I am married and I took the vows “for better and for worse” but seriously, I wouldn’t want to burden my hubster to look after me when I am sick or unwell. 
Honestly, even if he is unwell, I know I will have to suffer as his caregiver. So it is only natural that I also signed him up to be an AIA Vitality member. He does his part to earn points, be rewarded by AIA Vitality and most importantly, he becomes healthier along the way.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t start on a health resolution especially if you haven’t been feeling good or not doing anything for yourself. Start before it is too late.

Find out more about AIA Vitality HERE!

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